Planetside 2: The Free-to-Play Online Game

Planetside 2 is a free-to-play online multiplayer first-person shooter game. One of the best features of Planetside 2 is its large scale multiplayer battle that runs across an entire continent. 

The game can handle almost 2,000 players on the same map and battle it out without any form of fps drop. This has made the game more enticing to first-person shooter enthusiasts and fans of the sci-fi genre. 


Planetside 2 holds the Guinness World record for having the most number of players in a single battle with over 1,158 people playing at the same time. With its smooth graphics and outstanding gameplay, Planetside 2 is a gaming favorite.

Planetside 2: The Free-to-Play Online Game
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Planetside 2 tells a very similar storyline to the first game. There are three factions in the game that vie for power within the planet of Auraxis. 

The Terran Republic is the authoritarian government from Earth that uses its militaristic approach to control the planet. 


The New Conglomerate are the freedom fighters while the Vanu Sovereignty is a secretive group that believes in harnessing the power of alien technology to gain a foothold within the planet.


Planetside 2 features three factions that aim to take control of a planet. The game holds largescale battles that can hold almost 2,000 players at the same time. 

The objective is to take down all the opposing players and capture the map before the other faction does. 


Continents will need to be captured and locked to gain an advantage in the game. Once a continent is captured and locked, another continent opens up that is ready to be taken by the factions.

The fast-paced gameplay means that players would have to act and control lands and defeat the opposing faction. Skills are unlockable and the game has a day and night cycle that affects gameplay. 

Experience is earned when players kill enemies, capture bases, and heal allies. 

At a certain point, players achieve certification which allows them to fully specialize a certain set of skills. Whether it is more about improving the weapon or the vehicles they choose.

Planetside 2: The Free-to-Play Online Game
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The game follows a free-to-play business model with a cash shop. Cash shops allow players to purchase cosmetic items for real money. 

These cosmetic items do not have any advantage in the game but are instead focus on the aesthetic aspect only. 

The game also features a subscription where players receive extra resources and experience. This allowed players with a subscription to be notably powerful than players but the game still balances it out with skill-based gameplay.

In early 2020, the game received a major update where it expanded more towards player-based communities called Outfits. 

Outfits play a huge and impactful role during combat as it allowed a massive carrier to be called upon to the battlefield for some time.

Tips for Playing the Game

Playing Planetside 2 is a little bit different than other FPS games in the genre. One good thing to know about the game is that it has friendly fire. This brings a lot of strategy to the game but makes sure to keep an eye on your team. 

Next, play with your strengths. Medics and engineers should take cover and only come out when needed. Light and Heavy Assault class might want to take charge of leading the combat while Infiltrators cover for them from a range. 

Check the map and always look for key areas that your team can take advantage of. Look at the map to see where the units are before attacking or defending. 

Lastly, spend your resources wisely. They are limited but they also come back pretty quickly. Be wary of spending all of your ammo at once as it will leave you defenseless for awhile.


With its heavy focus on gameplay and strategy, Planetside 2 has garnered positive reviews ever since its release. Critics have praised it for its wide-scale combat and fluid gameplay. 

The game has received several awards over the past few years and remains one of the best free-to-play online first-person shooter games in the genre.