Riding Extreme - See How to Get Money

Take yourself on a wild adrenaline-pumping ride with a mobile game that offers the most exhilarating racing action in Riding Extreme. Buckle up as you take the dirt road, jungle paths, or snow-covered roads to the finish line. 

Riding Extreme is a racing game that will test your skills, wit, and patience as you try to get to the end. In this guide, I'll show you how to play Riding Extreme, where to download the game, and provide some tips and tricks including how to beat your opponents and find secret shortcuts. 


You'll also learn about how to get money and which in-game stats you need to upgrade first to help you win more games.

  • Ride Your Bike to the Finish Line
  • Knock Your Opponents Out
  • Look for Stat Upgrades
  • Get to the End and Earn More Money
  • There's Always a Shortcut
Riding Extreme - See How to Get Money
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Ride Your Bike to the Finish Line

Riding Extreme is a mobile racing game where you take a bike and compete against other players to get to the end. You'll encounter obstacles, detours, and difficult tracks while also having to contend with other players who also want to get to the end. 

Riding Extreme - See How to Get Money
Image Source: TapCheat /YouTube

The main goal is to get to the finish line first. It may not be easy to do at first but I'm sure you'll have what it takes to get there. 


Practice is key to mastering the controls while playing will give you the experience you need to learn more about the game. 

Don't forget to check out bikes as well as grips that can be bought at the store to help you win more games.

Downloading Riding Extreme

If you're interested in playing the game, here's how you can download Riding Extreme. Riding Extreme is available for download on mobile devices including Android and iOS


Download the game through the Google Play Store or the App Store by searching for the title of the game. 

Tap ‘Install’ or 'Get' to initiate the download and wait until the game is fully downloaded and installed. Launch the game by tapping Open and you can start playing the game through the tutorial.

Knock Your Opponents Out

One thing that I like about playing Riding Extreme is the ability to knock opponents out. While it doesn't knock them out of the race, it can still slow them down just a little bit. This is a good way to take advantage of the situation and get ahead. 

Riding Extreme - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

For those who don't want to play by the rules and would simply want to win, this strategy can be very effective especially when faced with tough competition

I often do this whenever there are several bikes that are near me and I would try to wiggle myself out of the crowd. 

I would bump into an adjacent bike and it would have a domino effect knocking the others out.

Avoid Obstacles

There are so many things to learn at the start of the game. From controlling your bike to learning how to steer, players need to be focused all the time. Many players are already busy trying to win the race by focusing on the road ahead. 

There's a lot of things that you need to look at while trying to get to the finish line. Along the way, you'll encounter different obstacles that are placed within the track to try and make it more difficult for you and your competitors to finish the game. 

Obstacles are often placed to provide some challenges so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for bumps in the road. While you may have to focus on getting ahead, you also need to look out for what's in front of you as well.

Look for Stat Upgrades

Bikes in Riding Extreme have three different stats. These stats include speed, level, and steering. All three stats are important for you to control your bike as well as how fast you can take your bike to the finish line. 

Riding Extreme - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

Each stat will require you to use the money to upgrade them. I suggest learning how to earn money with the tips below so you can afford to upgrade these stats faster. 

What I do is equally place points on all three stats so all three upgrades are balanced. This would give me a lot of benefits especially when I'm about to take on a very difficult race. 

If you plan on getting to the end fast, make sure to focus on upgrading speed instead-but if you plan on getting there safely, steering and level are the way to go.

Unlock Unique Parts for Your Bike

Riding Extreme has a lot of features and this includes the ability to choose and purchase different types of bikes as well as other cosmetic items. With so many bikes to choose from, it can be pretty hard to choose which ones you'll need to upgrade first. 

There are also unique parts on your bike that you can also modify as well including grips. Grips are essential to how you can control your bike so make sure that you unlock this first. I would also recommend that you put more focus on upgrading and modifying your bike to give it a boost. 

This should allow you to control your bike a lot easier. There are a lot of unique parts that you can add to your bike so choose wisely as it may affect how fast your bike can travel or how well you can control it.

Get to the End and Earn More Money

Getting to the end and finishing first would mean getting a lot of money. You might ask why and what's the reason behind getting there first. 

Riding Extreme - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Bike Games / YouTube

The reason behind this is that when you reach the finish line, your bike will need to jump and land on the ground where numbers are found. 

Landing on a specific number will award you that same number of coins after the race. 

Of course, having a good score will help you earn money but getting to the end first where you can choose the number of coins you can receive should still be your priority. I always prefer to get to the end first.

Use Multipliers to Get Even More Money

At the end of the race, you'll encounter an option to watch a video. I noticed that there is a countdown timer and at first I thought this was a way to skip the video but instead, it's a timer to the corresponding multiplier bonus that I will receive if I tap the option. 

For example, if I tap the option immediately, I would get the highest multiplier but if I wait until it reaches two or one, I would only get double the amount of money that I've earned from that race. 

Be sure to tap the option immediately after each race so you'll get the highest multiplier as much as possible.

There's Always a Shortcut

I noticed that the arrow at the top of the screen points towards the finish line but it can also lead you through a long winding road. 

Riding Extreme - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

Most players would use this arrow to guide them but I suggest you take your course to get to the end. It will take a lot of exploration on your part to find shortcuts or detours

There's a lot of risks involved in this route but it will pay off if you're able to find one. Not all shortcuts will lead you the right way but it's all part of the risk that you're taking. 

Try to explore the entire route and see where each detour will lead you. Once you've discovered that shortcut, use it to your advantage and get ahead of the race.

Watch Ads When They're Available

Ads have a notorious reputation in almost all mobile games. Many players don't want them and would rather tap on the skip button to close it. I, however, recommend that you watch ads within the app whenever you encounter them. 

Not only will you receive a lot of rewards including coins, but you'll also receive multipliers and even rare parts for your bike. I know it can be very annoying sometimes but Riding Extreme does offer a lot of rewards when you watch the ads. 

If you need extra cash for your upgrade, simply tap the video and watch it to get more coins.


Playing Riding Extreme may seem to be very easy when you look at it but things can be very difficult when you start playing the game. 

Fortunately, the tips mentioned above will surely help you get to the end faster and win more races thereby helping you earn more money. Practice is key to success while regularly playing the game will sharpen your skills in steering your bike to victory.