Cat Escape - Discover How to Earn Money

Puzzle games are always addictive games to play, especially when you have them on your phone. From its simple premise to its complex mechanics, puzzle games tickle your brain and make you work for the hard-earned rewards. 

Many puzzle games often require you to be patient, observant, and creative to help solve these puzzles. Cat Escape is a great example of a puzzle game that puts your IQ to the test. 


Not only that, but it also features a very cute cat and some of the most challenging puzzles in the genre. If you're interested, check out the article below to find out what the game is all about, how to download, how to earn money, and more.

  • The Gameplay of Cat Escape
  • Avoid Getting Caught by the Guards
  • Distract the Guard
  • Hide Inside the Furniture
  • Move Boxes to Block the Guard's View
Cat Escape - Discover How to Earn Money
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The Gameplay of Cat Escape

Cat Escape is a puzzle mobile game where players get to control a small cute cat and help it navigate rooms to get to the green door. 

Cat Escape - Discover How to Earn Money
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However, this is not always easy to do as there are obstacles and patrolling guards that want to catch the cat from escaping the room. Despite the goal being simple, the execution of the game makes it challenging. 


There are mechanics in the game that will help players, such as power-ups and hiding areas, however, it is still all up to the player to find out which route is the safest and the most efficient way to escape the room. 

Each level features different obstacles and will ultimately test the player's wit and creativity in solving how to get to the end of the room.

Where to Download

Cat Escape is compatible with all Android and iOS mobile devices. To download the game for Android devices, launch the Google Play Store and search for “Cat Escape” by the developer Then click the Install button to begin downloading it to your device.


For iOS users, launch your App Store and search for “Cat Escape!” and make sure the developer is Then click on “Get” to begin the download process. 

The game also features in-app purchases so make sure to set up your payment method if you plan on purchasing in-game items. Once the installation is done, tap on Open to launch the game.

Avoid Getting Caught by the Guards

Playing Cat Escape can be very easy if you're well-versed in this kind of game. 

Cat Escape - Discover How to Earn Money
Image Source: Mundo Games / YouTube

For those who are new to this type of game, the main objective apart from getting to the end of the room is to avoid getting caught

You'll encounter patrolling guards starting level 5 or so. These guards have a pink cone in front of them that tells you their scope. When you get caught within the cone, the game immediately ends. 

Avoid getting caught at all times. You can either stand behind a door and wait for them to pass by before you can sneak behind them and go to the next room or simply follow them from behind until you're able to reach the next room.

Keep Playing the Game to Unlock New Skins and Earn Money

After each level, you'll notice that there is a bar that slowly fills up. This bar will unlock new skins when it reaches the end and the only way to fill up this bar is by playing the game and finishing each level without getting caught. 

The more you're able to finish more levels, the more skins you unlock. You'll also be able to get money in certain levels of the game but that's pretty rare so make sure to play the game and finish each level as quickly as possible. 

You'll be able to unlock a bunch of cute skins for your cat. However, you can also purchase premium skins that are bought using real money. Just tap on the Skins menu and tap the Premium tab to check out which skins are available for purchase.

Distract the Guard

By now, you already know how to avoid getting caught in the game. The best tactic to easily avoid getting caught is by distracting the patrolling guard. 

Cat Escape - Discover How to Earn Money
Image Source: Empty Fellow / YouTube

Players can distract the guard by opening up furniture or opening the door so they run towards it. You can then close the door when they arrive and they'll continue with their designated route. 

Take this opportunity to sneak behind them and get into the next room. Be sure to time yourself correctly or else you run the risk of getting caught.

Take the Time to Learn the Controls

One of the very first things that you need to learn in Cat Escape is to have complete control of the little cat. While the game is very simple and it doesn't take a lot of mechanics to play, the control setup is very different from your usual puzzle game

The little cat can be controlled through the use of your fingers but it will take time to get used to it, especially when you're about to hit a few levels in the game where the game requires a lot of control on your part. 

Make sure to practice using the controls and get yourself comfortable with them, especially in the early stages of the game, so you won't have any problems with the setup later on. Later on, players will need to be very careful as one false move can be the end of the entire level.

Hide Inside the Furniture

Apart from trying to dodge the guards to get through each room, there are also different things that you can do to save yourself. One of which is by hiding inside cabinets and other furniture within the room or hallways. 

Cat Escape - Discover How to Earn Money
Image Source: Mr. Slayer Kushulu / YouTube

Hiding inside the cabinet will keep you safe from getting detected. You can wait until the guard passes by then move towards the door. 

There will be cabinets and other furniture situated specifically in an area where you can find them. However, be careful when bolting towards a cabinet. Make sure that you close the doors of the cabinet. 

You can still be caught if you leave the door open and get scoped out by the guards.

Devour Power-ups When They Appear

The starting levels of the game can be very easy. Make good use of your time to understand the game and how it works. These early levels are designed to teach you the basics of the game. It will slowly introduce new mechanics as the game progresses in difficulty. 

One such mechanic is the use of power-ups. There are different power-ups that can be found scattered on the floor. The red one will help you destroy walls or a pile of blocks you usually can't go through. 

You'll encounter these blocks as soon as you hit level 10 so be sure to devour those power-ups. Another power-up enables you to switch on an electric line which electrocutes the guard, paralyzing them. Be sure to time it right so that when you turn it on, the guards are touching the line.

Move Boxes to Block the Guard's View

There are a lot of things that you can interact with in Cat Escape. Another underestimated tool in the game is the large boxes that you can use to block the view from guards. 

Cat Escape - Discover How to Earn Money
Image Source: Zainu Gamer / YouTube

There are certain levels in the game where guards patrol out in the open and all you need to do is to hide in plain sight. 

Use these boxes to hide from their view and time yourself properly when moving towards the exit.

Watch Video Ads to Get More Rewards

Skins are the common rewards that you get when you finish several levels in the game. However, there's another way to get these skins without having to work hard for them. One of which is to watch video ads

You'll be spending quite some time watching some video ads on this game so be prepared to do so if you want to unlock the skins that you like. Watching video ads also help you get more rewards especially in the later levels of the game. 

For those who want to collect skins in the game, feel free to check out the videos. These are only short ones so you can continue to play the game once you're done watching them.

To Sum Up

Cat Escape is a fun game that brings entertainment value while also being challenging enough to become addicting. With its cute graphics and brain-teasing puzzles, you will surely spend hours and hours playing the game. 

Go ahead and download the game today and don't forget to apply all the tips mentioned above so you'll have a good time playing Cat Escape.