Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP

A relatively new concept in gaming is play-to-earn games. In these games, players earn cryptocurrency tokens within the game which can be exchanged for real-world money. Although this concept is new, it is catching on fast.

Axie Infinity is such a game. It is a game with play-to-earn mechanics and uses Ethereum as technology for digital money. This trading and battling game allows players to collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade creatures known as Axies, and farm Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) 


As farming and selling SLPs is the easiest way to earn money, read on to learn about the different ways to get SLP.  

  • The Ultimate Game
  • Earn Money With SLP
  • Different Ways To Get Smooth Love Potions
  • Why Play In Adventure Mode If SLPs Are Capped?
  • Tips For More SLP In Arena Mode
  • Preparations To Download And Install Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP
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The Ultimate Game

The ultimate aim of the game is to earn real-world money, and for that, you need to either breed and sell Axies or farm and sell SLPs. You start by buying three Axies and then decide when you want to make money by selling Axies or SLPs.  

Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP
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Each Axie is a non-fungible token or NFT, and to start playing Axie Infinity; you first need to buy three Axies. The type of team you envisage and the funds you have available are the two main factors that will determine which three Axies you buy. 


How you play the game is, on the one hand, very similar to strategy games like Pokemon, but on the other hand, it is also related to turn-based card games such as Hearthstone. 

Get SLPs In Any Mode

After you’ve bought your Axies, you either level up your Axies by battling against monsters in Adventure Mode or battle with teams of the other players in the Arena Mode and compete in the leaderboards.

Both modes will give you Smooth Love Potions as rewards. This is the resource that you want to farm and later sell for real-life money. Smooth Love Potions farming is the fastest way to earn money when playing Axie Infinity.


Earn Money With SLP

There are two ways you can earn real money with Axie Infinity. The one way is to breed and sell Axies. The other is to farm Smooth Love Potions. Farming SLP is the most common method to earn money in the game. 

Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP
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Not only is it the most popular way, but it is also the easiest method to make money as well. You can earn SLPs by simply playing Axie Infinity as they are in-game item rewards. Then you can sell SLP for real-world money to other players. 

Other players buy your SLP because they use the SLP to breed new Axies. On average, players earn 100 to 200 SLP every day, and thus, earn real-world money regularly.  

How Much Money Can You Earn With SLP?

The real-world money amount you can earn changes daily. The SLP price is volatile, and it can go as low as $0.03, as was the case in April 2021. But in May 2021, again, the price was as high as $0.36.

If you earned 200 SLP in one day in May, the real-world value of your earnings would have been $72. If you sold 200 SLP in April, you would have only earned $6. Like with any other cryptocurrency, there are risks involved.  

It is important to remember that SLPs can only be withdrawn after 14 days. This is a safety arrangement to prevent fraudulent players from abusing the system.

Different Ways To Get Smooth Love Potions

One way to make money with Axie Infinity is to sell your SLP to other players, but to have SLP to sell; you must first get Smooth Love Potions. You have three ways to get SLP in the game.  

Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP
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You can get Smooth Love Potions by playing in Adventure Mode, Arena (PvP) Mode, and by clearing daily quests

Earn Smooth Love Potions In Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, you play as a single-player, and you are battling monsters. The wins you achieve on the different levels in this mode determine how many SLPs you earn. For levels 1 to 4, you earn 1 SLP per win. 

If you are on levels 5-9, you get 2 SLPs per win, and on levels 10 to 14 and 15 to 16, you get 4 and 6 SLPs per win, respectively. On levels 17 to 36, you can get anything from 5 to 20 SLPs per win. 

Unfortunately, you can only get a maximum of 100 SLP in the Adventure Mode. But apart from that, it is a good mode to play, as you improve your team’s power by leveling up your Axies.

Why Play In Adventure Mode If SLPs Are Capped?

You may wonder whether it is worthwhile playing in this mode if you can only get a maximum of 100 SLPs. One reason to play in this mode is that you don’t need as much Energy as for the Arena Mode.  

Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP
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In Adventure Mode, you’ll have to complete quests to level up your Axies with Experience Points (EXP). But what is important is that along the way, you simultaneously earn some SLP. By winning matches, you secure more SLPs and climb up the leaderboards, and you get more SLP the higher you go up in the ranks.

Adventure Mode gives consistent wins as you learn to know your opponents and play the same level over and over, and thus a consistent inflow of SLP. It is recommended that you start with the Adventure Mode to get SLPs if you are a beginner. 

Earn SLP In Arena (PvP) Mode

In the Arena Mode, there is no limit on the SLPs you can earn. However, you must have the Energy to spend. You earn SLP from winning in the Arena PvP Mode. The higher your matchmaking ranking (MMR), the more SLP you receive per win. 

You must have a ranking of at least 800 to receive SLPs. For 800 to 999 MMR, you receive 1 SLP; for 1,000 to 1,099, you get 3 SLP. The number of SLPs increases to 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 as your MMR rises to 2,000+. 

Tips For More SLP In Arena Mode

In Arena Mode, the rewards become higher as the matchmaking ranking (MMR) goes up. However, it is difficult for beginners to get to the higher ranks as they play against experienced players. But as a beginner, you can get more SLP by losing on purpose!  

Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP
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By losing, you can control the matchmaking ranking (MMR) level you are on. And this is not against the game’s rules! You can get more SLPs on lower levels as you are then playing against less experienced players. 

The strategy is that when your MMR is, for example, between 1,300 and 1,499, you earn 8 SLP per win, but you might only win 50% of the games. You can get more SLP with an MMR of 1,100 to 1,299 and win 80% of your games.  

Earn SLP By Clearing Daily Quests

Another way to earn SLP is by doing the daily quests which correlate with playing Adventure or Arena matches. 

You have to open the game once a day, win ten times as a single player in Adventure Mode, and win five times in the Arena (PvP) Mode. To maximize your earnings, you should go back and play the game every day.

Preparations To Download And Install Axie Infinity

Before you download the app to any of your devices, you need to download a digital wallet and load it with ETH. You have to purchase three Axies to start the game. There has to be enough ETH in the digital wallet to pay for the three Axies.  

Axie Infinity - Learn How To Get SLP
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The cheapest Axie on sale costs around $200. At the other end of the scale, one was sold for 300 ETH (around $620,000). 

You'll need to buy three Axies using Ethereum (ETH) before you can start with the game. It sounds expensive, but feel free to listen on YouTube to someone explaining why he has spent $1,000 to start.

How To Get The Game On Your Devices

When you’ve completed the previous steps, you can download and install the Axie Infinity app on your devices. To install the app on your mobile device, you have to download the file from their website. 


Even if you are unfamiliar with blockchain technology and have never played a game with a play-to-earn concept, Axie Infinity is a game that you will enjoy playing and earn real-world money. 

This article has given you an idea of getting SLPs to exchange for money when you want to. Keep this at hand when you’ve decided to buy Axies and start to play. Some players have quit their jobs to play this game full time and are making good money.