Pocket Love - See How to Get Coins

Ever want to play a hyper-casual simulation game where you can relax? Pocket Love is a mobile game just for you.

Pocket Love is a relaxing simulation game where you get to prioritize decorating your home with furniture and other items. Featuring cute hand-drawn graphics, this mobile game offers players a plethora of options to customize their characters and home. Expand your small home with more rooms as you slowly fill them up with different items.


However, this game can prove to be challenging if you don't know what the game is all about. Check out the guide below and see what Pocket Love is all about, how to play the game, how to earn coins, and more.

  • What Is Pocket Love All About?
  • Complete Missions to Gain Coins and Even Surprising Rewards
  • Don’t Forget to Tap the Package
  • Try to Add More Space for Your New Home
  • Clean the Streets Nearby to Get More Coins
Pocket Love - See How to Get Coins
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What Is Pocket Love All About?

Pocket Love is a simulation mobile game that is designed to be simple and very casual-friendly. You start with space within a neighborhood and begin a new life.

You also collect different pieces of furniture while also interacting with different objects inside your home. As you unlock new features, your character also begins to develop relationships with another character.


Each interaction is a special moment. You also can capture your memories from different moments and share them with your friends on social media.

Whether you want to live on your own as a single person with your pet or you want to be cozy with another character, you create your destiny in Pocket Love.

Gain Experience and Unlock New Features by Collecting Items

You start the game with almost nothing except a few starting items. Each time you check out the Showroom, you gain experience as you purchase new furniture for your home.


The more furniture you collect, the more experience you gain. As you continue to gain more experience, you also level up which unlocks even more pieces of furniture for you to enjoy as well as other features such as wallpaper and more.

Every piece of furniture that you own will also allow you to obtain hearts which helps unlock other features in Pocket Love.

Complete Missions to Gain Coins and Even Surprising Rewards

Pocket Love is a very casual game and there is no need for you to progress to fully enjoy the game. However, for those who want to elevate their experience with the game, gaining experience and coins is one of the major competitive aspects.

Pocket Love - See How to Get Coins
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Coins are collected to afford new furniture and other items for your home. There are many ways to gain coins but the best and simplest way to do so is through completing missions.

Check the To-Do list and complete what is required for you to earn coins. Each to-do entry will require one heart for you to claim the reward so make sure that you gather as many hearts as you can by playing the game.

Complete three missions per day and you'll receive a hefty amount of coins.

Check Out Ads to Get Freebies

The game is quite generous when it comes to giving out rewards. By now, you've already realized that the game gives you several items for your home every time you level up. However, there is still another way for you to earn freebies in the game.

One of which is by simply watching ads. Ads will always be a part of mobile gaming so you should be comfortable with seeing ads by now. While playing, you might get a prompt asking if you want an extra reward.

Tap this feature, watch an ad, and you'll receive free items such as cosmetic items and such. Take advantage of this feature so that you will have a lot of items for your characters. You can even get as much as 5 dogllars and 500 coins every day with this feature alone.

Don’t Forget to Tap the Package

Another great way to earn free items for your home in Pocket Love comes in the form of the Package.

Pocket Love - See How to Get Coins
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The Package can be found lying outside of your home. Tap the Package with a cute smiley emoji on your front door and it will provide you with freebies. The Package does have a cooldown for giving you rewards though.

The more you claim the rewards, the longer time it will take to give you another one. Remember that when the Package is on cooldown, it will not generate free items for you.

Most of the freebies given by the Package are random furniture items and even a dogllar which is the premium currency used in Pocket Love.

Talk to Kai to Earn More Dogllars

Speaking of dogllars, you'll have another round of freebies from another NPC in the game. Dogllars are quite important if you are one of those players who want to purchase exclusive items from the game.

Many of the game's items can only be purchased through the store and dogllars. So if you plan on showing off to your friends, it is best that you start collecting dogllars right away. Kai will appear at your doorstep randomly to visit you.

Go ahead and tap him and watch a 30-second ad. You will be rewarded with other items and, sometimes, you also get to earn dogllars from him. Remember that Kai will visit randomly so it is best that you stay alert and tap him whenever he is available.

Try to Add More Space for Your New Home

You will be starting the game with only just one room. However, as soon as you start collecting all the freebies and begin gaining experience and level, your room will be filled with items.

Pocket Love - See How to Get Coins
Image Source: Malavida

It can become difficult for your character to move around your new home. This is why it is best to add more space once you run out of legroom for your character.

You will need 10 dogllars to expand your home. Always remember to follow the tips mentioned above so you'll have enough dogllars to purchase the extra space.

Don't worry about expanding early on as the game will always help you by offering other means of earning dogllars.

Refresh the Product List at the Store to Get New Items

The in-game store offers a long list of products for you to fill up your home. New items are offered all the time and sometimes, you might just want new products to choose from. The in-game store does refresh the list of products available but it can take time for the game to do so.

This is why there are two options to choose from. First, you can spend your dogllars immediately, refreshing the product list and choosing new ones. You can also choose the alternative option which is to watch an ad to refresh the product list.

To do this, tap the reset button and tap Reset Now. A video ad will automatically play and all you need to do is watch it until the end. By the time you get back to the in-game store, the product list has been refreshed and you can now select and purchase new items.

Clean the Streets Nearby to Get More Coins

You'll also notice that the streets around you begin to build up dust and dirt. Sometimes, insects and bugs begin crawling around.

Pocket Love - See How to Get Coins
Image Source: Malavida

This is the right time for you to clean the streets around you. Not only does it help you clean your surroundings which is healthier for your characters, but you also get to earn coins along the way.

Directly tap the trash, dust, and insects on the streets near you to get rid of them. You can also tap, hold, and drag them out of the screen to eliminate them.

Once done, the game will reward you with bonus coins for you to enjoy.

Sell Your Other Items for Coins

If you want to purchase new items in Pocket Love but you're short on coins, you can always start selling your other items. Try to check your inventory inside your room and see which items you don't like anymore. Gather them first and sell them for coins.

Many of the freebies that are given to you often take up space and usually they are already on your inventory. It is best that you sell them for coins so you can afford to buy new ones.

Remember that when you acquire new items, you also gain experience so it is always recommended to continue improving your home by buying new items.


Pocket Love is a great simulation game for casual players who simply want to enjoy playing a game where they can buy new furniture and decorate a virtual home. Check out the tips mentioned above so you will never run out of coins and dogllars for your home.

Pocket Love is available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for your mobile device.