Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper

People who like to play single-player games on their touchscreen mobile devices and haven’t yet downloaded the Hitman Sniper game are missing many intriguing thrills. 

To make the experience even more fun, Hitman Sniper allows the player to play two related games. The player is on a tactical sniper mission in one game and battles zombies in Death Valley as a Zombie hunter in the other game. 


To be a pro at this game, many skills are required, and some of the most important aspects need to be considered, which will be discussed below. 

  • What Is The Game About?
  • How To Play The Main Game – Montenegro
  • Missions And Game Progress In Montenegro
  • How To Play The Second Section Of The Game - Death Valley
  • What Players Say About The Game
  • How To Get the Game
Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper
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What Is The Game About?

Hitman Sniper is a mobile shooting gallery video game that thousands of gamers enjoy since its launch in 2015. It forms an integral part of the Hitman series by Square Enix Montreal and is a single-player game with online leaderboards. 

Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper
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In the main game, called Montenegro, the player is the protagonist Agent 47. The player looks through a first-person sniper scope on his touchscreen device. 


Hitman Sniper is split up into two sections, each with its own mission packs. The main set of Hitman Sniper is named Montenegro, where Agent 47 contains all the targets, missions, rifles, and upgrades. 

The other section of the game is Death Valley.  

The Aim Of Death Valley

Death Valley is unlockable and is an expanded three-stage mission set. In this section, the player must protect a figure named Ben from scary hordes of zombies. Although the basic concepts of the two sections are the same, each mission set has its own rules, making them different from each other.


As Agent 47, the player's target in Montenegro is to assassinate many powerful figures assembled at three houses at a lakeside compound. The player has to assassinate as many as possible without alerting their associates. 

The player finds creative methods to kill the targets. Aspects in the environment help the player to find applicable methods. As players progress with the game, they unlock more powerful weapons and receive more weapon abilities.  

How To Play The Main Game - Montenegro

Montenegro is the starting set for Hitman Sniper, and players have to start with this section when launching the game for the first time. 

Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper
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As the Montenegro section is a shooting gallery game and is played through the first-person vision of a sniper scope, the player, as Agent 47, is not vulnerable to counterattack. However, players fail their missions if the targets notice them, figure out the plans, and leave the houses at the lake. 

The players’ purpose as Agent 47 is to isolate the targets so that other targets nearby are not alerted when they are killed. When other targets become aware of the player’s plans, they warn everyone in the compound. If this alerting starts to take place, Agent 47 must use other tactics to kill them. 

This means Agent 47 will have to experiment with alternative methods for killing the targets, resulting in a challenging experience. Agent 47 can also decide to shoot out the glass so that the targets can fall to their deaths or kill the targets directly. One way to distract some of the compound guards is by setting off car alarms. Another option is to turn on fans that knock targets off cliffs. 

Armory And Tricks To Use On Targets 

Agent 47’s default rifle when starting the game is the Izanami. A player may, however, choose another rifle if necessary from a wide selection of weapons available. Players can unlock the rifles as they progress, or they can purchase weapons with real money. 

The player pinches the device’s touchscreen to zoom in with the rifle’s scope to fire any of the rifles. The player then taps the reticle to fire. Players can also reload on-screen. The reloading begins with a quick time event where the player swipes the screen. 

Missions And Game Progress In Montenegro

The game offers several missions to complete. All the missions are about killing one of ten important targets and a secondary objective. A secondary object can be a stylized kill within a time limit. Or the player has to use a special kind of trap. One of the objects is even to land a headshot on a target that is moving around. 

Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper
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A player can unlock new weapons and abilities as rewards for several activities as the game progresses. Points are accrued when a player has successfully killed targets. Players also get points for leaderboard rankings and when targets have dropped collectibles. 

The extra abilities players can earn include the option to slow time. Yet another award is receiving the ability to reveal targets on-screen.

In-Game Weapon Purchases

As Agent 47, a player can also purchase the in-game currency directly. It can be carried out using microtransactions to skip specific game progress or automatically unlock more powerful weapons. 

How To Play The Second Section Of The Game - Death Valley

Death Valley contains a three-level system and various upgrades. It uses tokens from the basic money Montenegro uses. In Death Valley, you have to protect a person named Ben who is trying to repair his car but is being harassed by zombies. You have to protect Ben at any cost until the car is up and running.

Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper
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When you have completed tasks in a mission, you will be able to unlock the upgrade. It can be bought with tokens earned at the end of each mission in Death Valley. 

How To Get Money

On completion of tasks, you earn in-app money. You can also earn an extra 10% Rifle Mastery for every rifle they own that has maximum upgrades. There are many rifles in Hitman Sniper, so it takes time to earn enough money to upgrade them all. 

You can use the ability Money Maker and the perk Deadly Reward assists to earn more resources from each mission. When you have completed a mission, the amount of money that is added to your savings is the difference between your previous high score on that mission and the new high score. 

You can also get extra money if you get "special" ratings on missions such as killing exactly 47 zombies. You get a specific amount of money for each mission, and this is based on the difficulty and rating you have had.

What Players Say About The Game

The game is receiving generally favorable reviews. This is according to the video game review aggregator “Metacritic.”  The game was named by “Gamezebo” as the best mobile game released in 2015. Reviewers praise its puzzle design but want more variety from its activity scenarios.

Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper
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In the game, players also get to know the characters well and can memorize each character's routes. According to the “TouchArcade” reviewer, this predictability is great, but it can make the game a tad bit monotonous and repetitive. 

However, the “Gamezebo” reviewer feels differently. According to them, the game's setting, despite its consistency, remains fresh and exciting. The ”Pocket Gamer's” reviewer finds the feature in the game to use alternative methods for killing targets, the game's most interesting aspect. 

Incredible Graphics And Sound Effects

An Android phone user and gamer finds the graphics and sound effects great. He finds the levels, however, too similar to each other. Another gamer reports that she finds the graphics and visuals perfect. 

She says that although the map stays the same on all the levels, the missions change, and the weapons change. And that is enough for her – she calls the game a pretty good experience. 

How To Get the Game

Square Enix released Hitman Sniper for Android and iOS platforms in June 2015. Prospective players can download it directly on their Android phones. All you have to do is to click on the Google Play Store icon on the phone. When the Store has opened, search for “Hitman Sniper” and click on it.  

Discover How To Get Money In Hitman Sniper
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Follow the prompts, and Hitman Sniper will be downloaded and installed on the Android phone or device. 

To download the game directly on an iPhone, click on the Apple App Store icon on the phone – it is the white “A” on the phone’s screen. 

When the Store has opened, follow the same procedure as for Android devices. Search for “Hitman: Sniper” and click on it. It will download and install on the phone. 

Price To Pay

When the Android version of the game was launched in 2015, it was available for $5.89. Later the price was lowered to $0.99, and nowadays, it is "actually free" as part of the Amazon Underground program - it is now available for free on iOS and Android.


Every frequent game player will enjoy Hitman Sniper. By downloading this game, the prospective player gets two different, although related, games – Montenegro and Death Valley. 

In both, you are Agent 47. In Death Valley, you have to protect a man while he is repairing his car, and in Montenegro, you are a sniper.