Star Trek™ Fleet Command - How to Farm Survey Ships

Star Trek fans have always longed for a good video game that would allow them to explore the Star Trek universe even further. Now, thanks to Scopely, fans of Star Trek got their wish with Star Trek™ Fleet Command - a mobile game where you get to command a starbase and expand your control over the galaxy.

Playing Star Trek Fleet Command is all about balancing your resources to construct your starbase, exploring the vast galaxy, and building powerful ships that you need to battle other players. 


These are very complex concepts so here are some tips on how you can play Star Trek Fleet Command, how to farm survey ships, learn the different types of ships, and more with our guide below.

  • Start Small
  • Join an Alliance as Soon as Possible
  • Focus on Building Your Starbase
  • Battleships, Interceptors, and Explorers
  • Level Up the Ships that You Need
  • Join Events and Collect Rewards
Star Trek™ Fleet Command - How to Farm Survey Ships
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Start Small

Star Trek Fleet Command is a game that allows you to explore the vast galaxy. Soon, you'll encounter different factions and enemy ships that want to destroy yours and take over your base. 

If you come across ships that are far more advanced than yours, it is best that you try to avoid them as often as possible. Start small and try to take on ships that are on the same level as yours. 


You may even want to attack ships that are weaker than yours just to make sure that you get the victory and receive the rewards. Use the Scan option to see if you can take them in a fight or else get out of their territory.

Learn to Multi-Task

Star Trek Fleet Command might be an idle strategy game but there are a lot of things to do when you're playing. One tip to always follow that will help you become an effective player is to multitask. Never leave anything idle even for a few minutes while you're playing. 

Keep things moving around such as controlling the flow of resources from your survey ships while also researching new skills, upgrading old ones, and constructing your base. Then, there are also missions that you need to contend with. 


Always keep yourself busy when playing the game and make sure everything is up and running. If you want to progress fast, multitasking is the key to success.

Join an Alliance as Soon as Possible

From the moment you log in to the game and start playing, the game immediately suggests that you join an alliance. There's a reason why the game wants you to sign up for an alliance

Star Trek™ Fleet Command - How to Farm Survey Ships
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There are a lot of benefits to joining one. Apart from socializing with other players, you also get to feel that you belong to a group of like-minded players. 

Some of the benefits include reducing research and construction times which is great for those who want to expand their territory. You can also ask for help whenever you need some resources from your alliance. 

There's also the Alliance Store where you can purchase tokens that are sold for real money allowing you to earn while playing the game.

Check Out Other Factions

At the start of the game, you're automatically assigned to the Federation faction. It's a good way to start the game and learn more about the basic mechanics. 

However, as soon as you reach higher levels, it is best that you try to explore other factions. The best way to do this is to communicate with other factions and upgrade your reputation. Upgrading your reputation level prevents other factions from attacking you. 

To upgrade your faction, simply tap on the Factions tab and check out the tasks and complete them. You'll earn reputation points and even get free loot boxes along the way.

Focus on Building Your Starbase

New players often want to get in on the action at the earliest stages of the game. While it can be tempting to try and explore and take down enemy ships, building your starbase should be your utmost priority.

Star Trek™ Fleet Command - How to Farm Survey Ships
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Complete missions, mine for resources and collect chests to aid you in building your starbase. 

There are a lot of structures that need to be built inside your starbase so make sure to check which ones are required through the Missions tab.

Use Your Speed Up Items Wisely

Speed Up items are available to help you build and upgrade faster however, it is better that you try to avoid using them for building purposes and use them to build ships and officer upgrades instead. 

They are far more necessary to the success of your game. If you do need help with your starbase, you can always ask for help from your alliance.

Battleships, Interceptors, and Explorers

There are different types of ships in Star Trek Fleet Command. These are battleships, interceptors, explorers, and survey ships. 

Star Trek™ Fleet Command - How to Farm Survey Ships
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The first three ships are commonly used in battle or exploration while survey ships are used to mine for resources. 

Learn every ship's strengths and weaknesses and you'll be able to form a winning strategy against enemies during battle. 

Battleships are weak against interceptors but are strong against explorers. Meanwhile, explorers are often used against interceptors as they are far better at taking them down.

How to Farm Survey Ships

Survey ships are important to the expansion and the construction of your territory. The best option to do this is to take on a wide list of missions. 

Most of the missions allow you to increase your research and building phase thus helping you construct more ships including survey ships. Survey ships don't have combat abilities but are still integral to the entire fleet. 

They are commonly used to mine resources and upgrading them would increase their mining rate thus allowing you to have more minerals to use for construction.

Level Up the Ships that You Need

There are so many ships to build and use in Star Trek Fleet Command. You might be tempted to build them all and level them up to make them stronger, however, that is not always the case if you truly want to be successful in this game. 

Star Trek™ Fleet Command - How to Farm Survey Ships
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You don't need to build and pilot all the ships in the game. You just have to choose some that are integral to your goal. If you want to have all the resources, you should keep on building and upgrading survey ships. 

If you find yourself having to fend off a lot of enemy ships, recruit more battleships to defend your base. 

Those who want to build all types of ships will have to distribute their resources and it can spread your resources thin making you vulnerable to enemies.

Upgrade Ships to Unlock More Slots

Ships are integral to your starbase. Survey ships help mine for resources while other types help defend and expand your territory. Each ship has a slot where you can assign an officer

The more you upgrade a certain type of ship, it will also unlock more slots for you to assign officers. Assigning officers to a ship will increase its stats thereby making it more efficient. 

Make sure that you assign strong officers to the bridge while the others should be part of the crew.

Join Events and Collect Rewards

There are a lot of time-limited events that you can join in Star Trek Fleet command. Most of these events often reward you with a lot of resources and experience. 

Star Trek™ Fleet Command - How to Farm Survey Ships
Image Source: BlueStacks

These are the two most important aspects of the game if you want to level up fast. Keep an eye on them and participate as much as possible. 

These events are very easy to complete. Apart from the time-limited events, there are also daily objectives that you can complete that also give out huge rewards. 

Earn these rewards and you'll find yourself progressing in the game rather quickly.

Take on Missions

Apart from multitasking on building your starbase and collecting resources, you should also be taking on different missions at the same time. Check out the logs for each mission and see which ones you can take on for the day. 

Be careful in choosing missions though to avoid overwhelming yourself to the point that you forget all about the other aspects of the game such as researching, upgrading, and constructing your base. 

Start by tackling easier missions and work your way towards the more difficult ones. 


Playing Star Trek Fleet Command should not be complicated especially for new players who are also fans of the series. As a mobile game, Fleet Command perfectly embodies what Star Trek is all about - space exploration and action-packed space combat. 

Follow the tips mentioned above and you'll have a smoother ride with the fleet. Get into the action now and download Star Trek Fleet Command on your phone through the App Store and the Google Play Store.