War Robots - Discover How to Get Coins

Shooter games are always fun to play. Action-packed, highly competitive, and strategic, shooter games tend to test your skills to the limit. 

War Robots is the best mobile shooter game, incorporating futuristic robots and letting you fight against other players to become the best in the world.


Check out more about War Robots, learn how to play the game, earn more coins, and a few strategies with my guide below.

  • Understand How Each Robot Functions
  • Learn How to Earn Coins
  • Avoid Upgrading Starter Bots
  • Accomplish All Missions
  • Determine When to Play Aggressively and Defensively
War Robots - Discover How to Get Coins
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Understand How Each Robot Functions

War Robots is all about choosing the right robot to help you win battles. With so many robots to choose from, it can be difficult to find which ones fit your style in the game. Each robot plays a different role and they often bring something to the team that will help you win more games. 

Getting to know each robot takes a lot of time so try to check out what each robot can do so you'll have an idea of what to do during battle. 


What I usually do is I check all the robots available for purchase and see which ones are similar to my play style. All robots have basic skills and a unique one which makes them very different from each other. 

Check each robot's capabilities before playing the game and familiarize yourself with how they function during battle.

Run the Tutorial and Practice More

It can be very tempting to jump immediately into battle to try out your new robot. However, this is a very competitive game where you'll immediately encounter players who may have more experience playing the game. 


The best way to counter this is to go through the tutorial first and learn everything there is about War Robots. The tutorial gives us the most basic idea on how to play the game including how battles work. 

Once you understand the general idea of the game, then choose a basic robot and practice until you get the mechanics. There's a lot to learn about the game and it will take a lot of time. Be sure to invest some hours when you play this game and it will be all worth it in the end.

Learn How to Earn Coins

Coins are the basic resources that every player needs in the game. Coins are required to either purchase new robots, upgrade their skills, buy new weapons, and even purchase a new hangar. 

War Robots - Discover How to Get Coins
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The most effective way to earn gold coins in this game is by playing it a lot. Invest your time in playing more games and win them. 

The more games you win, the more coins you earn. At the end of each match, the game will calculate the scores of all players and it would result in gold and honor points. 

You'll also receive bonuses like keys as a result of winning the game so be sure to win your battle. I'll also tell you a little secret later on about how you can earn even more coins.

Save Up on Gold Coins

Now that you know how to earn coins in this game, it is best that you try to save up and avoid wasting them on useless things in the game. Focus on what makes your robot good and learn how to save. 

One of the best ways to help you save gold coins is to avoid purchasing new robots especially in the early levels of the game. The free ones that you get from the early levels are good enough to help you through to level 10 and sometimes, even level 20. 

There's no need for you to spend your coins to purchase a new robot at this stage. However, when you do hit level 20 and above, be sure to buy only the most efficient robot that you can find. You should also consider the price of the robot and its upgrade when choosing which robot to play next.

Avoid Upgrading Starter Bots

In the same way that you don't need to purchase new robots early on, you should also try to avoid upgrading starter bots

War Robots - Discover How to Get Coins
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Starter bots are very efficient and effective in winning battles while also helping you save a lot of coins. 

Focus on winning more battles and completing missions to help you earn more gold coins. 

Avoid upgrading starter bots will also help you save more coins and use them on your next big purchase instead. It is best to save your coins to unlock more hangar slots.

Use Keys to Unlock Silver and Gold Chests

Keys are another important item in the game. They are collected through playing the game and are commonly used to open chests. There are different kinds of chests in the game but for those who are new to the game, the bronze chest is the easiest one to open. 

The bronze chest will also reward you with even more keys so you can open both silver and gold chests. Use these keys to unlock the chests and receive more rewards such as items and upgrades. 

These should help you win more battles and help you progress in the game. These rewards will also help you conserve your coins so you can focus on saving up so you can afford the premium items.

Accomplish All Missions

War Robots is an action-packed game where you get to battle it out with other players. Many players want to jump into the action immediately but there's so much more to War Robots than just fighting the enemy. 

War Robots - Discover How to Get Coins
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There are a lot of missions waiting to be completed with prizes to be earned. While I've noticed that most of the missions are geared towards fighting, there are still many other missions that aim to help you get better in battle. 

If you want to excel in the game, it's time to complete more missions while also earning experience and coins along the way. Check out missions by tapping the icon at the right portion of the screen. 

You'll have to choose between Bonus and Daily missions. I suggest completing the daily missions first but also try to check out the Bonus ones and see if you can do several missions at the same time.

Learn Proper Positioning and When to Engage the Enemy

Many new players tend to run towards the enemy to engage them in a fight. This is very tempting especially if you know you've made some upgrades on your bots. However, engaging the enemy without knowing their skills and strengths is bad for your game. 

It is best that you try to seek proper positioning first by finding good cover or getting to the best spot where you can ambush your enemy instead of trying to attack them head-on. Take advantage of the terrain around you and you'll find yourself having the upper hand. 

What I would also like to recommend is that you try to let enemies fight each other first and take them both down when their health is low. This is why proper positioning is key to winning most games. 

Determine When to Play Aggressively and Defensively

A common mistake that I see in many new players is the inability to determine what stance to take when going into battle. Learning the tempo of the game is crucial if you want to win more games

War Robots - Discover How to Get Coins
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Apart from proper positioning, being able to tell when to fight and when to play defensively is key to winning games. I highly recommend that you try to play defensively more often than playing aggressively. 

While matches are run at a limited time, it makes sense for you to fend off as many attacks as possible and stay alive until the end. Running around being careless is a sure-fire way to lose the game. 

And while you may feel the need to eliminate all of your opponents, it is still best to try to wait until there are only a few left for you to finish.

Play the Arena

As mentioned above, here's a secret way to help you earn coins faster than just winning games. Play the Arena and you'll soon discover that you get to earn twice as many coins as before. 

In Arena, you get to play with five other players in a predetermined hangar, spawn points, or on a random map. This is the game mode where you need to be aggressive at all times as the top three finishers will get their gold back and earn more prizes including more coins. 

Getting first place will ensure you get around 150% of the investment you made back alongside the extra gold coins you've made from winning.


I hope you've learned a lot about War Robots in this guide. Be sure to implement all the things that you've learned to help you win more games. Check out War Robots through the Google Play Store or the App Store