How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games

With distance learning and online education becoming the new normal, it’s imperative to provide children with fun and creative activities to help them cultivate a love for learning. There are many useful tools available online, and Primary Games is one of them. 

Besides being an accessible resource for learning, this also provides users with games and activities that meet curriculum standards. With thousands of game titles, checking the Primary Games website is a no-brainer. If you are interested in giving your kids an educational boost then read on to learn more about Primary Games. 

  • What Is Primary Games?
  • Learning with Primary Games - Key Educational Components 
  • Math, Science, and Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Coloring Pages
  • Arcade Games
  • Fun and Exciting Puzzles
  • Entertaining Videos
  • Sports Games
  • Can Games Be Useful?
How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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What Is Primary Games? 

Primary Games is a website that houses games and videos.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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It is a website designed to provide users with accessible, fun, and educational resources to further enrich their knowledge in certain subject areas. 

Catering to kids from pre-K to the fourth grade, this educational resource has specific sections for math, science, social studies, language arts, and many others. 


It provides a curriculum guide for teachers who are eager to find games and activities for their classrooms and students and are appropriate for each grade level. 

The Catalogue

Games available range from puzzles, sliders, matching games, word searches, adventure, racing, classic arcade-style, action, strategy games, dress up, and more. 

There are more than 1,000 titles under this website alone.


Learning with Primary Games - Key Educational Components 

The whole of Primary Games is aimed to enrich and further kids’ learning and education through exciting and engaging activities. 

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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However, for educational institutions and teachers who wish to incorporate lessons and activities for each grade level, there are Curriculum Guides available.

These will help you figure out how to use the materials. These Curriculum Guides care for subjects like Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. 

What Is Included in the Curriculum Guide?

Each curriculum guide is arranged to show what grade levels each game and topic it caters to, covering pre-K to grade 4. 

Game titles are also arranged alphabetically and boxes under each grade level are ticked off accordingly to help teachers gauge if the said activity is appropriate for each grade level. 

Math, Science, and Language Arts

Learning materials for the Math section start from learning the basic operations, such as addition and subtraction.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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Then we move to more advanced levels such as learning about negative numbers, geometry, and spatial relations, and even learning about time and multiplication. 

Meanwhile, learning materials under the Science tab includes animals, insects, bugs, butterflies, dinosaurs, plants, fruits, vegetables, colors, conservation, shapes, and seasons. 

Language Arts

Language Arts, on the other hand, focus more on writing, learning the alphabet, enriching the students’ vocabulary.

This is done using spelling games, cryptograms, familiarizing kids with keyboarding, and visual discrimination. 

Social Studies

Lastly, the Social Studies area focuses on providing students and teachers with a wide range of activities and topics

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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It touches on the different types of holidays such as the Chinese New Year, Easter, Halloween, Labor Day, as well as economics and occupations in the world. 

The Social Studies area also focuses on United States history, geography, key people in history, patriotic symbols, and even fire safety and transportation. 

How to Use the Materials

To access learning materials, teachers and students can simply click on the subject area they wish to explore and tap on the activity or game they wish to do. 

This will direct students to resources about the topics, a brief discussion on the focus subject, online and mobile games, and videos that can be perused.

Coloring Pages

One of the great things about Primary Games is that the website also features coloring pages that you can print out and give to your children.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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Each day, the website posts different featured coloring pages, with a combination of simple illustrations and more complex drawings with many lines. 

You can browse Primary Games’ huge catalogue of coloring pages on their website, and when you find one you like, you will be able to download and print it for free. 

There are literally thousands of pages to choose from, so you won’t be hard pressed to find some variety.

The Benefits to Coloring Pages

Coloring is able to relax the brain’s fear center, also called the amygdala. 

When we color something, we enter the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. 

This creates quietness and mindfulness, allowing the mind to rest. 

