CS:GO – How to Get Free Skins in the Game

You might have already encountered this game before but CounterStrike: Go is one of the most popular first-person shooting games in the world. Many players aim to become professional players but some just want to have some fun playing the game.

CS: Go is a game published by Valve where players get together to team up and play either a terrorist or counter-terrorist. Terrorist players need to plant the bomb and have it successfully detonate while the counter-terrorist players need to secure and defuse the bomb before it explodes.


Playing CS: GO might be easy but there are far more complex mechanics and gameplay that you need to know. In this guide, you'll learn more about the game, how to play it properly, how to get free skins in CS:GO, and more.

  • Practice Your Aim Before Jumping into a Real Match
  • Always Know When You’re About to Run Out of Bullets
  • Learn the Different Points of the Map
  • Listen to the Noise Around You
  • Learn How to Get Free Skins
CS:GO – How to Get Free Skins in the Game
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Practice Your Aim Before Jumping into a Real Match

One of the most fundamental skills you'll need to learn to get better at playing the game is to learn how to aim and shoot. Shooting your weapon of choice becomes easier when you know how to aim. 

It takes a lot of practice to shoot accurately. Aiming and shooting also depend on the type of weapon you've chosen to use. There are spray patterns, rates of fire, and many other small details that will help you take down your enemy. 


Start practicing your aim by playing alongside and against a computer first. Once you're comfortable with your aim, you can put it to the test by playing alongside human players. 

You can further sharpen your aim by playing against a team of other players online.

Stay Still When Shooting

Headshots are one of the most exhilarating highs in the game. You often get a lot of praise for taking down your enemy with just one shot. However, delivering a headshot can be very difficult. You'll need tremendous accuracy for you to do so.


There are many types of shooting modes in the game apart from headshots and one of the most common and most effective is burst fire. Burst fire means shooting a few bullets that deal big damage to your enemies. 

To do this, you will need to stay still. You need to try and stay still for at least a second when you're trying to shoot down your opponents. Keep on practicing this technique and you'll find yourself hitting your enemies more often.

Always Know When You’re About to Run Out of Bullets

There are so many things you'll need to keep track of when playing CS: GO. One of the many things that you need to be on top off aside from your positioning and your enemy's whereabouts are your bullets. 

CS:GO – How to Get Free Skins in the Game
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You should always have enough bullets to kill your opponents. Keep track of the number of bullets left on your weapon so you won't have to reload in the middle of the fight. 

Reloading takes a few seconds and those few seconds are very crucial especially when you're engaging in a gunfight. It is wise to try and save your bullets and reload only when you're taking cover. 

Make sure that you are in a safe position before you reload your weapon. If not, try to conserve your bullets or at least keep tabs on how many bullets are left.

Move Together as a Team

CS: GO is a team-based shooter game and you'll find yourself playing together with the team a lot of the time. You'll also notice that you will be moving together with the team for the most part since you'll each have a role to play. 

Never try to go off on your own except if you plan on taking the role of a sniper. Most snipers tend to go out on their own and position themselves differently from the team. However, if you want to play it safe, be a team player and move with the team

This will help you increase your chances of winning the game. Additionally, there are instances where your team will be split into smaller groups. Try to go together with the player you're most comfortable with.

Learn the Different Points of the Map

There are hundreds of maps to play on CS: GO and each of them brings a different terrain and strategy as to how the game is being played.

CS:GO – How to Get Free Skins in the Game
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It is important that you try to study the map thoroughly. Learn the different points such as where your paths with the enemy team converge and where you can take cover in case you're under fire. 

Knowing the map will increase your chances of survival as well as make you an effective and efficient team especially if you plan on winning the matches. 

Many professional players are often required to learn the different points of the map as part of their fundamental skills. Try to use this method and you'll notice that you are far more effective as a player when you know the ins and outs of the map.

Choose a Few Maps to Master

Alongside learning the different points of the map, it is always best to choose one single map to learn and master. Choose the most popular maps that everyone plays and find the time to learn each wall and object within that map. 

The maps define the game and the behavior of the teams that play it. Learn the map and you'll find different strategies to use whenever you're up against the enemy team. 

It is also best that you master three maps rather than being mediocre in a lot of maps.

Listen to the Noise Around You

Every move that you make within the game will always make a sound. No matter how careful you are with your footsteps, they will always make a sound. 

CS:GO – How to Get Free Skins in the Game
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This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on how you frame it. Be careful when you're walking around as opponents can hear you. 

This can be very dangerous as you might get ambushed as your footsteps can be heard louder and clearer when you're near.

At the same time, you can also take advantage of this by listening to your opponent's sounds. This is why you should always play with a headset on so you can hear everything that's happening in the game.

Use Your Grenade and Flashbang

There are many ways to eliminate your opponents in the game. One of which is by simply gunning them down. Apart from that, you can also use your grenades and flashbangs to ensure your victory. 

Grenades deal a wide area of damage which is a great way to disperse the enemy team that is barricading a pathway. A flashbang is another great utility weapon that you can throw at your opponents to blind them. 

Always initiate a fight by throwing a flashbang. This will give you the advantage for a few seconds as enemies won't be able to see you through the bright flash. Just make sure that you're also not staring at the explosion or else you'll suffer from the effects as well.

Learn How to Get Free Skins

Part of the fun in playing CS: GO is acquiring skins. Skins are cosmetic items that are offered by the game to make a player's chosen characters look cool. 

CS:GO – How to Get Free Skins in the Game
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While these skins don't offer any strategic or gameplay advantage, skins are often used just to enhance the gaming experience for the player. 

The most obvious way to free CS: GO skins is to play the game. After every match, you'll have a chance to get a drop which are cases that provide random rewards. 

These rewards can include new skins so make sure that you keep on playing the game so you'll receive more drops for a better chance at getting a free skin for your chosen character.

Follow Pro Players and Streamers to Get More Free Skins

There is another way to get free skins aside from playing the game. Notice that there are a lot of pro players and streamers who have social media pages. 

Most of the time, they give out prizes and other freebies to their loyal followers so take note of them. 

Be sure to follow their social media pages and even try to interact with them whenever they're streaming their games. They might even give you free skin if you stick around.


These are just some of the best tips to get better at playing CS: GO. Make sure to make good use of them by applying them in the game. Go ahead and utilize these tips so you can also win more matches and gain a chance to get your favorite skins for free.

CS: GO is now available to download on PC from Steam. This game is just one of many popular war games out there today, but it is certainly worth a try!