Online Gaming Sites and Subscriptions That Are Actually Worth the Money

Video games subscriptions have become a very lucrative business model for players who want to play multiplayer mode online. Most of these subscriptions offer a way to eliminate the need for hardware when it comes to playing online as opposed to saving money for it and playing it later on.

Most of these services have similarities to the model used by Netflix where you pay a monthly or yearly subscription and gain access to a collection of games exclusive to the developer and a few more features to edge out the competition.


But, not all of these subscriptions to online gaming sites are worth the money. If you are searching for some of the best subscriptions that are worth your money, then read on to learn about some of them.

Online Gaming Sites and Subscriptions That Are Actually Worth the Money
Image Source: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has recently jumped into the online subscription industry and fans have flocked to see what the service offers. Nintendo Switch Online serves as a way to introduce and grant access to an online multiplayer platform.


While it does grant you online multiplayer access, Nintendo Switch Online provides even more features to its users. The service also gives you access to a wide collection of selected classic NES and SNES games that you want to play.


By bringing the classic titles, it immediately gives Nintendo the edge over its competition as it draws a stable older crowd that loves to play classic games for its nostalgia.


The service has two subscription types. The individual subscription covers a single user which offers around $20 for entire full-year coverage.

The family subscription covers up to 8 individuals and costs around $35 per year and can be linked by creating a family group through your Nintendo account.


Other Features

The subscription service unlocks the ability to play multiplayer mode of the games that you have online. It also grants you the ability to do voice chat when you download the app on your smartphone.

The service also grants you cloud access where you can save all of your progression and also serves as a backup for your files.

Nintendo also offers unique member-only offers from exclusive merchandise to free downloads of games. The service provides new offers to its online users and can pop up at any time so better watch out for new offers along the way.

Sony PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now

Sony PlayStation has offers two subscription services that might be confusing at first since they offer almost similar features. To put it in a better light, PlayStation Now has a similar structure to Netflix, while PlayStation Plus offers more direct competition to Microsoft's Xbox Live.

The Difference Between Now and Plus

PlayStation Now offers a wide library of games with over 800 titles to choose from. This service offers games from PlayStation 2 up to PlayStation 4 games so there are always different games for you to play.

You may also stream the games on your console, Windows PC, and handheld devices. PlayStation Plus on the other hand gives you free access to PlayStation 4 games every month.

You also get exclusive discounts at the PlayStation store. Plus, it gives you exclusive access to demos and betas so hardcore gamers can get an early taste of the games that are currently in development and help shape its gameplay.

Which One's Better?

Online Gaming Sites and Subscriptions That Are Actually Worth the Money
Image Source: The Verge

PlayStation has set up two different subscription systems for two very different types of gamers. If you are a casual gamer who likes to play a lot of games and stream them, PlayStation Now should be your optimal choice.

Those who find themselves wanting more and be the first one to try a game should pick PlayStation Plus. The additional discount of some of the most popular titles can be played through PlayStation Plus.

Some might say that Plus is better than Now or the other way around. In the end, it all depends on who you are as a player, and players can highly appreciate that PlayStation has tried to diversify its options towards its player base.


With more and more services being offered at a very budget-friendly price, the competition becomes stiff. This does not always mean that it is bad for business. It allows for a more diverse choice for players around the world to enjoy different ways of playing games.