Call of Duty Mobile: See How to Earn CP (CoD Points) and Use Credits

For anyone who has ever played first-person shooter games, Call of Duty is bound to be on your radar for some time now. For many years, the company has tried to stay away from porting the game over to the mobile platform.

But the popularity and the success of other mobile shooter games have prompted its developers to finally give us what we wanted and allowed the game to be played on mobile devices. 

Call of Duty Mobile is finally available for us to play, and it has been one of the best games that I've played in the past couple of years. Activision has partnered with Tencent Games to create this mobile version of Call of Duty to great success. Check out the article below to learn more about the following:

  • What Call Of Duty Mobile Is All About?
  • What Are CoD Points And Credits?
  • Tips To Get CoD Points
  • Giveaways
Call of Duty Mobile: See How to Earn CP (CoD Points) and Use Credits
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What Is Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is the mobile version of the hit action-shooter game Call of Duty. Designed from the ground up for the mobile platform, Call of Duty Mobile retains some of the basic mechanics of the original PC version of the game and makes it more convenient for mobile players to play on their devices. 


The game offers high stakes, old-fashion shooting, and looting with many different game modes such as Frontline, Domination, and Search and Destroy. The objective of the game is rather simple. Do what it takes to be the last player standing, and you win the game. 

I have a lot of fun playing the new battle royale mode, where I get to drive a tank around the map and blast other players off the map. In this mode, every player can call out a tank to help them in the game, and the best operator will excel in winning the game.

As a player, I'm quite excited with the new updates coming in the next few weeks, starting with the new battle pass, which will also feature four new characters alongside new weapons. There is also a new map and even more rewards to collect when playing the game. This comes as no surprise for players like me with the success of the game in its first season.


How And Where To Download Call Of Duty Mobile

If you are looking for ways to download Call of Duty Mobile, then you are in luck. I will teach you how to download the game on either your Android or iOS device. Just make sure that your mobile device has met all the system requirements for the game so you can immediately play once the game is fully downloaded.

To start, check out the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices and search for the game's official title. Tap on Download or Install to begin downloading the game and wait for a couple of minutes. 

I usually launch the game from the main screen and log in using my credentials and playing the game.


What Are CoD Points And Credits?

CoD points are the in-game currency for Call of Duty Mobile. I use my Cod Points or CP to purchase different items and weapons in the store. One tip that I can give you when it comes to spending your CP wisely is to purchase experience cards to help boost your weapons stats.

Call of Duty Mobile: See How to Earn CP (CoD Points) and Use Credits
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To purchase CoD points, I go over to the in-game store and select the CP icon, where it will unveil different amounts of CP to purchase. Select or place the amount you wish to purchase and tap on Purchase. 

You can check the upper corner of the screen to see if the CP you have purchased has already been credited to your account.

On the other hand, Credits are another type of in-game currency that I normally get from finishing different tasks and missions from the game. I can also demolish different items in the game to get credits.

How To Use CoD Points

From what I gather, there are a lot of ways to use CoD points in this game. One of which is obviously to unlock the Premium Pass from the Battle Pass system of the game. This unlocks even more rewards from the usual ones that I get from finishing different tasks set by the Battle Pass. 

I also get to use CoD points to unlock the Premium Pass Plus that will unlock 12,00 CoD points worth of rewards, and I immediately skip up to 25 tiers from the battle pass system. Apart from the battle pass, I can also unlock crates for weapons and other cosmetic items in the game. 

Crates can also be earned through daily login and event rewards, but if I truly want to unlock a certain weapon for my character, I'd rather go with using my CoD points to purchase crates.

Tips To Get CoD Points

With constant updates to the game, players like me are always looking for new content, such as new skins and other items added to the game. Most of the time, they add them through the store while others are offered through events, and it all comes down to people spending real money to get the items they need. 

Call of Duty Mobile: See How to Earn CP (CoD Points) and Use Credits
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If that is the case, you will need to find different ways to get CoD points without spending a lot of cash. One of the most common methods to get CoD points for free is to download Google Opinion Rewards. 

The app allows users to earn money by completing surveys and answering questions. I've tried using the app and have acquired many credits that I can transfer then use to purchase CP at the Google Play Store. 

Google Opinion Rewards is just one of the many trusted apps that I have encountered to earn a good amount of money to help me get CP for free.

Purchase Battle Pass

I am one of the many players who believe that you need to invest some money to get something in return for free. I've invested a good amount of money towards a Battle Pass since I played this game for quite some time now. 

The battle pass is a perfect investment as you can gain enough CoD points to fund the battle pass for next season.

The Battle Pass costs around 800 CP, and once you reach tier 93, you should gather around the same amount of CP. If you want, you can always use the amount you've earned as a reward from the battle pass to purchase other items in the game, such as weapon skins and character skins.


I've learned from following different social media influencers that they often give out giveaways for their loyal followers. Check out some popular content creators and streamers over at Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook and see if they offer certain giveaways such as CP and other gifts. 

Call of Duty Mobile: See How to Earn CP (CoD Points) and Use Credits
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Many of these influencers often give out a Battle Pass, so you have to play the game and work your way up to a certain level to unlock the free CP. I also check the in-game Events tab regularly to see if the game features some giveaways or CP rewards to players who play the game. 

Chances are, they often give it as a surprise, so it's always good to check the Events tab from time to time. If you are looking for some popular streamers to follow, check out iFerg. He uploads new videos and content every day and provides a lot of information to his viewers, as well as the occasional giveaways. 

Another streamer that I suggest you should follow is HawksNest, who can look forward to learning different settings for the game while also giving out some free stuff during his streams and videos.

Join Tournaments

Speaking of streamers and influencers, most of them often hold in-game tournaments or custom room games and reward players with CP. Check them out and see if you can join them for a few matches and hopefully get the rewards after each game. Don't forget to follow and subscribe to their page to get notified whenever they go online.

These tournaments and custom room games are also a great way to get discovered if you are an outstanding player and join professional teams to earn a good salary to fund your purchases.


Call of Duty Mobile is truly an optimized mobile version of the original Call of Duty game. With so many features similar to the parent game and more coming soon, many players like myself are ready to dive into the game based on the hundred million downloads since it was released. 

Some may think of it as the watered-down version of Call of Duty, but I think it's a game that can stand on its own.