How to Play and Master Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing game that was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game was initially released in 1990 with two variants, Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light. However, the recent variant, known as Three Houses, was released in July 2019.

The series currently consists of 16 games and alongside two spinoffs that also available to gamers that want to have an experience of fantasy gaming. Millions of players from around the globe enjoy the Fire Emblem series. However, many more are interested in playing the game and want to know how to play and master the game.


This article is aimed at providing insight for such gamers and enabling them to understand all the basics to run the game. To learn more about how to play this game, continue reading.

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Make the Most of the Terrain

Players can use the terrain to their advantage as they can get extra defense avoidance and also heal their units. However, keep in mind that opponents will also use the terrain as its application is straight forward and is often used by gamers.

Players can gain advantages and special bonuses by correctly placing their characters in the right spaces and locations. However, players need to keep in mind that they have to prevent the enemy from taking advantage of the terrain as well which is a more difficult task.


Foresightedness Will Yield Fruitful Results

Foresightedness and a proactive approach can enable players to set up strategies that will lead the enemy units to their the player’s army. Then, they can be attacked easily from an optimal location.

Understanding the Range

In this friendly strategy and role-playing game, players need to fully understand the weapons and the different ranges they can cover. The ability to understand this enables them to position their units at the right spots from where they can easily get rid of enemy units.

Some game units only cover a small range of enemies and thus need to be positioned in a manner that they can be effective in gameplay.


The Move Again

Move again is a skill that is possessed by Cavaliers and Pegasus. Once a move has been made by one of these characters in the game, Fire Emblem allows them to move again after performing any action.

For example, if a Cavalier has seven total moves available and has made three, it possesses the ability to carry out the remaining four moves in the next instance.

This is a great feature to have as it allows the units to attack several enemy characters at once and defeat opponents in the most befitting manner.

Making Use of Heroes' Relics and Other Rare Weapons

The game features a large number of relics and rare weapons that are quite difficult to obtain. Furthermore, players can make use of these weapons only a selected number of times. These rare weapons can be used only a limited number of times which means that the rare weapons, if used frequently, will break after a while.

Thus, players are advised to use the rare weapons only in special instances where it is essential to make use of them. Otherwise, they’ll end up breaking the weapon in no time.

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Understanding the Opponents

For winning the game and for making gameplay progress smoothly, gamers are advised to understand the strategy that has been adopted by the opponents during gameplay.

This enables them to make the right moves at the right times and to undergo a series of actions that will lead them to victory.


Fire Emblem is a fantasy game where players are required to picture themselves within the game to make the most of their experience. If done properly, it can provide a highly fascinating gameplay experience to players.