Dead Cells - See How to Get Money

There are a lot of extremely challenging mobile games that you can play. However, there is no more challenging game to play than Dead Cells

Heavily inspired by Castlevania, Dead Cells is a 2D side scrolling action-adventure mobile game from Playdigious that infuses retro-style pixel art and violent action. You get to play a failed alchemic experiment as you explore different dungeons and other locales within a gloomy island and fight different monsters.


Along the way, you'll encounter many challenges such as bosses and traps. This is why many players often get frustrated with the level of difficulty in this game. Fortunately, you've come to the right place as you're about to learn more about the game, how to get money, and more with the guide below.

  • Trust the Process, You’ll Get Better
  • Choose the Revive Mutation
  • Offense Is the Best Defense
  • Collecting Money to Improve Your Weapons and Skills
  • Check the Collector to Understand Your Path in the Game
Dead Cells - See How to Get Money
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Trust the Process, You’ll Get Better

Once you've bought the game and play it for the first time, the very first thing that will come to mind is how difficult it is to play. You'll most likely die a lot in the first few hours of the game, leaving you frustrated. 

It can even get to a point where you'll totally give up on the game. All the mechanics are going to take hours for you to learn. However, there is one thing you should know—it gets better over time. 


There's always going to be a learning curve and, while Dead Cells does have a steep learning curve, it gets better over time. The more you play the game, the better you'll become. 

The game offers a lot of meaningful and clever ways to help you learn the game so stick with it and you'll totally enjoy it in the end.

Rolling Is a Mechanic You Should Prioritize Learning

Speaking of game mechanics, there is one that you should prioritize learning and mastering—rolling. Rolling is basically what the skill is about. Your character rolls forward either to dodge enemy attacks, projectiles, or traps. 


You can also roll into your enemies. However, one of the main reasons why rolling is a skill you should learn is its ability to bypass a large group of enemies. A group of enemies is a deadly encounter and you don't want to deal with them early on. 

It is best that you try to roll your way out of that situation to escape them. Rolling also has a very short cooldown so you can use it more often to explore various areas in the game.

Choose the Revive Mutation

Notice that when you get to the safe zone in each level, the game offers you a chance to unlock a new mutation. You can unlock a total of three mutations which is good enough to help you survive through the tougher levels. Each mutation has different attributes and effects on your character. 

Dead Cells - See How to Get Money
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Some mutations help you deal more damage, gain extra ammo from your weapon, increase your health by a percent, or help you recover more health after an enemy dies. 

However, there is one mutation that is very underrated and a lot of players tend to miss out on this mutation. Ygdar Orus Li Ox is a mutation where you revive with a small percent of health if you take fatal damage from the enemy. 

While you can only use this once, it is still a very powerful mutation that will help you in sticky situations. Make good use of this mutation.

Use Your Items Often and Combine Them for Some Powerful Combos

Another thing that you'll quickly learn in this game is how often you can acquire items. Around the second area, you'll mostly have your inventory full of weapons and items to use against your enemies. 

This leaves you with a lot of choices so choose one that you feel is best for you and rotate your weapons. You can simply rely on turrets to get you to the end or use the Cross-bo-Matic and rain down arrows on your enemies. 

You can even try to use different items and weapons together for some combos. Lay down traps and start shooting at the enemy so they charge towards you and end up getting obliterated by the trap that you've set.

Offense Is the Best Defense

The most important advice that you will ever get in this guide is to never get hit. Getting hit by the enemy means your health bar is diminished and you'll die within the first few levels of the game. 

Dead Cells - See How to Get Money
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The game is heavily designed around not getting hit by the enemies which is why it is best you try to learn dodge mechanics such as rolling. However, the best way to avoid getting hit is to hit the enemy first. 

Offense is the best defense in Dead Cells. Unload all of your attacks at once when you a group of enemies clumped together. Attack only if you know you can beat them or else, try to roll your way out of that situation especially if you have low health. 

Gather high damage weapons and go for damage-orientated mutations to ensure that you deal high amounts of damage.

Use Skills to Prevent Enemies from Hitting You

Fights can instantly break out the moment you enter the game. There are times when you'll need to deal with large groups of monsters. This will require you to think on your toes while trying to dodge attacks from the enemies. 

One of the best ways to prevent enemies from hitting you is to use your skills to stun, slow, or even freeze them. This gives you time to breathe for a while and get into a better position to fight them. 

There are plenty of tools for you to use to buy yourself some time to get away from the enemy. Speed is your friend and enhances your survivability by using these skills accordingly.

Collecting Money to Improve Your Weapons and Skills

One of the most vital points in playing this game is to learn how to get money. The best way to earn money in the game is to simply play it. 

Dead Cells - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Steam

Every time you kill an enemy, they drop money or gold coins and some cells. These are highly useful for you to upgrade your weapons and also afford new ones that deal more damage. 

Apart from attacking enemies, there are also other ways to earn money such as hitting the no-hit doors that you encounter in the area. 

These often give the highest amount of cells, money, and loot in the game. Once you find one, hit it immediately and collect your prizes.

Attack Walls for Money

Earning money can become a vital aspect of your survival in the game, especially in the later stages. Gold can be very hard to find at some points in the game so you will need to be prepared when that happens. 

Apart from attacking enemies, walls with hidden runes also contain gold or health items in them. Make sure to keep your eye open for these walls and destroy them once you see one. 

You might be lucky enough to receive a huge amount of gold or even a health item such as a health potion to keep you alive longer in the game.

Check the Collector to Understand Your Path in the Game

Most objectives in the game are quite unclear the first time you play the game. You might feel lost at first as you explore different areas at each level. 

Dead Cells - See How to Get Money
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Progress might come to a halt at this point but don't worry. Continue playing the game until you get to meet the Collector. The Collector will collect all of the cells and money you've harvested throughout your time in the game and exchange them, which will allow you to purchase upgrades, weapons, and mutations. 

Choose accordingly depending on what you need for the next few levels. Some players want to increase their survivability so they often go for more defense and health. 

Others want to finish each level faster so they need more damage by acquiring a more powerful weapon. It all depends on your play style.

How to Download Dead Cells

Dead Cells is now available to download from the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices. You will need to purchase the game first before you can download it. 

Purchase the game exclusively on these platforms only. Once you've confirmed the purchase, it will automatically download the game. Wait until the game is fully installed on your device then tap Open to start playing. 

It is currently priced at $8.99 but the rate depends on your region so it is best to check it on the platforms mentioned above.


This action 2D side scrolling adventure game has taken the world by storm. With its heavy focus on action and strategy, Dead Cells is one of the most in-demand mobile games today. Follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy Dead Cells even more.