Check Out MiniClip Video Games For Online Play

Miniclip video games have been fascinating players since 2001 by providing players with an excellent opportunity to enjoy small yet engaging video games that can captivate the attention of gamers for long durations.

The Swiss online gaming platform is approximately 19 years old now and features video games from more than 50 categories which broadly translates to an experience where there is a game for everyone.


Tencent acquired majority stakes of the company in 2015. In December 2016, Miniclip crossed the one billion downloads mark on the mobile platform. Miniclip also carries the distinction of having more than 350 million downloads in 12 months.

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Distinguishing Features Of Miniclip

The online gaming platform features Miniclip video games belonging, but not limited, to the categories of action games, sports games, and puzzle games. Here are some of the distinguishing features of Miniclip that make the experience highly entertaining.

Free-of-Cost Gameplay Experience

The most distinguishing feature of Miniclip is that the platform offers completely free online games. Therefore, players interested in having a fun-filled experience without needing to spend cash love to visit the site for Miniclip video games.

Customized Miniclip Avatar

Another unique feature of Miniclip is that the platform allows players to create their Avatar on the site. This Avatar can be personalized by the addition of clothing and accessories which then represents the players in Miniclip games.


Single Player or Multiplayer Games

Players have the choice of enjoying simple single-player games or more complicated and advanced level multiplayer games.

The single-player sessions range from anywhere in between 5 to 10 minutes whereas the multiplayer sessions can range upwards of 15 minutes. The multiplayer sessions are more entertaining and engaging for players that like to enjoy games with other players from around the globe.

Signing Up Has Additional Benefits

The website provides additional benefits to gamers who sign up to the online platform. Some of the benefits provided by signing up include high score details, awards, statistics, the ability to have your won avatar, and much more.

On-the-Go Play

Players can try the game of their interest on the Miniclip website and later download selected games on their mobile phones for enjoying them on the go.

This addresses two issues that players often have. Firstly, players who don’t possess smartphones can have engaging experiences without ever feeling the need to have one.

Secondly, owners of smartphones can first try the game on the native site and later download it on their phones. This carries the added advantage that players don’t have to download each game before trying it, rather they can first try the game and later download it if they like the experience.

Ability To Login With Facebook Profiles

The platform also provides players with the ability to login to the platform by using their Facebook profiles. This makes the overall signup experience very quick and also carries the added advantage that players are provided additional information regarding their Facebook friends about the various games they play and their current high scores in the game.

This adds a sense of competitiveness to the overall experience as players appreciate to know what games their friends are playing and like to see if they can beat them in terms of high scores.

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Miniclip provides a one-of-a-kind experience where players are in complete control of how to make the best use of their time and which games they can enjoy.

The platform features a userbase of millions of players from around the globe. Therefore, the number of games present on the site is also quite large which translates to a highly entertaining experience for gamers.