How to Beat Vampyr Without Killing Anyone

Completing Vampyr without biting a single neck is totally possible, and the task isn’t even that difficult if you take advantage of your powers. 

You can still level up, but you’ll just be about 6-10 levels below your enemies as you make your way through the game. That might sound painfully challenging. 


However, if you follow the tips that we’ve put together for this guide, you will understand that finishing the game without killing anyone is not nearly as difficult as it seems. We have all the info you need here. Read on to learn more. 

How to Beat Vampyr Without Killing Anyone

Use the Blood Shield Ability

At the start of the game, you will acquire the Autophagy skill automatically. Using this ability will drain a small amount from your blood meter to restore some of your health. 

Always keep it equipped, and use it frequently to stay at full health. Avoid getting the perks that increase the ability’s blood cost, since you will want your healing power to be as efficient as possible. 


You will also want to unlock the Blood Shield ability. This is one of the game’s most useful defensive abilities. 

It activates instantly and does not cost blood to use, but it has a long recharge time instead. Use it often when in fights with multiple enemies, since enemies that attack the shield will be knocked back and stunned. 

The more you upgrade the shield, the more hits you can take without being damaged. 


Carry Lots Of Blood and Healing Potions

Potions are also essential for a high-difficulty playthrough. Try to keep a minimum of three blood and healing potions with you at all times. Your stamina is important as well, but being able to heal on the fly will keep you alive. 

If you are fighting a long fight with a tough boss, drinking blood potions will not only heal you, it will also restore some of your blood meter. This will allow you to use the abilities we mentioned previously. 

Healing potions will save you in a pinch, particularly against poison and fire damage, which are very dangerous at low levels. 

Frequently Combat Bite

The Combat Bite skill is a crucial one for a non-lethal playthrough. Be sure to equip an off-hand weapon that can stun your enemies, like a mace or stake, and keep them upgraded. 

You’ll find that, even against tougher enemies, you can stun them and knock them down in just a few hits. Attack them a couple of times while you have them stunned, then hit them with another stun attack to knock them to the ground. 

Once they’re down there, bite. You are invulnerable when combat biting, and your stamina bar is refilled, as well. 

Get the Claw Special Attack ASAP

Unlock the Claw attack and have it equipped at all times, upgrading it whenever possible. It is the best standard special attack that you can have in the game. It is powerful, able to hit numerous enemies at a time, and can instantly be unleashed. 

You are going to need it to damage enemies in quick succession, and it does not have a stamina cost. Thus, you can continue to use the claw strike even if you run out of stamina. 

Complete All Investigations For XP

You will have to complete investigations if you want a steady stream of experience. Talk to everyone that you possibly can, and make sure that you return to areas that you’ve already been through to pick up new investigations. 

After you reach Pembroke Hospital, go back to the Docks to find plenty of extra investigations. When you enter a new area, you can expect to find many NPCs, each with a few investigations to offer you. 

You will also rescue NPCs in dungeons, and after that, you should return to their home area and talk to them. They may have an extra job for you to finish to earn even more experience points

How to Beat Vampyr Without Killing Anyone

Wrapping Up

There you have it - our complete guide on how to complete Vampyr without killing anyone. We hope that you found this article useful and informative, and we hope you leave with the confidence to complete your ‘Not Even Once’ run. Happy biting!

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