Rise of Empires - See How to Get Gems

From real-time to turn-based, strategy games are always popular mobile games. They provide the complex strategy needed for players to enjoy. 

One such mobile game is Rise of Empires - a strategy game centered around building a castle and an army, gathering resources, training troops, and recruiting heroes to lead. While it may seem complex, Rise of Empires is a highly entertaining game that caters to every type of player.


If you are new to Rise of Empires this guide will help you learn how the game works, what to do to level up fast, how to get gems, and more. Read on to start the game with an advantage.

  • Check Out the Build Recommendations
  • Choose an Active State for More Options
  • Use Speed Boosts Wisely
  • Recruiting Heroes in Rise of Empires
  • Complete Tasks and Participate in Events to Get Gems
Rise of Empires - See How to Get Gems
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Check Out the Build Recommendations

Learning to play Rise of Empires can be quite overwhelming. There are a lot of things to learn, and there is more than enough information presented on the screen to make things even more complicated.  

Rise of Empires - See How to Get Gems
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The good thing about this game is that you're offered build recommendations, especially in the early stages of the game. With so many buildings to choose from, you might end up choosing to prioritize the wrong ones. 


This can hurt your entire game so make sure to follow the recommendations you receive. Once you have learned the fundamentals of the game, you can then choose to branch off and start your path and strategy. 

Additionally, certain features are locked during your progression in the game. Following these recommended builds will likely help you unlock those features and give you the best build possible.

Focus on Your Castle First

One thing that you should be focused on doing early in the game is to make sure that your castle is fully constructed. Build your castle to the highest level possible and upgrade it to level 10 immediately. 


The longer your try to delay this, the more your enemies will catch on and take this as an opportunity to attack your base. You might worry that you're spending too much time focusing on the castle but don't hesitate. 

Once you reach level 10, start upgrading other buildings. It is important that you focus all of your energy on upgrading your castle as it is one of the most critical infrastructures in the game.

Choose an Active State for More Options

When you first log in, the game randomly selects a server for you. This server or state can be active or inactive. 

Rise of Empires - See How to Get Gems
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There are a lot of reasons why a server is active, but there's only one reason why a state is inactive. This would be because there's not a lot of players playing the server or the president is not that active in playing. 

This can be very detrimental to your game since you won't have access to national quest buildings, which are critical to your success. To check if you are in an active state, build the class hall and check if the national quest is active. 

If not, this means that the state is inactive, and you'll have to move. To move to an active state, check the state map, tap the globe icon and check the universe map. Check the status of each state and select ones that are active.

Choosing the Right Class for the Right Time

When you hit level 6, you'll be able to choose from three different classes that will affect how you play the game. You can choose from Farmer, Trader, or Raider. 

Farmer focuses on resource production while Trader is all about trading your resources and making sure your economy and relationship with other players remain stable. It is highly recommended that you try to stabilize your resource production at this early stage of the game. 

Beyond level 10, you can opt to choose another class. You can then choose to go Raider once you have enough resources to train and recruit an army for your faction. Raider is all about brute force. 

Use Speed Boosts Wisely

Training troops and building structures take a lot of time in Rise of Empires. You'll certainly need a lot of patience when playing this game. 

Rise of Empires - See How to Get Gems
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Fortunately, there are speed boosts that allow you to facilitate the training of your troops and the building process much faster and easier. 

It is best that you try to use them early in the game to ensure the progress of your castle. Speed boosts are a great way to make sure you progress faster and take less time off from the game. 

They're very useful early on but don't do much in the later stages of the game. Use your speed boosts wisely and use them early.

Continue Gathering Resources Even When You're Offline

Most of the game is played idly, which means you'll have to set up the game while you are offline or away. This is the perfect time for you to gather resources. 

You might assign your cavalry to carry the highest amount of resources when farming and gathering resources to ensure that you have all the resources needed when you get back online. 

Even when you are away, the game continues to play itself, so better assign troops to gather while you're offline to get the most out of your time off.

Recruiting Heroes in Rise of Empires

Heroes are the main characters of Rise of Empires. They provide special abilities that dictate the way you play the game. Some heroes offer more combat power while others increase your production, speed up the military recruitment process, or provide support to your troops. 

Rise of Empires - See How to Get Gems
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It all depends on your playstyle. For those who want to simply become a master of resources, having a hero with mastery in gathering will help you achieve that goal. 

Players who want to expand their empires will have to choose heroes with combat skills which makes your army incredibly formidable. You'll also need to level up these heroes to increase their abilities. 

Let them earn experience through battles by deploying them together with your troops or completing quests to receive experience points.

Choose an Active Guild

Much like choosing an active state, you should also try to search for an active guild to join. There are a lot of guilds to join in Rise of Empires, but only a few are serious about being active in the community. There are advantages to joining an active guild apart from helping you in the game. 

You get to earn new friends as well as unlock features that are only exclusive within guildmates. Playing alongside your guildmates will earn you exclusive items from the alliance store, and even get alliance-exclusive gifts. 

Joining an active guild also means your guildmates can help you with your resources and can even send help when your castle is under attack. They can even protect and help defend your castle when you are away from the game.

Complete Tasks and Participate in Events to Get Gems

Gems are the exclusive currency used in the game to unlock other features. Many players want to purchase gems using real money to increase the productivity of their castle. 

Rise of Empires - See How to Get Gems
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Gems might be exclusive, but the game does provide players a chance to earn them through events, tasks, and quests. 

Try to complete the daily tasks before you log out of the game for a chance to earn gems. Participate in events to win more gems. 

Some quests will reward you with gems, recruitment tickets, and resources to help your castle. Both quests and daily tasks also provide a steady amount of experience, which will help you progress in the game.

Have a Routine

Playing Rise of Empires is all about managing your resources while also keeping your castle safe from enemies. 

The more you play the game, the more you will realize that a routine is necessary to increase your power. 

Focus on upgrading your builds, researching new technologies, and recruiting new troops to protect your castle. Make this a routine every time you log in to the game, and you'll soon have the most powerful army.

To Sum Up

From building infrastructure to recruiting heroes and troops for your army, Rise of Empires has everything that a complex strategy game needs. Players who want to excel in playing the game should follow the tips mentioned above and watch as they quickly and productively begin to gain an advantage.

There's no denying that the game can be very intricate when it comes to strategy and resource management, but with the tips above, you're on your way to becoming a master strategist. Check out Rise of Empires on the Google Play Store and the App Store today.