Slaughter 2 - See How To Play

Survival is the name of the game with Slaughter 2 as you follow a team of Special Ops who are tasked to investigate what happened to the riot within Burdeck Prison that seemingly killed all guards and turned them into zombies. 

Slaughter 2 is an action-packed shooter game that comes with a lot of surprises. To survive the game, one must be able to handle all threats and uncover the mystery behind the man who caused this catastrophe while preventing the infection from getting outside of the prison grounds. 


Learn more about how to play the game and how you can survive until the end with the guide below.

  • Start With Beginner Difficulty First
  • Mind Your Health And Ammo
  • Explore The Area
  • Some Weapons Are Not Worth Replacing
  • Rescue A Partner
  • Use Grenades Against Large Groups
Slaughter 2 - See How To Play
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Start With Beginner Difficulty First

At the start of the game, you'll be given the opportunity to choose which difficulty you want to play. You might be tempted to play the game in the most challenging setting, but it is wise to start with the beginner difficulty first. 

This allows you to better understand the game for what it's about, learn the controls, get better at aiming, where to move, how to choose weapons, and learn more about the basics of the game. 


You won't have the chance to do this in other difficulties as it will immediately put you in the middle of the battle. Please take advantage of the beginner setting and finish it first. 

You'll have a lot of time later on once you have mastered the basics of the game to tackle the more difficult setting.

Get Used To Aiming

In most shooter games, it is very easy to just run, aim, and shoot. It is pretty different in Slaughter 2. Not only will you need to have better control, but you also need to be very quick at aiming. 


Aiming is essential to the game as it allows you to conserve ammo. Get used to the aiming mechanic in this game, and you'll be able to save a lot of ammo. 

At first, it can be very uncomfortable to have to focus on aiming while the enemy is running at you, but luckily, the game is very forgivable. This is also the reason why you need to start with beginner difficulty.

Mind Your Health And Ammo

When playing Slaughter 2, it isn't like any other shooter game where you never run out of ammo. Ammunition is very scarce in this game so make sure that you aim your weapon correctly at the enemy and eliminate them as fast as possible. 

Slaughter 2 - See How To Play
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Running out of ammo in this game would probably mean the end of your game, especially if you play the more difficult game mode. Always make sure to conserve ammo as much as possible.

You may get a few rounds of ammo when you kill an enemy or if you explore around the area. Health is undoubtedly one of the things that you should be watching when playing. The moment your health drops to zero, you're out.

Use Medpacks Efficiently

Along with ammo and other weapons in the game, you can also find med packs scattered around. They are also tough to find and very rare across the game so make sure that you use your med packs efficiently. 

Medpacks are used to heal yourself back up to full health. Avoid using it when you still have a fair amount of health. Whenever your health falls below 50%, make sure that you have a med-pack in your inventory. 

You may try to search for some in different rooms or sometimes, killing enemies drop them. Never go around the game without a med-pack in your inventory, or you run the risk of getting killed.

Explore The Area

The map of the prison is huge. You would find yourself getting lost sometimes and would run around aimlessly. There would come a point in the game where you will have to explore different prison lobbies and rooms. 

Slaughter 2 - See How To Play
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Exploring will always be helpful, especially if you are running out of resources. Check out every room in the game to find either ammo, medpacks, or other items that will help you progress in the game

Make sure that you clear out the room from enemies first before you start picking up things.

Grab All Items You Can Find

Once you start exploring and finding different items all over the place, make sure to grab everything useful that you can find. There are ammo, new weapons, med packs, and even notes that are useful to the game's progression. 

You'll find different ammo for different weapons, and there are times that the game will surprise you with something even better to use, like grenades. Just make sure that you still have room for other items that you find along the way. 

There are many valuable items scattered around the prison, especially in the later stages of the game, that you should watch out for.

Some Weapons Are Not Worth Replacing

While you want to grab all the items you can find, there is still some exemption to the list. Most of the time, you will encounter new weapons in the game as you go through the prison. 

Slaughter 2 - See How To Play
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They are often more powerful than the ones you have on your hand; however, there are also times when you need to be wise with how you choose the kind of weapon you want to use. 

If you already have a shotgun and an enemy drops a revolver, it is much better to continue using the shotgun instead of the revolver. Shotguns can store up to 32 ammo, while revolvers have less. 

This means you can use this weapon more. Additionally, shotguns can kill enemies in an instant.

Use Kick Or Melee Whenever Enemies Get Close

Combat in the game is mostly based on range. However, it can change at a moment's notice. One moment you are alone running around, and the next, you're trapped inside an area with a horde of zombies coming your way. Some zombies will run up to you. 

This should give you time to react and shoot them down. Others have guns that can hurt you from a specific range. Sometimes, you might get overwhelmed by the number of zombies coming at you from every direction. 

This can mean that they can attack you from the melee range. You can kick them away or use your melee weapon to kill them if they come close.

Rescue A Partner

Not everyone is dead or has been turned into a zombie in this game. You'll find your partners and team members across the entire game that will help you, especially during tough areas. 

Slaughter 2 - See How To Play
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However, you will first have to rescue them from the enemies as they are tied to a chair. Once freed, they can help you across the game. Make sure to rescue them from the enemy whenever you hear them call out for help.

Take Advantage Of Your Partner

Once you have a partner, take advantage of their firepower. You can either take this time to explore or find items in the area while your partner covers for you. 

Sometimes, you also need an extra hand to kill mobs of zombies coming your way, and your partner can help you with that. 

Use your partner to your advantage, and you'll discover that the game is not that difficult to play.

Use Grenades Against Large Groups

The game does get a bit difficult as you progress. There will be very narrow areas, or you might get cornered by a group of zombies. 

Slaughter 2 - See How To Play
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This is the perfect time to bring out the big guns but if you do not want to spend a lot of ammo, try using grenades to immediately eliminate many zombies. 

There are two ways to use grenades in this game. You can either throw them out into the group of zombies, or you can set up a tripwire grenade as a trap in case they go through the door. 

Grenades are highly effective against large groups of zombies, so use them for that.

Read Notes And Messages

Exploring the game means getting new weapons and items, but you'll also encounter notes and receive messages from your team. 

Don't forget to read the notes thoroughly for clues about what has happened to the entire prison. This will be very useful, especially when you head towards the endgame. 

Messages also provide hints on what you can do during the time, so be sure to read and apply them to the game.


Slaughter 2 plays much like a survival horror shooter game but on mobile. It is one of the best in the genre, and while it can get pretty difficult at times, the tips above should help you survive to fight another day.

Check out Slaughter 2 on both the Google Play Store and the App Store to download it on your mobile device.