World of Warships: How to Quickly Master the Game

A large number of army and air force-based games are in existence on various gaming platforms that provide entertaining experiences to players. However, the same cannot be said about the games related to the Navy and their warships.

World of Warships is one of the best games of the category, as it enables players to have superior, quality gameplay experiences. It is a free to play naval warfare game that is enjoyed by millions of multiplayer gamers from around the world. 


The game has been published by Wargaming, which is the company behind similar titles, including World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. The game was released in September 2015, which makes it approximately 5 years old now. However, it continues to impress players with great attention to detail and high-quality graphics.

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How to Quickly Master the Game

This article is aimed at providing insight to readers that want to quickly master the World Of Warships game; therefore, let's delve into details of what actions need to be performed by players to succeed.

Here are a few essentials of the game that need to be kept in mind for making quick progress.


Home Port

The first screen that is presented to players is their home port, where they find all the ships they own. These ships are displayed at the bottom end of the screen.

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All-new ships that are made available to players appear on this screen.

Player XP

The player’s experience points or XP can be found on the top right section of the screen. The XP is used to carry out research to proceed further to higher tiers. Therefore, players that want to make progress in the game must acquire experience by actively participating in battles.


XP is also used for equipping the ships with more firepower and abilities, which will be needed by players because the competition gets tougher as the gameplay advances.

Ships Belonging to Various Tiers

Ships of various tiers exist in the game, and information about the ships can be found at the top right section of the screen in various layouts. These layouts include the armor layout, the artillery layout, maneuverability layout, and survivability layout.

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Players are required to keep a check on these statistics to ensure that they are evenly matched against the competitors so they can challenge them accordingly.

Launching the Gameplay

Before launching the game, players are required to choose the ships they want to use for the battle. Once the players have selected to launch the game, they are put in a queue, and after several seconds, the game begins. 

The loading screen of the game is quite informative and provides details regarding how many opponents are currently in their range.

The screen also informs players about the ships possessed by these opponents. Whether they are using the Cruisers, Battleships, Destroyers, or Aircraft carriers, players will know beforehand and can therefore act accordingly right from the beginning of the gameplay.

Game Settings

To master the game completely, players are required to have a proper hold over the game settings, as well. This enables them to not only change graphics, audio, and controls of the game, but also allow them to determine how they want to engage with the game to have the best experience.

One option that players must switch on from the control settings is “Show Smoke Screen Timer”, as it comes handy while playing the game.


World Of Warships is played by millions of global players, and therefore, to make swift progress in gameplay, players need to master the game and the controls so they can make effectively and efficiently succeed.