Horizon Chase - How to Get Coins

Don't you sometimes wish that you can play those classic arcade racing games that you used to play when you were young? Fortunately, there is a mobile game that offers a nostalgic experience while also giving you all the adrenaline-pumping action you need in a racing game—Horizon Chase.

Horizon Chase is a mobile racing game with a very classic feel to it. With its 16-bit graphics and retro-style gameplay, you can't help but feel nostalgic when playing. Get to the finish line as fast as you can with your chosen vehicle and a few boosts.


Learning how to play Horizon Chase can be tough for beginners. Here are some tips on how you can play the game better, how to get coins, and more with the guide below.

  • Be Careful When Turning Corners
  • Learn How to Balance Using Brakes While Racing
  • Learn How to Use the Right Vehicle for the Right Track
  • Don’t Feel Sorry for Being Aggressive
  • Learn Where to Get Coins in Horizon Chase
Horizon Chase - How to Get Coins
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Be Careful When Turning Corners

One of the main skills that you need to establish early on when playing Horizon Chase is how to turn your car on a corner. Early on, the race tracks don't usually offer a lot of variety but as soon as you encounter your first corner, you'll realize that it is one skill that you'll need to master quickly. 

Turning a corner requires a lot of skill and if you don't master it right away, you'll end up crashing a lot. You might be used to playing many other arcade racing games where turning is very easy. In Horizon Chase, it is much more complicated. 


Try to slow down a bit before you make the turn. You'll have more control when you slow down then try to swerve until you fully make the turn. 

Don't just take the turn at full speed or you'll end up crashing the side of your car. Soon, you'll master this skill and it will just be an immediate reaction on your part.

Always Look Ahead of the Road

Much like driving in real life, Horizon Chase requires you to always look at what's in front of you. Players tend to look at the side of the screen just to see if there are any competitors nearby. However, you need to focus all of your energy on what's ahead. 


The race tracks can be very tricky in the later stages of the game so you might want to have a better reaction time. By looking ahead, you will see incoming obstacles, massive corners, or even see if you're about to get to the finish line. 

Don't let yourself get distracted by your opponents. Focus on your goal which is to get to the finish line first.

Learn How to Balance Using Brakes While Racing

Brakes are integral to racing. Some might think that braking is only used if you are trying to avoid crashing into another car. However, brakes have a lot of uses in this game. 

Horizon Chase - How to Get Coins
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You will surely need to know when to use your brake and when to avoid using it. For one, when you are about to take a turn, use the brakes to slow yourself down and take the turn, or else you'll run yourself to the ground. 

You might also want to avoid using your brakes especially when there's an opponent on your tail. Hitting the brake at this time will cause your opponent to hit your car and you might swerve out of position or worse, take yourself out of the race. 

Balance the use of brakes in this game and you'll discover that they are your best friend.

Use NOS Boosts at the Appropriate Time

NOS are boosts that will accelerate your car and reach top speed in a matter of seconds. They are often used for getting ahead in the race. You'll only have three NOS boosts per race so you need to make good use of them. 

The very first thing you need to know is to avoid using your NOS boosts on a map with a lot of corners. Use these boosts on straight race tracks and you'll find yourself in the first position more often. 

Maximize your NOS boost later in the game when you're near the finish line. Most of the time, the track towards the finish line is straight so get yourself ahead of the competition by using the boost to get there first.

Learn How to Use the Right Vehicle for the Right Track

For many players, a single vehicle can be used for all types of tracks. Horizon Chase features different terrains and some of them are quite difficult, especially the rugged ones. 

Horizon Chase - How to Get Coins
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Pay close attention to the race track and choose the right vehicle to use. If you see that the map is mostly composed of straight paths, use the fastest vehicle in your arsenal with the highest speed stat and NOS boost. 

Race tracks that have a lot of sharp turns will require you to have better control. Use vehicles that have better handling and acceleration if you encounter this type of race track. 

Each vehicle has its own set of stats that you should look at for every race track you want to play. Take advantage of these stats so you'll have a better chance at winning each race.

What Happens When You Run Out of Fuel

Fuel is very important in Horizon Chase. You won't be able to play the game properly if you don't have enough fuel left. So, what happens if you run out of fuel in the game? 

The best way to get fuel is to play the game and make sure to run over fuel barrels when you see them. It will help you to continue the race and the moment you run out of fuel, you automatically lose the game. 

If there is one thing in Horizon Chase that you never miss, it's those fuel barrels on the tracks.

Don’t Feel Sorry for Being Aggressive

You'll soon discover that there are players in this game that don't want to follow real-life road rules. They are often very aggressive and want to push players out of the tracks. 

Horizon Chase - How to Get Coins
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There aren't any rules to follow when playing Horizon Chase aside from getting to the end. This means that you can also play dirty with your opponents if you want to. 

You can block your opponent's path or move to their side to try and push them out of the lane if you want to get ahead. Don't feel sorry for playing aggressively in this game. 

Take note, only one player gets the top spot so it should always be you.

Patience Will Lead to Victory

All this talk about being aggressive and taking down your opponents can take its toll on you. The very important thing that you need to learn apart from all the mechanics mentioned above is to be patient. 

There will be reckless and aggressive drivers now and then but you'll need to be above aggression. Yes, you can be aggressive and you're free to do it but do it at the right moments. 

This takes a lot of patience and proper timing to do it right. Be patient and strike at the right time. You'll surely find yourself on your own on the road towards the finish line more often if you do this.

Learn Where to Get Coins in Horizon Chase

Coins are an important aspect of playing Horizon Chase. You get to purchase new parts and even buy yourself a new vehicle to play with. However, one of the most important aspects of playing the game is knowing where to collect these coins. 

Horizon Chase - How to Get Coins
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The simplest way to get coins is to play the game and run them over. You'll see floating coins on the race track and you just pass through them to collect them. 

Another way to get coins is to join events and get rewards. Most of the rewards include new parts and a lot of coins. The best way to get coins in Horizon Chase is to take advantage of bonus rounds

Bonus rounds reward players with a lot of coins and upgrades to your car so never miss the chance to win when you're racing in these rounds.

Downloading Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is now available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices. To download the game, search for the title and tap Install to begin. 

Wait until the game is fully installed before tapping Open to launch it. 


Horizon Chase is a love letter to those who want to play the classic arcade racing game from previous years. 

You don't need to learn a lot of complex mechanics when playing the game but you'll still need to learn the tips and tricks mentioned above to help you in the game. Follow through with them and you'll find yourself winning more races.