Stickman Battle Empires War - How to Get Coins

Stickman Battle 2: Empires War is a direct sequel to the original Stickman Battle game where you control an army of stickmen, gather resources, recruit more units, and strategize to conquer the enemy stronghold. 

The game features over 100 different units, more than 200 items with an in-depth upgrading system, and hundreds of levels to complete. Ultimately, it is up to you and your use of strategy to build your empire and earn the victory in every match.


While this may seem easy to do, capturing territories and defeating enemies is quite challenging. There's a lot of strategies involved in playing Stickman Battle 2: Empires War and some require your quick wit. Here are some tips on how you can play more strategically, how to get coins, how to upgrade your troops, and more.

  • Mine for Gold Coins
  • Invest More on Archers in the Early Game
  • Don't Be Afraid to Retreat
  • Upgrade Skills
  • Find the Hourly Gifts to Get Coins
Stickman Battle Empires War - How to Get Coins
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Mine for Gold Coins

Stickman Battle Empires War plays much like a real-time strategy game where you need to get resources to recruit units to protect your base. The ultimate goal in this game is to protect your statue while also aiming to destroy the enemy base. 

Stickman Battle Empires War - How to Get Coins
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You can only do this through training units and sending them to attack the enemy base. This is why mining for gold is one of the basic yet most important aspects of the game. 


Your opponents will aim to dismantle your base by killing your miners so it is always best to protect them. The very first thing that you need to do in this game is to mine for gold coins so you can afford to recruit units to protect your base. 

Later on, once you have enough gold coins, you can recruit more to send them off to battle.

Recruit Workers, Warriors, Archers, and More 

Apart from workers or miners, you also need to recruit different units. Each of them has its own purpose. The workers will be out in the field mining for gold while other units such as the warriors and archers will help defend your base or attack the enemy. 


Use your gold coins to recruit new units. You can also use these units to protect the mines from your enemies. However, the game does put a limit on how many units you can recruit. 

At the start, you're only able to recruit as much as 20 units at a time but these can be expanded as you progress in the game.

Invest More on Archers in the Early Game

With the gold that you've earned through mining, you can recruit different units to defend your base or attack the enemy. There are three units available for purchase at the start of the game. These are the miners or the gatherers, the swordsmen, and the archers

Stickman Battle Empires War - How to Get Coins
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The best investment that you make apart from recruiting gatherers is archers. While swordsmen are great at melee combat, the archers have the main advantage of dealing damage from a distance. 

This ultimately means that you can whittle down your opponent even before they engage you in battle. 

Invest in more archers early on to fend off the enemy from attacking your base but don't forget to recruit some swordsmen as well.

Recruit Wizards and Catapults Later On

While archers are great at the early levels of the game, their usefulness in battle is often eclipsed by many other units that become available later in the game. One such unit that provides better-ranged attacks than archers are wizards

Wizards cast spells that deal high damage and in an area-of-effect. They are very useful during a siege or while defending from an attack. They may be fragile but they cause a lot of chaos on the battlefield which should give you an advantage in the game. 

Catapults provide similar purposes as the wizard but they are far more useful in destroying structures than eliminating ground units. Wizards are highly adept at defending your base from an army while catapults are great for sieging the enemy base.

Don't Be Afraid to Retreat

In the heat of combat, you might think that all of the units that you've recruited will be enough to defeat the enemy. There will be a time when you simply underestimate the enemy and they call for reinforcements during battle which leaves you shorthanded. 

Whenever this happens, don't be afraid to call for a retreat. The retreat button can be used to call your units back to your base. 

Take this time to plan your next strategy especially against an incoming army. 

Using the retreat option does not necessarily mean you've lost the game, it simply means that you get a chance at correcting your mistake and push for a better strategy to get the win.

Use Giants Only When Needed

The game offers a lot of options to recruit different units to aid you in battle. Archers and wizards deal long-ranged damage while swordsmen and knights are used for melee combat. However, there is none more powerful than using giants in battle. 

Giants are very expensive to recruit and they are quite slow to move on the battlefield. However, what they lack in mobility they compromise with the damage they deal with the enemy. One giant alone can turn the tide of battle in your favor. 

The best recommendation when playing against a tough enemy is to use giants near the end to crush your opponents fast.

Upgrade Skills

Apart from mining for gold and recruiting units to defeat the enemy, there are also many other ways to ensure your victory. The effective use of skills is a factor in winning more games. 

Stickman Battle Empires War - How to Get Coins
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There are skills that enhance the way you mine for gold while there are others that unlock new units. There are some skills that exponentially increase the power of your units making them deal more damage

Whatever the skill is, it is up to you to make sure that it will lead you to victory. 

Upgrading skills will further enhance these abilities so make sure that you get them early on. 

Watch Out for Reinforcements

Playing aggressive is one strategy that many players might want to employ in the game especially if they know they have the gold to recruit more and more units to battle. While this is an effective strategy to dominate the game, you will also need to watch out for reinforcements

Reinforcements often come as a surprise for many which leave them vulnerable. Sometimes players think that they have a victory in the bag only to find out that reinforcements are coming and end up destroying your army

This is the best time to either hit the retreat button or get to recruit more units to support your army. Never underestimate your opponent and be prepared for reinforcements.

Find the Hourly Gifts to Get Coins

Gold coins are probably the most important currency in the game apart from gems. Coins largely affect the way you play the game. 

Stickman Battle Empires War - How to Get Coins
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They are necessary for both recruiting and upgrading your units and most of the time they give you a great head start during the initial stages of the game. 

Having a good stash of coins in the game early on will surely help you in the later stages. The best way to earn coins in this game is to play the game, but you can always check out the hourly gifts to see if you can receive more coins from the ones that you've worked hard for. 

Keep in mind that these hourly gifts are random so you still need to win more games than solely relying on this feature to get more coins.

Watch Ads and Get Even More Coins and Gems

Gems are the premium currency used in the game and can be used to purchase advantage. While these are rare to find in the game, you can always make good use of other features such as watching ads to make sure you get even more coins and gems in the game. 

Having resources like gems will grant you an edge that will likely result in more victories in the battle. Make good use of this option to ensure that you will always have an advantage in the game. 

Check out these options by simply tapping on the button found at the end of each match or the home screen.


Stickman Battle 2: Empires War offers many other features such as PvP mode where you can challenge another player to battle, or the replay feature to reflect on where you made a mistake or understand how you earned your victory. 

Stickman Battle 2: Empires War features an amazing mix of strategy and action which makes it fun to play. Check it out on the Google Play Store for Android devices.