How to Play WWE Video Games

WWE is a wrestling franchise with athletes that have become legends within and without the wrestling world. WWE has gone off its television track and become a video game we can play. The purpose of the game is to beat the other player with style.

There have been WWE video games released over the past few decades and only a few of them have been known to elevate the art of wrestling. These top-notch WWE games are known to feature some of the best wrestlers that we have come to know.


All of the iconic wrestlers from the days of the WWF and when it transitioned into the WWE are available to play. With several dozen games to choose from, it can be quite hard to pinpoint which ones are the best. 

How to Play WWE Video Games
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However, WWE games are fun to play with especially if you are a fan of wrestling. Here are some of the best in the franchise, what they are about, and how you can play them.

What are WWE Games?

WWE 2K Games is a series of wrestling video games that are based on the characters or wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE. The first series was released in 2013 however, there have been many wrestling games that were published before. 


Initially, the games were exclusive only to the PlayStation console however, the large-scale fanbase and clamor of its player soon allowed the entire franchise to extend to other devices.

Most of the games in the series feature popular wrestlers. They also include their signature moves and styles. Year after year, the franchise has produced many popular titles and some have been very successful both in sales and critics alike.

With over 30 years of wrestling gaming, there have been over 40 WWE games that have been developed and published by many game developers. The games covered different consoles from PlayStation to Xbox and moved to mobile devices and PC.


WWE Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain

WWE Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain is an exclusive PlayStation 2 game that is regarded as one of the best wrestling games in the genre. The game offers a season mode where you play as a wrestler and challenge others for a title. 

This allows players to live their tale as a wrestler within WWE. While the game offers no true story for players to follow, what makes this game special is it allows players to create their destiny within the game. 

You can choose a partner for the tag team title or challenge those that already have the titles and see if you are better than them.

WWF No Mercy

WWF No Mercy is a Nintendo N64 exclusive game that was very well-received by fans and critics. The game was released right after Wrestlemania 2000 which gave players something to play with for many months. 

The game offers a pay-per-view mode and the staple season mode where you get to challenge different wrestlers. ith over 65 popular wrestlers and superstars in the franchise, you get to meet and wrestle with them. 

The game promises that there are no hidden characters so you can focus on fine-tuning your skills and style to defeat all of your opponents in the ring.

How to Play WWE Video Games
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WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role

Probably the all-time best WWE video game in the history of the franchise, this PlayStation exclusive made history by giving its players the ability to play different modes and enjoy a game of wrestling. 

Tag team or deathmatch modes kept the game fresh and unique in its way. WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role is a direct sequel to WWF SmackDown! and was released in November of 2000.

Players get to choose over 50 wrestling superstars and compete in different events. The game lets you choose a partner and fight your way into the new Tornado Tag Team mode. The Ladder Match also features one of the best modes for wrestling fans.

The game also includes other modes such as Hardcore Matches, Casket Matches, Hell in a Cell, and many others. Players can also create their Superstar and lead the way into battle with all-new venues ranging from parking lots to VIP rooms.


There are thousands of games out there, and some of the best incorporate real life characters like in WWE games. For WWE fans the mess that was 2K20, there is still hope that 2K21 will bring some brilliance.  

While we wait, we can always play more of the classic WWE games mentioned above to tide us over.