Great Disney Computer Games to Try

Anyone who grew up in the past fifty years knows that Disney is the leader of animated movies. They have produced hundreds of movies that are directed towards kids and even adults. With their top-notch animation and captivating storytelling, we know that Disney continues to lead in that market.

Over the years, they have branched out to several other markets such as making toys that feature all the characters in their movies. They have also ventured into gaming to further promote and even continue the charm that is Disney.


Disney games have always been very simple but some offer high-quality gameplay that will rival even the most complex games in the market. The following are a few examples of the top Disney computer games that you need to play.

Great Disney Computer Games to Try
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Goof Troop

Goof Troop is an action-adventure game developed by Capcom which features Goofy and Max. The game perfectly blends action-adventure and puzzles into each leveç 

Thıs allows different types of players can truly appreciate what the game is going for. In each level, players will have to deal with a boss fight.


Taking inspiration from the animated show that it is based on, Goof Troop is a top-down action game that is extremely fun to play. Clever puzzles will keep you thinking while you snatch items that will help you progress in each level. 


There have been many Aladdin games that came out after the movie was released but none was far more superior than the 1992-1993 version made by Virgin Interactive. 

The game follows the titular character and takes inspiration from many action-platform games and made their spin. This version has superior graphics than most of its competitors and the gameplay truly captures the magic of the movie. 


You swing around dungeons and collect golden icons to gain extra lives. Clear each level and collect Genie Tokens to unlock a mini-game that will give you a random prize.

The game was thoroughly enjoying and provides exhilarating gameplay, especially in the action department. Aladdin went on to win Best Genesis Game of 1993 and was one of the best-reviewed games in the years that follow.

The Lion King 

The Lion King video game followed the success of Aladdin the following year. The game was developed by Westwood Studios and was available for the Sega Genesis in 1994. Soon after, it was ported to other gaming systems like the NES.

The game heavily follows the same story arc as the movie. Simba journeys throughout the land as he grows into his lion to seek justice for the death of his father. 

Throughout the game, various bugs can be collected which will allow the player to unlock other playable characters such as Timon and Pumbaa. The game went on to sell over 1.27 million copies in the US alone and roughly 4.5 million copies worldwide. 

The Lion King received praise for its platform action game with an emphasis on the storyline that mimics the movies. The game can still be played through the Sega Genesis.

Great Disney Computer Games to Try
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Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity launched in 2013 with a great concept. The game allows you to purchase toys and use the code in them to unlock characters, themes, and items into the game. This was such an innovative option at the time, despite mixed reviews.

However, that does not mean that the game was less interesting. The entire concept would have to be revisited to work but the game itself was far more complex. Explore a vast world that only your creative imagination can do. 

This action-adventure sandbox game has two main game modes. The Play Set offers a self-contained storyline. However, the game truly shines with the Toy Box mode where everyone and anyone can fully customize the game to their liking. 

The game was closed down in 2016. Disney Infinity is available for download via Steam and can be played on PC.

Great Disney Computer Games to Try
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Kingdom Hearts II

The Kingdom Hearts series is nothing short of special and unique to the world of Disney. It merges the famous Square-Enix characters with some of the best characters from Disney. 

While the Kingdom Hearts games were very solid, Kingdom Hearts II fully reached the potential of the game. The game incorporates the best thing about the first game and builds upon it. 

The game featured better graphics, gameplay, new music, and tons of other content that allow players to play. The combat controls made a massive improvement from the first game and the expansion of worlds made the game feel big.

Imagine traveling from one world to another to start a new adventure with characters from both worlds. Kingdom Hearts II is available on PlayStation 2.


Disney continues to be at the forefront within the gaming industry even after all these years. With so many games to choose from, these are just a few of the best games that they have ever produced.