Iron Blade - How to Get New Weapons

Looking for an amazing action role-playing mobile game to play? Iron Blade is the most highly recommended game there is.

Iron Blade is an action-adventure RPG from Gameloft where players get to go on an adventure filled with danger as a war against demons looms on the horizon. You get to play different characters with each having their skills and weapons and exploring a world rich in lore while fighting demons along the way.


The game might be filled with action and adventure but in reality, it is going to be difficult for newbies to this genre. Here are some tips and tricks on how to play the game, how to get new weapons, and more with the guide down below.

  • Keep a Defensive Approach When Attacking Enemies
  • Take Advantage of Special Moves During a Fight
  • Learn More About the Elemental System
  • Play Iron Blade Everyday to Get More Keys and Unlock More Chests
  • Join In-Game Events to Receive Exclusive Prizes
Iron Blade - How to Get New Weapons
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Keep a Defensive Approach When Attacking Enemies

Action role-playing games like Iron Blade often employ a lot of skills and combinations to destroy your enemies. It gives the players the independence to attack whenever they want and however they want to do it. 

There are a lot of techniques and skills to use during combat but there is also a danger to being very aggressive in this game. Using your skills takes a lot of timing in this game since it also utilizes cooldowns. 


Whenever you use a skill, time it perfectly and play defensively when you're attacking your enemies as you wait for your skills to be available. 

Throwing all of your skills all at once will only leave you vulnerable and, in the later stages of the game, this can be very dangerous.

Block Mechanic Is Your Best Friend

Playing defensively will only get you so far in the game. It is always important to time your skills properly, but whenever you're about to be surrounded by enemies, it is best that you try to block their attacks


Blocking gives you time for your cooldowns to come back up while also receiving little to no damage from your enemies. Practice blocking enemy attacks in the early stages of the game so it will just be second nature when you get to the later stages. 

Ideally, you can even use the block mechanic as a way to counter-attack your enemies thus turning a defensive stance into a damaging attack. This should help you in sticky situations.

Take Advantage of Special Moves During a Fight

Apart from playing defensively and using the block mechanic, you also need to play wisely in battle. Special moves can be used to eliminate your opponents as fast as possible. 

Iron Blade - How to Get New Weapons
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These special moves take a lot of time to master and may also even take some time to charge up before they can be used. If you do want to use it in battle, make sure that you use these moves in critical situations such as boss fights or if your life is already on the line. 

These special moves do a lot of damage and some of them deal with crowd control which gives you some time to either escape or reposition yourself in battle. 

Experiment with your chosen character on what type of special move you can pull off so you can reach the precious three-star rating after each level.

Get the Best Items and Weapons in Iron Blade

Weapons and other items are just a few ways for you to help progress in the game. Your goal is to defeat the monsters you've encountered and you won't be able to do so if you don't have the right weapons against them. 

There are several ways to get weapons but the rarer weapons you get, the more powerful they become. One of the best ways to get new weapons in Iron Blade is by completing different campaign quests through different difficulty levels. Remember that the more difficult the level becomes, the better the reward. 

Once you've completed these quests, the game will reward you with chests that give out random weapons and other items in the game. Make sure that you quickly complete these quests as you go so you can receive these powerful weapons early on in the game.

Learn More About the Elemental System

You might not notice this at first but the game also has an elemental system employed through its weapons. You'll notice that there are three colors on your weapons

Iron Blade - How to Get New Weapons
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Some weapons have blue wings, others have red skulls, and some have yellow laurels. These are represented as Divine, Demonic, and Heroic, and all three counter each other. Having this elemental system on your weapon increases its damage against certain monsters and other weapons in the game. 

For example, a weapon with a Divine element will have greater damage against Demonic weapons while Demonic weapons will deal more damage against Heroic. 

Further, Heroic weapons have increased damage when up against Divine ones. Learning how the elemental system in weapons is crucial to your overall success in the game.

Upgrading Your Items and Make Them More Effective

The elemental system brings a different approach to the game that provides variety for players to choose their play style. Iron Blade might offer a lot of new features but the standard upgrading of equipment remains with the game. 

Players are reminded to upgrade their items regularly to make them deal more damage, be effective in battle, and unlock more skills. 

Each time you upgrade your equipment, it will require some resources so be sure that you have enough resources to afford such an upgrade. Once you've upgraded your weapons, test it out and see the difference.

Play Iron Blade Everyday to Get More Keys and Unlock More Chests

By now, you should realize how important having items and weapons are in Iron Blade. They are the distinguishing factor as to how you will survive until the very end of this game. 

Iron Blade - How to Get New Weapons
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It is also critical that you know where to get the best weapons in the game. Some can be bought through non-playable characters but the best way to get them is through chests. 

Since you already know how to get chests, you should also know that the only way you can unlock these chests is through keys. Keys can be very hard to come by but there is one trick that you can use to get more keys. 

Play the game every day and soon, you'll receive enough keys to unlock all the chests that you have collected. Every time you log in, the game rewards you with keys and other prizes, so make sure to play the game every day.

Open the Legendary Chests to Earn the Best Rewards in the Game

As mentioned above, chests are the best sources of weapons and other items but there is also one special kind of chest that every player in this game is yearning for—Legendary Chests. 

Legendary Chests are the most difficult to find and acquire in the game. However, they are also the most rewarding to open. You will need to log in to the game for 30 days straight to get a single Legendary Chest. This is the reason why you also need to play the game every day.

To open a Legendary Chest, you will need to have 50 golden keys. It's quite a challenge to get the Legendary Chest alone but the rewards for opening one is very satisfying. You should try to get one and discover the exclusive rewards.

Join In-Game Events to Receive Exclusive Prizes

For more exclusive prizes that will help you on your adventure, Iron Blade also hosts a lot of in-game events. 

Iron Blade - How to Get New Weapons
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Some of them are tied to the overall storyline while others are sprinkled throughout the entire month so players can keep on playing this amazing game. 

In-game events are often very easy to participate in and don't require a lot of time. However,  for large-scale events, it is always best to prepare for them since they will involve a lot of other players fighting for a certain objective. 

These in-game events reward players for participating and the best player to come out of such an event will receive exclusive prizes. Be sure to join these events whenever you can.

Download Iron Blade Today

Now that you've learned everything there is to know about Iron Blade, it is time that you learn how to download the game. Iron Blade is available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Tap Install to initiate the download process and wait until the game is fully installed. Tap Open to launch and start playing the game. 

Be sure to download only through these legitimate platforms and nowhere else.


Iron Blade is an action-packed mobile role-playing game that heavily relies on skills and weapons from its players. For this reason, finding the best equipment for your character will surely bring you to the endgame and achieve a satisfying ending. 

Be sure to utilize the tips and tricks given above so you'll have a much better experience when you play the game.