Battlefield 2042 - Feel The Experience And Action

The highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 is nearing its release, and there is no stopping seasoned and new players alike from discovering what this new entry to the franchise is all about. 

As you've already guessed, Battlefield 2042 is the seventh installment of the game and will be set in the near future. The game will be released on October 22, 2021.


Developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, Battlefield 2042 seeks to change the franchise's direction with a slew of new content and features. Find out more about Battlefield 2042 and feel the excitement, action, and experience in the article below:

  • A New Direction
  • A Familiar Experience
  • Skipping The Single-Player Story Mode
  • Replacing The Old Class System
  • More Maps, Dynamic Environment
Battlefield 2042 - Feel The Experience And Action
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A New Direction

If you have been following the news regarding Battlefield 2042, you might already know that the game is bound to change the franchise's direction.

The developers have chosen to have the game set in the near future, which would allow for some suspense from the players as more semi-futuristic mechanics will come to play. 


Some of these would include drones deployed on the battlefield and many other gadgets that might not be something that is familiar to players from past versions of Battlefield.

Another surprising yet refreshing take on the game based on the preview is the omission of the single-player experience or story mode in Battlefield 2042. Some might not be happy with this decision, but overall, the game promises to take the series in a new direction with the story-based multiplayer experience.

Where Is The Game Available?

Battlefield 2042 will be available on different platforms. These include Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.


You can also pre-order the game on Steam and through the official EA website.

A Familiar Experience

While this new iteration of the series might be an all-new experience for some, the devs have promised to provide us with an all-familiar experience. 

Battlefield 2042 - Feel The Experience And Action
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This includes familiar game modes such as Conquest and Breakthrough modes which most seasoned players already know and love from past games. These game modes are all too familiar to Battlefield players, but the addition of new features should shake up their expectations once the game is released.

In Conquest, players must work together to capture and occupy specific locations on the map. The enemy team will also try to do the same; however, the team that runs out of respawning tickets loses the game. 

The Breakthrough mode follows the same setup, but the locations must be captured in a specific order to move through. When you have captured all the points, your team will be victorious.

No Battle Royale Mode For Now

Another surprising reveal from the devs was the announcement that Battlefield 2042 will not feature any Battle Royale mode, at least for now. This comes as a surprise knowing how many multiplayer shooter games have gladly embraced the battle royale genre and infused it into their game. 

Battle royale has been a staple in many other FPS games with the likes of Apex Legends and the popular Fortnite, yet Battlefield 2042 wants to stick to their guns and go with the battle royale-less multiplayer mode. Battlefield devs wish to focus more on the Battlefield experience that players can identify with. 

The goal is to make something different from a familiar product but creating a very similar experience that is in line with the Battlefield experience of the past. Overall, the devs want to have an exclusive experience that you can only experience when playing Battlefield 2042. It is a very bold statement from the devs; however, it makes us more excited about the game. 

Skipping The Single-Player Story Mode

The devs have made a tremendous effort in focusing entirely on the multiplayer mode. This is not a case of what-ifs for the game, as many other iterations of this mode have been in previous games. It was, however, the fact that single-player story mode was one of the weakest aspects of the series. 

Battlefield 2042 - Feel The Experience And Action
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Previous games have struggled to maintain and incorporate a better single-player experience for many of the franchise's avid fans. While the devs have tried to emulate the success of Battlefield 1, which had the best single-player story mode, they could not recreate the experience again. 

This was one of the many reasons why they decided to skip it this time. Would this be the end of the era of single-story gameplay? Who knows. Fans of the single-player story mode might not like this idea, but it is also a welcome change in the series.

The Multiplayer Experience

The announcement that Battlefield 2042 was gearing towards a multiplayer experience shocked many fans who have been waiting for the game. There was a slight uproar with regards to this reveal, but fans remain optimistic. The multiplayer experience gives the game and the entire franchise more power. 

In a solo player setting, the game would merely end after the campaign is done, and there's nothing much to do apart from completing possible DLCs from the game. Whereas the multiple player mode allows for a better experience knowing you will be playing alongside your friends in the campaign. 

The multiplayer experience allows for a lot of replayability in the game.

Replacing The Old Class System

The added layer of the new class system enables a different multiplayer experience for Battlefield 2042, which truly sets it apart from previous games. Friends can pick a certain class as you strategize with your team while going through different campaigns in the game. 

Battlefield 2042 - Feel The Experience And Action
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Players can now select from a wide range of characters known as Specialists. Specialists are divided into four different classes. These classes include Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. 

Assault focuses on more dealing damage, while Engineers are tactical technicians in the field. Medics are the healing support class, while Recon allows for more intel on the field. 

It was announced that the game would launch with ten initial Specialists, and there are plans to add more in the near future.

Specialists With Special Perks

Specialists have their own set of special abilities that make them unique. Each of these Specialists brings something to the table during battle. For one, you have Webster McKay, who uses a grappling hook to reach areas to hide, making him a formidable assassin as bullets can strike from anywhere. 

Then you have Pyotor Guskovsky, who can mount a sentry rifle bringing more firepower to your team in battle. Maria Falck has her healing pistol with her that shoots needles to the disabled ally. As you may have noticed, McKay falls under the Recon class with Maria as the Medic and Pyotor as the Engineer. 

Each of them has their standard weapons, but their special perks make them unique. This is where making a well-rounded team becomes more and more prevalent in Battlefield 2042, making the game all the more strategic.

More Maps, Dynamic Environment

With over seven maps to choose from, Battlefield 2042 brings more flavor to the usual battleground. This includes Orbital, Discarded, Breakaway, Revival, Kaleidoscope, Hourglass, and Manifest.

Battlefield 2042 - Feel The Experience And Action
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Each map has a dynamic and interactive environment which is something new to the world of Battlefield and adds more to the experience. These interactive environments help create those Battlefield moments that the devs are looking forward to. 

Players can now experience what it feels like to be in the middle of a battle with tanks destroying buildings, fighter planes soaring above, soldiers running around with the destruction all around you. 

Devs also mentioned that the maps would feature extreme weather conditions that will affect visibility and how players will approach each map.

Plans For The Future

Battlefield 2042 is bound for release later this year on October 22; however, devs have provided us with more plans for the future. This includes a premium Battle Pass and an in-game store that sells cosmetic items. 

Battle Pass holders are bound to receive additional cosmetic items as well. There are also plans to add more Specialists within the first year of the game, with plans of having four more Specialists ready to join the current roster. 

Lastly, there will be more DLC after the launch, which is, of course, free for players to download. This should keep players excited for the next few years of the game. You can check out the Open Beta schedule to be announced a few weeks before the game's official launch.


Many longtime Battlefield fans have voiced their preference in playing a solo first-person game mode; however, Battlefield's solo player experience has never before been its strongest suit. 

Having a new multiplayer experience takes the game to new heights, which the devs have been working hard towards. With Battlefield gearing towards its launch, the decision to focus on multiplayer experience could be a longstanding victory for the entire series.