Mystic Gunner - Learn How to Get Soul Stones

Get into the action and adventure as you try to save the world against monsters in Mystic Gunner. This futuristic action shooter mobile game features hundreds of areas to explore and monsters to defeat as you go along and rescue as many survivors as you can. 

Utilize your character's skills and weapons, enhance them to make them stronger, and learn different maneuvers such as parrying enemy projectiles and dodge rolling. With Mystic Gunner, you'll have a different experience in every stage you encounter. 


There's always something interesting hidden within every room of the game for you to discover. Learn about the game, how to learn new moves, where to find soul stones, and more with the tips and tricks found below.

  • Roll Over to Parry or Dodge Enemy Projectiles
  • Use Your Weapons Wisely
  • Don't Stand Still When Fighting
  • Use the Soul Stones and Coins to Get Revive
  • Look for Attack Patterns During Boss Fights
Mystic Gunner - Learn How to Get Soul Stones
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Roll Over to Parry or Dodge Enemy Projectiles

Mystic Gunner is an action-packed adventure game where you make your way through a series of rooms until you finish the mission or defeat the boss. Each room has its own set of traps and obstacles but there are also enemy creatures that aim to take you down. 

Some of them just patrol around a corner while others tend to shoot you down. You can use your roll mechanic to try and dodge enemy projectiles or parry them back to cause damage by rolling towards the projectile. 


This mechanic is highly useful in certain areas in the game so it is best to practice this move early on. To roll, all you need to do is to swipe the screen as quickly as possible towards a certain direction.

Use Chain Jump to Cross the Map Faster

You'll be spending a lot of time moving around the map at each level. You might even be enticed to explore certain areas of the map to uncover secrets or gather crates to reveal secret rewards

However, this will take a lot of your time if you walk around to explore every corner of the map at each level. The best way to cover all areas is to use chain jumps to cross the map faster. Chain jump also allows you to get to your target much quicker so you can take them down. 


To pull this off, you will need to press and hold the screen and release it in the direction where you want to jump.

Use Your Weapons Wisely

As you go through each level, you're given a weapon to defend yourself and defeat any enemy that you encounter. You'll have a private assault rifle to use to take down enemy creatures and turrets that try to shoot you down. 

Mystic Gunner - Learn How to Get Soul Stones
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You will also get the chance to use many different weapons in this game apart from the rifle that you usually use. 

Grenades are a great choice as a secondary weapon. They often deal high damage and cover a wide area allowing you to eliminate a lot of enemies in just one shot. 

Always make good use of the weapons that are available to you at every stage of the game.

Cast Your Ultimate Skill

Apart from the weapons that you equip and use to shoot at enemies, you also have skills that you can select before each level to use in the game. These skills can be found at the Skill Deck but they are only unlocked once you gain a few more levels. 

Make sure to check the Skill Deck and see which skills are available for you to use. You also get to use an ultimate skill that can change the tide of battle. Make good use of your ultimate skill and cast it whenever it is ready. 

This is also a good way to get yourself out of sticky situations especially when you're dealing with a large mob and you're getting cornered.

Don't Stand Still When Fighting

You'll encounter different foes and obstacles within each level of the game. Some of them are easily defeated while others take a while before they are destroyed. Most of the time, enemies fire back at you and you can always tell where the projectiles are going. 

Mystic Gunner - Learn How to Get Soul Stones
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You can either parry the projectile or dodge it. Whatever you do, always keep moving and avoid standing still when fighting. Standing still will only expose you to a lot of enemies and you may end up dying. 

Whenever you get to take down an enemy, they drop gold coins which encourage you to move around the map as you go. Always be on the go to avoid getting the bulk of the damage.

Pick Up Dices and Get a Chance to Collect Soul Stones

Speaking of gold coins, these are the most common currency used in the game. Gold coins are used to enhance your stats, upgrade your weapon and increase the power of your skills. They are even used to unlock new skills and other features in the game. 

However, there is one other currency used in the game that is quite difficult to acquire - soul stones. Soul stones are the premium currency that can only be bought using real money. 

If you don't have plans on spending money in this game, look for dice within each level to play a mini-game where you can guess the content of each piece. Sometimes, they reward you with soul stones so don't forget to grab those dice along the way.

Use the Soul Stones and Coins to Get Revive

Soul stones play a huge role in the game especially if you want to survive up to the final level of the game. Mystic Gunner becomes increasingly difficult after each level you complete. 

Mystic Gunner - Learn How to Get Soul Stones
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At first, it's just your character walking to the other side of the room but soon, enemy creatures and turrets start to appear that will attempt to take you down. 

Then, traps and obstacles make it even more challenging to play. You'll soon fall victim to these which can cost you a life in the game. Don't worry though; you can always use revive, however, there's a limited number of revive that you can use in the game. 

You may use your soul stones alongside your gold coins to get more revive so use them wisely.

Enhance Your Stats and Upgrade Your Weapons

With the level of difficulty in the later stages of the game, you will need all the help that you can get. Sure, you can always rely on your skills to target enemies and finish them off at the fastest time possible. 

You can even manage to dodge all enemy projectiles but you won't be able to do so without enhancing your stats and upgrading your weapons. Increase your attack power and health by adding more points to these stats. Enhance and refine your weapons by adding enhancement materials. 

Make good use of the coins that you've collected throughout the entire game to strengthen your character to deal with the more challenging aspects in the later stages.

Look for Attack Patterns During Boss Fights

Boss fights are some of the most challenging aspects of Mystic Gunner. They are very hard to deal with since they have high health and can deal tremendous amounts of damage. It will take a while before you can take down a boss. 

Mystic Gunner - Learn How to Get Soul Stones
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Take a good look at how bosses try to attack you. You will soon notice that they attack with a certain pattern or move in a predictable path. This should give you the edge in handling them and should allow you to reposition better and unload all of your bullets at them. 

Try to stay as far as possible from the boss by using a chain jump to create a distance. 

Then, you can use a few seconds of your time to examine how they move across the room and formulate a strategy to defeat them.

Login Daily and Join More Quests

Mystic Gunner offers a lot of rewards for those who play the game every day. The daily login quests and many other side quests apart from the main missions give you a good amount of experience, gold coins, and sometimes, even soul stones to help you in the game. 

Those who love to play the game every day are rewarded for their perseverance so keep on logging in and playing.


Mystic Gunner offers what many other adventure mobile games have tried to emulate for years - an action-adventure game that ramps up the challenge while still maintaining the simple mechanics without overindulging on many other useless features. 

If you want to play a game with challenging bosses alongside many other game modes within the action-adventure genre, Mystic Gunner is it! Mystic Gunner is now available for download on the mobile platform through the Google Play Store and the App Store.