Arcade Games

If your students or children have been well-behaved or have finished all of their classwork, consider treating them by allowing them to play some of the arcade games available on Primary Games.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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From the classics to the hottest new games, there are hundreds of arcade games to choose from. 

The arcade games available on the website are organized by their genre, as seen above. There are adventure games, doctor games, cooking games, action games, and hundreds more.

All these games can be a great reward for your kid who's just finished their homework. 

Not Exactly Educational

Arcade games are games that are played for fun rather than for an educational purpose. 

They are often challenging and require fast thinking or quick reflexes.

And while they might not be educational, they can still help build certain skills, like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and decision-making. 

Fun and Exciting Puzzles

Primary Games also features a number of different puzzles on their website for young kids to enjoy.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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Puzzles are an important educational learning tool for young children, since they help them develop many skills and also offer cognitive learning opportunities and benefits. 

Puzzles require us to think and solve problems. Like the website’s arcade games, Primary Games’ puzzles are also sorted into categories.

These include action puzzles, block puzzles, card games, board games, dot to dot puzzles, and more. Again, there are hundreds to choose from, and your kid will have hours of fun solving them.

What Types of Puzzles Are There?

Many of the puzzles on the website display themes and colorful pictures like vehicles, zoo animals, alphabet letters or numbers. 

Playing with puzzles can help young children better understand how themes interact and fit into the world around them, which makes them highly useful educational tools. 

Entertaining Videos

Another kind of ‘reward’ that Primary Games offers on their website is videos.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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These videos range from being educational, teaching kids about spelling, numbers, shapes, colors, and more, to being purely for entertainment purposes. 

Think of YouTube, but curated specifically for kids from pre-K to about 5th grade. The videos on the Primary Games site are from different things.

This include shows like Teen Titans and Cat Noir, to completely random gaming videos involving some of the most popular kids games, like Minecraft and Roblox. 

Great Demonstrations

You might think that videos are not useful educational tools, but they actually are. 

Videos can better demonstrate complex concepts and ideas than verbal explanations. 

What’s more, visual media helps cement the information in the learner’s mind, and short form videos are proven to increase knowledge retention. 

Sports Games

For kids that love sports and love to play sports, Primary Games has it all.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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They have a plethora of sports games for you to choose from that are not only fun, but can be useful for developing your child’s skills.

These include critical thinking, problem solving, and hand-eye coordination skills, all while being entertained. 

If you have a child that loves to play sports, you should consider letting them play some of the sports-related games that are available on Primary Games. 

The Value of Sports Games

These games involve things like American Football, snow skiing, ice hockey, surfing, and much more.

Sports games can also be valuable tools for helping your child figure out which sports they are interested in, if any. 

Playing sports is a fantastic way for your child to get exercise and stay in shape, and the sports games on Primary Games can help them find their passion for different sports.

Can Games Be Useful?

When you think of video games, you likely picture a player zoning out and not thinking critically or interacting with others for hours on end.

How Kids Can Learn With Primary Games
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Research has debunked this time again, and the opposite has actually been proven true. Video games can actually boost the learning skills of students and create new avenues for social interaction. 

Video games can improve coordination, since they involve detailed and often complicated visual and auditory stimuli. 

When gaming, you must react to what you are seeing on screen, practicing coordination skills. It also boosts problem-solving skills, especially games involving challenges, puzzles, rules and limitations.

Benefits of Video Games

Contrary to popular belief, video games can even improve focus, since they are fantastic at holding our attention. 

While replicating the addictive nature of games is tough, learners can learn great motivational principles from them. 

What’s more, video games can enhance the memory, since they require players to exercise their working memories in order to succeed in the game. 


Primary Games is certainly at the top of its game with the extensive range of educational tools and materials housed in its website. It’s catalogue of educational games, puzzles and videos will provide hours of entertainment and reward opportunities for your children and students. 

For those who are looking for free educational games that boost children's engagement and motivation in and out of the classroom, make sure to check this website out today.