Learn How To Farm Coins In BlazBlue RR

2D side-scrolling games have always been fun to play, especially if you have characters from a very popular anime series. BlazBlue RR is a brand new action-adventure strategy game in the mobile platform brought to us by 91Act. 

In this game, players can recruit heroes and fight their way through a series of opponents to get to the end. One would be immediately enticed to play the game with its authentic Japanese voice actors, gorgeous graphics, and highly strategic gameplay. However, it does have its fair share of nuances. 


Learning how to play BlazBlue RR can be intimidating for new players of this genre, so we have gathered tips and tricks on playing the game, recruiting new heroes, getting more coins, and more with the guide below.

  • Recruit More Heroes
  • Which Heroes To Focus On First
  • Enhance, Purge, Or Fuse Items Into Powerful Equipment
  • Play Store Mode And Other Game Modes
  • Where To Get More Energy
Learn How To Farm Coins In BlazBlue RR
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Recruit More Heroes

BlazBlue RR thrives on its diverse cast of heroes. These heroes have their fighting styles, which makes them very unique. Some might be ultimate damage dealers, while others tend to be supportive or attack from a range. 

Some heroes are more effective in certain situations than others; hence recruiting different types of heroes is vital if you want to deal with different scenarios in the game. 


Being able to finish a lot of the game's content means unlocking many of its features, thus allowing you to enjoy more out of the game. This also helps you unlock even more heroes as you begin to earn resources that will allow you to recruit more heroes

These heroes also have a bond system where you link them with each other to increase their powers.

Upgrade Your Hero Skills

As soon as you unlock a new hero in the game, most of its skills are readily available for you to use. However, these skills are often weak at first. There is only one way for you to help deal more damage to enemies, and that's by upgrading your hero skills through the use of Seithr and skill points. 


Upgrading hero skills also improve their attack power and increases skill armor. Skill armor prevents any form of interruption while casting your spell, especially when you are attacked. 

Make sure to upgrade your hero skills in a timely manner, as you'll encounter even more challenging enemies in the later stages. Don't worry about getting Seithr for now, as you can get them through Daily Missions and by just playing the game.

Which Heroes To Focus On First

There are so many heroes to choose from in BlazBlue RR, but there are a few that you can get at the early stages of the game that are highly effective against enemies. 

Learn How To Farm Coins In BlazBlue RR
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These heroes are often the staple choices of many other players as they are quite powerful even in the latter part of the game. Ragna and Noel are two of the best characters in the game. They both have very decent attack and defensive attributes. 

Tager is a great defensive character that can tank damage for the team with his high health. Platinum and Hakumen are two very unique heroes in the game, each with their distinguished skills. 

Make sure to grab these heroes if you are new to the game and then experiment later on with your team's synergy by adding a few more characters.

Learn About Hero Promotion

Heroes in BlazBlue RR have military ranks. Each hero has their own specific set of skills that you'll need to defeat many foes. A hero promotion would increase the specific hero's power rating, thus increasing your overall power as well. 

While you may be able to promote your hero immediately, there are some military ranks that require you to reach a certain level first before you can promote such a hero. 

Hero promotion is the best way to increase your team's power, especially during the game's earlier stages. 

Enhance, Purge, Or Fuse Items Into Powerful Equipment

Each hero in the game will also need items to further increase the power of their abilities and boost their stats, such as attack and defense. 

Learn How To Farm Coins In BlazBlue RR
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Equipping your heroes with different items will be important; however, learning more about enhancing, purging, and fusing items are vital to your game success. Enhancing equipment means increasing its attributes by adding certain materials to boost its effects. 

Purging means breaking down a certain item into its bare parts, but this step will require players to use diamonds. Fusing items mean blending three different pieces of equipment into one very powerful item. 

To do this, players must use a set of equipment with the same rating. Boost tickets will be needed to do this process.

Improve Items Even Further With Factors

Apart from improving your equipment, the game also features a system called Factors. Factors are the hexagonal symbols used to infuse to your hero, which will grant an additional buff

There are five different Factors that can be combined with one another to further increase your hero's buffs. These Factors include Vampire, Resist, Vigor, Surge, Excess, and Force. Force and Vigor increase your hero's strength while Resist adds more defense. 

Excess adds extra damage, while Surge enables you to deal burst damage. Lastly, Vampire allows you to leech health from your opponents. Combining one or more of these Factors will also lead to different buffs. Try to experiment on which combined Factors will bring an advantage to your set of heroes.

Play Store Mode And Other Game Modes

BlazBlue RR has many features but playing the game requires you to go through the Story Mode. To play the Story Mode, players would have to use their energy as they go through different levels of the game. 

Learn How To Farm Coins In BlazBlue RR
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They will be able to regain those energies by winning the matches. Clearing the strongholds will reward the player with coins, Seithr, materials, equipment, and many other items in the game. 

Apart from the Story Mode, the game also has an online co-op mode where you can play a match against another player online, but this is only a limited-time event that happens at a specific time of the day. 

Game modes such as Ranking Duel and Alliance Wars are great additions to make the game even more fun.

Play Infinity Tower To Get More Coins

Many players might want to collect as many coins as possible to recruit more heroes to their team. However, coins can be very difficult to come by, especially if you are still new to the game. You won't have a lot of options available for you to earn more coins. 

Play the game and finish a few more levels until you unlock the Infinity Tower. This is where the best source of coins comes from. The Infinity Tower is a single-player game mode where you can battle different opponents over a series of floors. 

Each floor will feature different monsters, and they get stronger the higher you go. Rewards from finishing each floor include coins and reaching the 50th floor and onwards will reward you with orange equipment. Playing the Infinity Tower is still the best way to earn coins in this game.

Where To Get More Energy

Energy is one of the most important resources in the game. Without it, you won't be able to play and progress in the game. You'll be spending a lot of energy in the game, and it can only be spent through the Story Mode. 

Learn How To Farm Coins In BlazBlue RR
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The best way to get energy in the game is to check your daily attendance. This is where you can acquire energy for free. If not, you can always purchase energy using real money. 

Another way to get energy for free is by checking and upgrading your Energy Institute to produce more energy for you to use.

Use Auto-Battle When You Know You Can Win

The game uses an auto-battle feature, so you don't have to manually play each match. However, many might think that using the auto-battle feature might not give them a better approach to the game, so they would rather manually play each match. 

It is highly recommended to use auto-battle whenever you feel like you can win against a certain opponent. This is usually done when you're up against low-level opponents. 

However, if you still want to use the auto-battle feature in the game's latter stages, you can still control the match. You can switch to manual mode whenever you feel like it and switch it back again to auto-battle, even during a match.


With its various game modes, amazing graphics, and challenging difficulty, it's safe to say that BlazBlue RR is one of the best action games released on mobile right now. 

Check out the game on all mobile platforms and download BlazBlue RR at the Google Play Store or the App Store today.