The Sims Mobile - Learn How to Get Free Coins

Those who are looking to play a Sims game on their mobile phone are in for a surprise. Electronic Arts have finally developed the same game for mobile users called The Sims Mobile.


The Sims Mobile plays exactly like the original game where you get to control a character or a Sim through different simulations in life. You can do everything with your Sim— you can go to work, sleep, party, and even get married.

The Sims Mobile might be very similar to play and familiar to many players but it also has its differences. Find out more about what The Sims Mobile is all about, how to get coins, some tips and tricks to play the game, and more with the guide below.

  • Play With Two Sims Simultaneously
  • Skip Cooking or Making Coffee
  • Send Your Sim to Work Before Logging off From the Game
  • Select the Appropriate Trait for Your Sim
  • Reach Out to Other Sims
The Sims Mobile - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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Play With Two Sims Simultaneously

The Sims Mobile is all about playing with the different members of the family. However, you will need some stamina to do all the activities with your Sim.

For this reason, you need to learn how to save your stamina so you can perform all the tasks. This might mean that you want to play only one Sim at a time to conserve your stamina but this is not necessarily the case.


You can still play with two Sims and conserve enough stamina for the rest of your activities and tasks. Playing two Sims at a time also increases your experience much faster and you get to have a family in the fastest time possible.

You can then divide all of your activities with the other members of the family while also letting you earn precious simoleons or coins.

Get the Party Started

Socializing is a common way to get experience points in the game. It is also one method of getting your Sim to meet with other people which is why partying is a great option for players. The Sims Mobile is the only mobile game that promotes a lot of partying in your household.

It is the perfect opportunity for players to meet and greet other Sims. You can even potentially find love. Try to host parties all the time so you can increase your experience. Make partying part of your tasks while playing the game and you'll level up in no time.

Remember that getting experience is key to unlocking many other features in the game. Accelerate your way to a higher level by partying and getting social with other Sims.

Skip Cooking or Making Coffee

Stamina is one of the precious resources that players need to keep track of. It is commonly used to do different activities within the game.

The Sims Mobile - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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For those who are looking for ways to get stamina, there are several options to choose from. Some of them include consuming cupcakes, taking a shower, or simply sleeping in your bed.

While these activities replenish your stamina, it is still best to avoid activities that heavily consume your stamina in the game. Some of these activities include cooking and making coffee.

These are the most common culprits that end up depleting players' stamina. You don't need to do these activities every single day anyway so you might as well skip them.

Complete All the Daily Tasks and Earn Reward

There are a lot of tasks that you will need to complete every day. There are at least eight important tasks that you should always complete if you wish to earn a lot of rewards in the game.

Apart from getting money and gems, you will also receive experience points that are required for you to level up both your Sim and your account. Perform these tasks at all costs.

It is highly recommended that you try to do these tasks at the start of the game instead of when you are about to log off. This way, you still have time to finish many other important tasks aside from the daily tasks that are required in the game.

Send Your Sim to Work Before Logging off From the Game

Playing The Sim Mobile is all about managing each Sim and your time to the best of your ability. There are instances when events happen for a long period that you might be bored or exhausted from playing the game.

The Sims Mobile - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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There is no reason for you not to take your rest. The best way to handle this is to let your Sim do the job for you and let it play out. Send your Sim to work and log off from the game.

Your Sim will keep working even when you're offline. This is a great feature in the game so that you can also continue to live your life outside while your Sims are doing their own thing within the game.

By the time you log back into the game, your Sim will already have its work done and you will get your stamina back as well as rewards from completing certain tasks.

Video Ads Are the Best Way to Earn Coins

Coins or simoleons are the in-game currency used by your Sims. These are often used to purchase different items such as furniture, appliances, and many other things.

Sending your Sim to work will help them earn more coins in the game but the best way to earn these coins is to watch video ads. Video ads are strategically placed within the game. They often come up whenever you complete a task or event.

If you're short on coins, you can always play these video ads and you'll get a good amount of coins in your pocket. Another way to earn coins is to complete achievements to earn rewards but it is still highly recommended that you watch video ads instead for the instant boost in coins.

Select the Appropriate Trait for Your Sim

Sims develop certain characteristics that are quite helpful in the game and they are called Traits. Traits can be added to individual Sim that will develop their character in different areas.

The Sims Mobile - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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Certain Traits boost a Sim's productivity at work, therefore, increasing your potential for earning more coins. Certain Traits give you better rewards when you complete the daily tasks while others give you bonus experience when you're out to party.

Make sure that you unlock these Traits to certain individuals according to their purpose.

For example, if you want to place a Trait called Party Animal, use it on a Sim that has a lot of time to party and socialize instead of one that keeps on going to work.

How to Download the Sims Mobile

You can enjoy and download the game at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on your mobile device.

Tap Install to begin the download process and wait until the game is fully installed before tapping Open to launch the game.

If you want to support the game, you can use your preferred payment method to purchase in-game items. Just make sure to download the game through these platforms for your safety and security.

Reach Out to Other Sims

The Sims Mobile is also a social game where you get to meet other Sims. The thing with this game is that you'll need to exert effort first to connect with other Sims through conversations.

The Sims Mobile - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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Any relationship can blossom when you know how to have a proper conversation with your fellow Sim. When talking to a Sim, you'll have three choices—Friendly, Flirty, and Confrontational.

It is quite obvious which one you should avoid so if you just want to build a relationship with other Sims—it is best that you try to set a Friendly tone. Those who want to take it to the next level can always choose Flirty and expect to elevate their relationship with the Sim.

This can often lead to both Sims getting married and starting a family. Choose which type of conversation you want to have for each Sim and see how it can make a difference.

How to Get Married

Now that you're in a full-blown relationship with another Sim, it is time to get married and start a family. Starting a family means you'll be able to start a new relationship and further increase your relationship level with your partner.

Once it reaches level 10, they'll become Soulmates which unlocks the option for you to propose to your partner Sim. If that person says yes, you'll need to prepare for your wedding by shopping for different items.

You can plan your wedding accordingly and even invite your close Sim friends with you. Try to assure your partner that you are going to marry each other and then go ahead and continue with the wedding. The game will notify you that you're fully wed and it's time to move in together.


With a franchise as popular as The Sims, it can be quite daunting to step into the world of Sims on mobile and not expect a well-thought-out game.

Fortunately, The Sims Mobile is a great mobile game to play that takes a lot of inspiration from the original Sims game.