Immortal Legend - See How to Get Diamonds

Create characters and make them into heroes with Immortal Legend, the newest idle role-playing game. With a heavy focus on RPG elements, the game is all about making sure you have the best and the strongest character in the game by equipping the most optimal gear and the most devastating spells.

The game offers the standard character creation but that's where the similarities end. With in-depth itemization and complex game mechanics, Immortal Legend has some of the best RPG elements on mobile.


In this guide, you'll find out how to choose better equipment for your character, know how to get diamonds, learn about upgrading stats and skills, and more.

  • Focus on Learning During the First Few Levels
  • Choose Better Gear
  • Accomplish Missions and Quests to Earn Diamonds
  • Playing with the Sacred Ring
  • Defeating Enemy Bosses
Immortal Legend - See How to Get Diamonds
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Focus on Learning During the First Few Levels

New players might not be able to absorb everything about the game in the first few levels but rest assured that the game does become a lot more digestible once you play through these early levels

Immortal Legend is undeniably very complex and there's a steep learning curve to the game. 


However, once you stick with playing the first few levels while trying to understand the basic mechanics, you'll soon realize that the game is quite easy to play and offers a lot of strategies. 

Play the first few levels without any judgment as you learn the new mechanics of the game. This will also help you gain experience and rewards later on so stick with it. By setting your expectations, you're more likely to have a good time playing the game.

Patience Is Key When Leveling Up

A lot of players tend to have very little patience when it comes to playing mobile games. That's because most are used to having the rewards given to them. Leveling up in Immortal Legend is the same as any other RPG but since you're playing the game idly, the game will have to play it for you. 


This means that it will take time for your character to level up since the game chooses whom you're fighting with. But that doesn't mean you have to stop playing the game. 

Monitor your character as you level up so you can make instrumental decisions that will make your character strong. It can be a slow process and you still need to be hands-on, especially when it comes to choosing quests and missions but you'll still need a lot of patience with this game.

Choose Better Gear

Gaining experience in order to level up is done by attacking monsters. And while you will be able to defeat monsters early on, you'll begin to have a more difficult time later on if you don't have the right gear for it. 

Immortal Legend - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: APK Pure

You will have the chance to equip your character with better gear but you'll have to hunt for it. Defeating monsters will drop gear for you to use, but choosing which gear will suit your character best is the challenge. 

You can always experiment with the different types of gear. You may even want to weigh the damage and durability of each weapon first before you use them in battle. 

At the end of the day, always choose to equip better gear for your character's survival.

Give Bonus Buffs to Your Gear

Aside from choosing the right gear for your character, you will also need to choose the right gems to give bonus buffs to your gear. Gems are inserted into the gear of your choice to give it a bonus buff. 

The buff will depend on the type of gem you choose to put into your gear. For example, ATK gems can only be inserted in weapons so make good use of the bonus buff. The same principle goes with armors and other items in the game. 

Every item in the game will be able to carry at most three gems and can be upgraded even further if you have the resources to do so. This will further amplify the effects of your gear making your character even stronger.

Accomplish Missions and Quests to Earn Diamonds

If there is one resource in Immortal Legend that you need to have at all times apart from coins, it's diamonds. Diamonds are the precious elite in-game currency often used to do a lot of things in the game. When upgrading, you can choose to use coins or diamonds. 

Immortal Legend - See How to Get Diamonds
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Diamonds can be acquired by purchasing using real money but you can also get them through completing different sets of missions and quests. However, this means of earning will only reward you with a sprinkle of the amount that you can get when you purchase them at the store. 

Of course, you should purchase diamonds if you want to support the game but you can always do the quests if you don't have the means to purchase the diamonds. 

It may be a tedious process but you'll also be rewarded with many other prizes apart from diamonds.

Participate in Events to Earn Even More

Another good way to earn more diamonds is to participate in different events. Events happen regularly in the game and you will have to check them out from time to time. 

Participating in these events will reward you with exclusive prizes and a good amount of diamonds if you do well. Most of these events are tied to a location in the game so it is best that you prepare your character for the upcoming challenge. 

You might want to equip all your best gear when participating in these events so you can immediately accomplish it and receive the rewards.

Playing with the Sacred Ring

Apart from choosing the right gear for your character, you will also be dealing with character stats through the Sacred Ring. The Sacred Ring has all the basic stats for your character. 

Immortal Legend - See How to Get Diamonds
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Remember that weapons also give your character additional stats but the ones found in the Sacred Ring will have the most impact on your character. 

This is why choosing which stat to grow will play a significant role in your progress. The stats include Min. ATK, Max ATK, Total HP and DEF. 

All of these stats will be available for advancing and will cost you coins so be sure to collect and save as many coins as possible to afford the advancement of each basic stat.

Upgrading Your Skills

Skills are another aspect of the game that you need to take control of. Skills are your character's main way of attacking the enemy. Having good skills will help you clear monsters and hunt for better equipment. 

The faster you can clear or defeat monsters, the more chances you have in finding better gear for your character. However, you can also upgrade your skills to improve their effects or make them deal more damage. 

Each skill can be upgraded using Talent Points and you can earn Talent Points by playing the dungeons or from the Ethereal Realms. You can also upgrade all of them at once if you have enough talent points through the use of Fast Upgrade. 

Defeating Enemy Bosses

Defeating bosses is a great way to get powerful items and amazing gems for your gear. Each boss will have a specific reward so you will need to hunt for specific bosses for those rewards. 

Immortal Legend - See How to Get Diamonds
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To prepare, make sure that you have done your research on the boss that you are about to go against. Some of these bosses have weaknesses and it is up to you and your allies to know how to take advantage of them. 

You will only have limited amounts of attempts to defeat the boss so you will need to go all out on them. After defeating the boss, there will be a cooldown timer before you can go up against the same boss. 

Make good use of this time to recuperate, train more, hunt for more items, or go against another boss.

Collect Gear Set

It is not a secret that having the best gear is the optimal way of playing the game. Gears and weapons as well as skills dictate your fate in this game. 

Having a good set of gear will take you to great places in Immortal Legend. But one thing that players need to know is that collecting and equipping gear of the same set will grant a larger bonus to your stats and your character. When you're able to equip the entire set, it will glow. 

However, getting the entire set of gear is not an easy thing to do. There are certain requirements for each set that needs to be met first such as having the same tier level or having the same number of stars. It all depends on the kind of set you want to equip for your character.


From the complex character-leveling mechanic to the in-depth itemization, there's a lot to learn about Immortal Legend. This makes the RPG way more exciting than the generic ones that you find on the platform. Make sure to follow the tips above to get the best experience in the game.

Immortal Legend is now available on mobile through the Google Play Store.