Dying Light: How to Play the Survival Game

Dying Light is a zombie horror survival game developed by Techland. The game follows the titular character named Kyle Crane who works as an undercover agent tasked to retrieve a file from a rogue leader in the city of Harran. 

However, the city has also been quarantined and becomes infested with zombies which complicate the mission. The zombies are different in this game as they are slow during the day but extremely deadly and fast at night.


The game uses a first-person perspective which allows the player to experience the horror and action firsthand. With its focus on weapons-based combat and parkour mechanics, Dying Light is an entertaining take on the survival horror genre.

Dying Light: How to Play the Survival Game
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The game is set in an open world where players can travel through the entire city. Anyone can explore the city's vast limits and can traverse through the use of free-running and parkour.

 Players can jump through windows, climb up buildings, scale through walls, and sliding through roofs to travel faster across the map. 


This also means that the player can avoid using combat and outrun enemies during the day or find safe areas quickly at night.

Day and Night Cycle

The dynamic day and night cycle of the game makes for an engaging setup. Players become mindful of the time spent within the game.

So there is always an urgency to finish a quest or mission as soon as possible to avoid the difficulties experienced during the night time. 



Dying Light has a solid combat and weapon system. Apart from running and doing parkour, the player can also choose weapons either through side quests or crafting them with the materials gathered. 

The weapons slowly degrade with constant use making it more fragile but players can also repair it. Most of the time, combat is done through melee attacks but can also acquire ranged weapons. 

Combat is also very fluid with the player losing health quickly after taking damage. Medkits are available to heal and sustain the player.

Dying Light: How to Play the Survival Game
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Different Kinds of Zombies

Dying Light is known for its unique take on the zombies. There are different types of zombies in the game. 

The low-level Biters are the common ones that can be found sprinkled all over the city. They come in groups and are very slow.

Volatiles are the more dangerous types of zombies that only appear at night. They attack fast and deal a chunk of damage. Bombers tend to explode upon contact while Virals are the ones that run up to you and chase you relentlessly.

Tips On How To Play the Game

The game offers a very steep learning curve for new players hence one might need a little help or two to succeed in the game. These tips will greatly help solve a few difficulties in the game but will not take away the overall player experience.

Players should always prioritize capturing safe houses. Safe houses are your safe zones. These are areas where you can respawn if you die. 

Prioritize one before you begin your quests and you should be able to safely continue the game without too much backtracking.

Never forget to take side quests. One of the more enjoyable aspects of Dying Light apart from running around killing and being chased by zombies are the side quests. 

Finishing side quests will players earn more experience and sometimes, provide the main character with more offerings.

Lastly, don't stress yourself out if you don't have a gun. The thing about Dying Light is that it is a more fun game to play when you get to hack and slash your way through a horde of zombies. 

Don't fret about owning a ranged weapon when you can relish in the slashing your way to your next mission.

Multiplayer Experience

One key feature with Dying Light is its online multiplayer mode. Players can queue up and play the co-op mode where they need to finish a few missions. 

You can play with your friends and explore the city of Harran or indulge in the violence as you play one of the zombies and hunt your friends.


Dying Light is an entertaining game within a thriving genre. With its single and multiplayer capabilities, unique take on zombies, fast-paced action, and exciting combat system, Dying Light is nothing short of spectacular. 

And remember, as with most shooting games, always aim for the head.