Who Is Vanossgaming? Find Out Here

YouTube streamers and content creators have become a form of celebrities themselves. They have gained a large audience whether through talent or sheer entertainment. 

Gaming streamers offer more than just good content, they also embody a sense of entertainment and a connection to their gaming audience. Most of the time, game streamers are hardcore gamers themselves that simply want to share their piece of knowledge or content with the world. 


One amazing YouTube content creator and streamer that you should be following is VanossGaming. Read on to learn more about Vanossgaming.

Who Is Vanossgaming? Find Out Here
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Who Is the Man Behind VanossGaming?

VanossGaming, or commonly known as Vanoss, is a Canadian YouTuber and video game enthusiast who is based in Toronto, Ontario. Properly known as Evan Fong, he has been compared to the likes of other YouTube personalities within the industry. 

VanossGaming uses an owl head for the channel's logo. Often, Fong does not appear on the screen unless it is something very important. 


The only time he has appeared or showed his face was when he reached a certain mark on his channel or when he participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Apart from that, he is mostly unseen from his content.

This portrays the channel as more of a content-based channel instead of a personality channel where the main draw is the person owning the channel. While this is highly commendable, fans have always been curious about his lifestyle in and out of his channel.

The Charm of VanossGaming

If you scroll through many gaming channels on YouTube, you can easily find that a lot of the owners feature only themselves as they play the game. VanossGaming is just one of the few that incorporate most of his friends on his content. 


It is rare for Vanoss to post content with a single friend on his videos. Often referred to as the Vanoss Crew, his set of friends make the videos and his content more engaging with their personalities meshing well together. 

This makes the entire atmosphere more casual and friendly altogether. It connects to his audience perfectly well as if they are part of his crew when he plays the game with his friends.

This kind of atmosphere results in a positive fanbase. If you scroll through most of his videos, you can see people being positive and have friendly discussions with each other instead of bickering and throwing verbal jabs. 

A Classic VanossGaming Moment

One incident that truly made him popular was when he and his friends were playing Call of Duty and one of his friends started lagging so badly. 

One of his friends jokingly remarked about his other friend playing the game using McDonald's internet connection. This began a trend of in-jokes from his circle of friends that up to this day is widely known for.

Personal Life

Who Is Vanossgaming? Find Out Here
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Apart from producing high-quality content on YouTube, Vanoss has always worked on a game called Dead Realm with his friends as the creative director of the game. 

During his childhood, he used to play adventure and puzzle games before he discovered video games. He got the name Vanoss from Vanoss62 which was his father's PS3 account.

He studied economics at the University of Pennsylvania but dropped out in his second year to pursue his dreams as a YouTuber much to the concern and doubts from his parents. 

However, things became promising for the young YouTuber when he was nominated for Trending Gamer in 2014 The Game Awards. He would continue to receive praise and attention from different award-giving bodies and slowly became the popular YouTuber that he is today.


Even without a YouTube network to build upon, Vanoss was ranked as the fourth most subscribed channel between 2014 and 2017. 

This goes to show that his charm and connection to his audience was what made him popular. With the casual atmosphere and distance from any controversy, VanossGaming continues to be one of the best gaming channels on YouTube today.