Apex Legends - Learn How to Get Free Coins

Playing Apex Legends can be quite difficult if you don't know the basics. For players who are not yet familiar with this mobile game, you're about to play one of the best mobile games in the world.

Apex Legends is the mobile version of the PC game of the same title. Set in the Apex Legends universe, players are thrown onto an island where a squad of characters called Legends must survive against many other players to the very end.


Join forces with two other players to form a squad and dominate the game on your mobile phone. Victory comes to those who are prepared so I have a list of tips and tricks on how you can play the game and start earning coins.

  • Take Full Advantage of Your Abilities
  • Pass the Decision to Other Players on the Team
  • Always Communicate with Your Team
  • Swap Your Weapon as You Reload
  • Be Careful When Looting for Items
Apex Legends - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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Take Full Advantage of Your Abilities

Apex Legends is a mobile shooting game all about taking down your opponents until you get to the very end alive. In the heat of battle, I often just try and shoot down my opponents with every bullet that I have.

This is a very rookie mistake since every character in Apex Legends also has unique abilities. Many of these characters have damaging abilities or utility that will help me either initiate a fight or get out of one.


Whether I want to scan the area or provide my team with more bullets, these unique abilities are very helpful in battle. Don't forget that these abilities are crucial to your survival in battle so always take full advantage of them.

Also remember that these abilities also have cooldowns, so use them wisely.

Choose a Legend Appropriately

Characters, or Legends as they are called in the game, have different abilities as already mentioned. These abilities can be offensive and defensive depending on the kind of Legends I've chosen to play. Each Legend has its own playstyle that matches the kind of skills they have on their kit.


I always tend to choose a Legend that has supportive abilities that can help my team get to victory. While it may not be flashy like many other roles in the game, it helps us secure a win.

You may not like supporting your team but you can always choose a specific Legend that has a play style similar to yours. Check all of them out and see which ones fit your playstyle.

Pass the Decision to Other Players on the Team

At the start of the match, me and my crew are given the opportunity to choose which area of the island to land. This decision is often given to the third person to choose a Legend.

Apex Legends - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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There are moments when I don't know where I want the team to land. This is because I'm afraid that I might put us all at risk by landing dangerously close to many of our opponents. I worry that we will end up getting shot down as we land.

If you don't like to carry the burden of choosing a spot to land, I suggest that you try to pass it on to your teammate. This gives them the chance to showcase their skill while you learn how to do it by watching them.

Let them take the lead if you're still new to the game as most seasoned players often know where is the best spot.

Consider Landing as Far Away as Possible

If you have to take the lead and be the one to decide where the team lands, there are a lot of areas that are deemed safe. Try to choose an area that is far away from other players as much as possible.

I've noticed that most teams try to land in the middle of the island as opposed to the edge. This is where I often lead my team so we can safely land and gather weapons and other materials needed to survive the following onslaught.

Landing in a safe and quiet area allows us to prepare for battle or even position better in the game without having to catch a lot of attention from other teams. Sure, there will be times that we'll encounter other teams as we move around but not as much as if we land in the middle.

Always Communicate with Your Team

When I land on the island, the very first thing that we often do as a team is to take cover. There are times when we land far away from each other but near enough to see where we are.

Apex Legends - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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This is where pinging each other becomes important. This helps players see each other's locations so we can meet up and start collecting weapons and other resources. Ping is an underrated feature in the game.

I always ping my teammates whenever I find an item or if I don't have any more slots for an item in my inventory. This gives them more ammunition to fight against other teams and avoid wasting precious resources in the game.

Never forget to communicate properly with your team. If you have voice chat, go ahead and use it, but if not, the ping feature should be utilized.

Learn How to Get Coins in Apex Legends

Apex Legends uses different resources to help players get different items in the game. Coins are one of the most common yet very essential resources. These are often used in different areas of the game but mainly to enhance your chosen Legend.

Learning how to get coins in Apex Legends is important so I'm here to tell you how. It's very easy to get coins in this game. All you need to do is to get better to win more matches with your teammates.

I also tend to join different events and log in to the game every day to get even more coins. Soon, you'll have enough to afford all the things that you want for your chosen Legend.

Swap Your Weapon as You Reload

Combat in Apex Legends can be very tricky. With all the bullets flying around and different abilities being used, you simply just want to dish out damage as much as you can.

Apex Legends - Learn How to Get Free Coins
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I often unload all of my bullets into a single enemy as much as possible and when I'm done, the weapon goes on reload. It takes a few seconds before the weapon is fully reloaded and these few seconds can be very crucial.

While the weapon is reloading, I simply switch to another weapon and unload that again unto the enemy so when I'm done, I switch back to the other weapon and it's already fully loaded.

This saves me a lot of time in taking cover and waiting to reload. This often lets me shoot down my opponents much faster and collect their loot.

Try to Position Yourself First Before Fighting

Fights can break out at any moment but you can always anticipate them by looking at the minimap. These gunfights can be very chaotic and can take a lot of time to end. It's always good to have an advantage over your enemies so what I usually do is position myself well first before I engage in a fight.

This often happens if you are out there waiting for the enemy. Positioning is key to shooting down your opponents much faster. High ground is one of the best places to be so go ahead and search for key high grounds in the game.

This could be at the top of a tree or a hill or a tower. It's the safest place to be in the game unless you're dealing with another sniper.

Be Careful When Looting for Items

There are different areas on the map that spawn different items. The closer you are to the middle, the more likely those items are contested and highly beneficial to your game.

Apex Legends - Learn How to Get Free Coins
Image Source: PCMag

Each item will have a color scheme that will help you recognize its value in the game. White tells you that it is a common item while gold is something very rare so you should always grab it.

These items are scattered across the map so you'll have to search for them which makes you and your team very vulnerable to attacks.

Always be careful when looting as some teams might just set you up for a trap or ambush.

Help Your Teammates at All Cost

A squad that knows its strengths and weaknesses is a good squad. Your teammates can help revive you if you're fatally wounded which is why it is important that you try to help them whenever you can.

Each Legend will have a Legend Banner and they will drop it if they're taken out of the game. A teammate can take this Legend Banner to a Respawn Beacon to revive you.

Resurrecting a fallen teammate can be very difficult to pull off but once you do, it is game-changing. Never let the opportunity to revive your comrade pass by.


Apex Legends offers very similar gameplay to its PC game counterpart by following the same mechanics and map. While it does have some similarities, the game is built to be played on mobile so you'll have to adjust some of your mechanics.

Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and you'll be on your way to becoming one of the top players in the game. Apex Legends is now available to download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store today!