Stumble Guys: How to Play and Get Coins and Gems

Do you want to play an online multiplayer platform mobile game that is extremely competitive and highly strategic? Stumble Guys is a mobile game for you.

Created by Kitka Games, Stumble Guys is a platform action mobile game where you control a character through a series of obstacle courses against many other players. Obstacles and traps are scattered across each map making the game more challenging in addition to players trying to eliminate each other by shoving each other off the platforms.


It's a fun mobile game to play, but there are some challenges ahead especially if you're a new player. Check out what the game is all about, how to play the game, learn some tips and tricks, how to get coins and gems, and more with the guide below.

  • A Fun Mobile Game With Weird Physics
  • Follow the Pack for the Most Part
  • The Slide Maneuver Is Your Best Friend
  • Take Advantage of Your Surroundings and Use Them as Your Weapon
  • Here’s How You Can Get Coins and Gems
Stumble Guys: How to Play and Get Coins and Gems
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A Fun Mobile Game With Weird Physics

You might be familiar with Stumble Guys if you've already played games that are quite similar to it. For the uninitiated, Stumble Guys is a competitive mobile game where you and other players get to run an obstacle course.

The player who gets to survive the different obstacles and traps to the very end wins the game. What truly makes Stumble Guys different from the rest is its weird physics.


You can jump in mid-air thus extending your reach, throwing large bombs at each other, flying over obstacles, and fitting through narrow paths without any issues.

While the physics in the game can be weird, players should always take advantage of it which is where the fun of playing Stumble Guys begins.

Downloading Stumble Guys on Your Phone

Before you get excited, let's first learn how you can download this game on your phone. Launch the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your phone and search for Stumble Guys.


Tap “Install” to begin the download process and wait until the game is fully installed. Depending on your phone, it will scan the game first before you can tap “Open” to launch it.

Make sure that you also accept all permissions before you can play the game. Log in using your preferred credentials and start playing!

Follow the Pack for the Most Part

Stumble Guys is all about getting to the end in one piece. You'll encounter different terrains and obstacles along the way as you try to reach the finish line.

Stumble Guys: How to Play and Get Coins and Gems
Image Source: Steam

New players will find it a lot easier to get to the end when they follow the main path. Most players also tend to follow the main path towards the end, which is why it is always good to follow the pack for the most part.

Take this time to get to know the map and all of its obstacles and traps. Learn from the experience and stumble a little. That is what the game is all about.

Soon enough, you'll learn the ropes and be brave enough to explore the map on your own and see the hidden wonders of each level.

Forge Your Path If You’re Already Set

Once you've known your way around each map, it is time that you try to set out on your own and forge your own path. There is more than one way to get to the finish line in Stumble Guys and this is what makes the game very interesting.

There are certain areas on the map that you can explore once you're comfortable with the game. Forge your own path and see if these are the best ways for you to get to the end as fast as possible.

Remember, other players might want to explore as well, so be careful when doing so. This might mean that you are also up against experienced players who are also experimenting on their own.

The Slide Maneuver Is Your Best Friend

As you go through the different maps in the game, you should notice that there are a lot of obstacles and traps that you need to pass. Some of these traps and obstacles require you to either jump over them or slide underneath.

Stumble Guys: How to Play and Get Coins and Gems
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Both require proper timing so you can fully dodge the trap and survive to continue your journey. One of the most underrated maneuvers in this game is the slide.

Sliding lets you dodge certain traps while also moving forward so that you can gain a lead against your enemies. Do this maneuver around traps and see the benefit you get from doing so.

Soon, you'll never have to use any other moves again as this has become your primary mechanic to win more games.

Master the Double Jump as Early as Possible

Certain maps in the game feature large obstacles and traps that are seemingly unpassable. You either have to wait for the platform to arrive before you can jump on it to cross it. While many might want to do this for safety, there is one way to get across large obstacles fast.

The double jump is a mechanic in the game where you can jump one more time while in mid-air. This covers a good amount of distance, thus allowing you to cross over large obstacles.

While this move can be advantageous for you, you will need to invest a good amount of time to practice it. Master the double jump as early as possible and you will never have to worry about large obstacles or traps ever again.

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings and Use Them as Your Weapon

There are certain maps in Stumble Guys that feature traps that you can use against your enemies. One such map is the Bombardment Map where bombs appear that can either take you or your enemy out of the game.

Stumble Guys: How to Play and Get Coins and Gems
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Use the bombs to your advantage by either picking them up or rolling them over to your enemy before it explodes. This should blast your enemies off the platform and send them over to the water where they are taken out.

Try to push the bomb into an area where your enemies are grouped up and watch them scatter away. This should take out at least a few of them, then grab another one to take the stragglers out.

Make good use of this feature in the map so you can eliminate as many opponents as fast as possible. This is one highly recommended tip for those who do not have the punch or hug emote yet.

Use Emotes to Go Through Tough Obstacles

By now, you have experienced how there are some obstacles in the game that are quite difficult to get through. Some of these obstacles can take you out of the game, while others will prevent you from getting through thus wasting a lot of precious time.

There is one way to get through some of these challenging obstacles and it's quite simple to do. Use your emotes to go through some obstacles, especially if you want to try and squeeze in between traps.

The dance emote somehow lets you go through these narrow traps while holding you in place hence you don't get thrown off when you go through them. Go ahead and try this surprising trick in the game and you'll see how useful it is.

Here’s How You Can Get Coins and Gems

Coins and gems are two of the most useful resources in this multiplayer game. Both are commonly used to unlock cosmetic items for your character.

Stumble Guys: How to Play and Get Coins and Gems
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While these cosmetic items do not bring any strategic element to the game, they are used to brag about your status in the game and just show off how cool you look.  Meanwhile, you can also unlock more emotes from both resources.

To get coins, all you need to do is win more games. You can also try to watch some ads from the game and make sure that you watch them entirely. Once done, you can collect your rewards and use them to purchase what you want from the game.

Just make sure that you spend them wisely as there are only limited options for you to get these gems for free. Apart from that, you will need to use real money to buy them.

Be Mindful of These Types of Players

Speaking of gems and coins, some players buy their way to victory in Stumble Guys. Most of these are called Premium players andthey take advantage of their money to gain an advantage in the game.

You can still play the game without having to pay for anything, and it is still very enjoyable but if you do spot a Premium player, avoid them at all cost. You can identify them with their emotes, such as the glove emote since it can only be bought using gems.

These are the players that will stop at nothing just to win the game, so you might as well avoid them altogether and beat them at the finish line.


Stumble Guys is a fun action-packed mobile game that you and your friends can play. With its weird physics and different mechanics, it can be very challenging to play especially when you're up against some experienced players.

Try to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and see how you can win more matches against them.