Discover These Fun Video Games for Skiers

Fun video games of all categories are in existence in today’s modern world, and players interested in any genre can easily find a game that can satisfy their needs in a befitting manner. 

The onset of the recent global pandemic shut down most sports activities globally, and players were bound to stay at home. During such trying times, they could, however, enjoy the sport of their liking with the help of video games, which now present great attention to detail and thus offer life-like experiences to gamers. 


This article provides an insight to interested gamers and informs them about the various skiing game options they can play at home.

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Fun Video Games For Skiers

Here are a few examples of fun video games for skiers around the world.

Steep: Road to The Olympics

The first game on the list is Steep: Road to The Olympics. The game was developed by Ubisoft Annecy and was published by Ubisoft.


The game was released in December 2017, which makes it approximately 3 years old now. However, the overall success of the game has only seen an increase with time.

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The game provides players with the opportunity to experience the digital version of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 that took place in PyeongChang South Korea. The game also provides gamers with the ability to participate in qualifiers for the Olympics.

Players can explore the various mountains of Japan that are perfect for skiers, which makes the experience even more enthralling.


Ratings & Reviews

The game received mixed reviews from global critics and players who used various benchmarks to rate the game. Steam, GameSpot, and Metacritic have rated the game as 6/10, 7/10, and 77% respectively based on their rating criteria. Besides, 96% of Google users also liked the game.

Cool Boarders 3

Another highly fascinating skiing game was Cool Boarders 3 that was released in 1998 and was loved by players. The game belongs to the Cool Boarders series and was the third chapter of the game.

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Cool Boarders 3 was developed by 989 Studios and Deck Nine, whereas the game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment along with 989 Studios and UEP Systems.

Availability on the PlayStation Platform

The game was available to gamers of PlayStation and PlayStation Portable only, and the lack of support for PC platforms affected the overall success of the game. 

Ratings & Reviews

The game received fairly high ratings, and it was rated as 8/10 by GameFabrique. It carries a rating of 4.7/5 on eBay. In addition to this number, 96% of Google players declared that they liked the game, as it provided an entertaining experience.


Another highly engaging skiing experience was provided by the 1986 skiing game known as Slalom. It was developed by Nintendo, and players of the Nintendo Entertainment System platform could enjoy it with ease. 

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Gameplay Format

Slalom allowed gamers to ski by racing with opponents while navigating past flags and obstacles. The players were, however, required to reach the timeline before the timer ran out.

An Overall Entertaining Gaming Experience

This translated to an experience that was not only entertaining but also sort of competitive in the sense that players had to complete each stage before the timer ended else. They had to redo all steps to proceed further to the next level.

Slalom provided gamers with the best graphic content of the eighties and thus received a lot of accolades for such high-end performance back in the day.


These three fun video games provided players with fun-filled gaming sessions that allowed them to have great skiing experiences.

All these games can still be enjoyed by gamers on the respective platforms; however, the 80s gadgets that ran Slalom are rarely found these days.