Check Out These 3 Great Baseball Video Games

The video gaming industry has gone from low-quality graphics to impressive 4K content over the past few years and superior quality games belonging to all genres are now in abundance. The same is the case with baseball video games and with evolution in this gaming segment over the past two decades, these games have also become quite appealing.

However, this means that it is now more difficult than ever before to decide which are the best baseball video games in the world. This is also true because fierce competition has forced game developers to increase their ability to deliver top-notch content to gamers.


This article aims to provide insight for gamers that are interested in gaining information about three great baseball video games that can be enjoyed over various gaming platforms.

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Here are the top three baseball video games that players must try to have great gaming experiences.

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20 is by far the best baseball video game as it contains a wide number of features that make the game highly entertaining. Furthermore, the game contains high attention to detail which provides a great experience to players.

The game has been published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and was released earlier this year. It is available to be played on the PlayStation 4 only which restricts players of other gaming platforms from having an entertaining time with this hit game.


Real Life Advertisements In The Game

The game features authentic and real-life stadium advertisements for the first time in gaming history. The companies featured in these advertisements include Chevrolet, Coca Cola, PNC Bank, Delta Air Lines, and Citgo among many others.

Another item to be noted is that the game uses Nike uniforms for the very first time. Before this, Majestic Athletic was used as the supplier for uniforms of players.

Ratings & Reviews

MLB The Show 20 has received great ratings from players and critics around the globe. Metacritic gave a rating of 83/100 to the game whereas Game Informer, GameSpot, and IGN have rated the game as 8.75/10, 8/10, and 8/10 respectively based on their game rating criteria.

R.B.I Baseball 19

The next baseball game on the list is R.B.I Baseball 19 which was launched in March 2019. The game has been developed and published by MLB Advanced Media and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS platforms.

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The availability of the game on Android and iOS platforms allows players to enjoy the game on the go which makes it highly convenient. Players don’t have to stay glued to their consoles to enjoy the extremely entertaining experience provided by the game.

MVP Baseball 2005

Another great baseball game that was loved by fans of the genre was MVP Baseball 2005 as the game was well ahead of its time. The reason behind the success of the game is the fact that it gamified the pitch in a way that had never been done before this.

The game was available across a wide number of platform options that included PC, PSP, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox. This ensured that players from around the world could enjoy the game easily on the platform of their choice.

The game also featured famous commentators and thus the overall experience was highly entertaining. As a result of all these features, MVP Baseball 2005 is still considered as one of the best baseball video games that have ever existed.


A large number of great baseball video games exist in the market. However, these three games are by far the best when it comes to features and are loved by players.