Outer Worlds: All About the Game

The Outer Worlds is Obsidian’s next sprawling single-player RPG. It stays true to the standard we’re used to from the company. 

This game is known for its densely-layered worlds that are filled with adventures and quests. If you’re a fan of RPGs, then you’re going to love The Outer Worlds.


The edge of the colonized universe is a wild, unpredictable place, and you’re going to need all of the knowledge and initiative you can muster if you want to survive. We’re going to fill you in on everything you need to know about this game.

Outer Worlds: All About the Game

An Overview Of The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a story-driven, single-player roleplaying game that is set in the outer reaches of known space on the frontier between the nascent Halcyon Colony and the unknown that lies beyond. True to Obsidian's customs, the way that the story is revealed will be largely up to you as a player. 

The choices and decisions you make for your interactions, for your character, and for the world will all change the game’s outcome. The world itself is a malleable one, and it relies on certain choices you make while playing The Outer Worlds. 


One unique and exciting feature that the game provides is Flaws. As a player, you can choose from a number of flaws.

Each Flaw changes and enhances the approach and roleplaying aspects when playing. They also open up new choices and character development options and help make your character truly unique. 

You don’t have to do anything alone in The Outer Worlds. There are a number of companions that you can talk to and recruit for your own crew. 


They each have their own abilities, plot points, and missions. You’ll also find that they make your story more full and expansive when you have a full roster.


Of all of the skills that you’re able to upgrade in The Outer Worlds, Leadership is the one that most people tend to overlook. It is actually a very useful skill, as it gives your companions a boost in combat, which is particularly handy on higher difficulty modes.

Even more essential is the combat abilities of your companions, which are not unlocked until you have invested at least 20 points into Leadership. These are fun to watch and are extremely useful in combat. Leadership is the way that you maximize your companions’ potential, so make sure you prioritize it. 


The Outer Worlds truly shines in its clever dialog options, which is why you should put some of your perk points toward the Dialog skill. Doing so will let you unlock more responses and dialog options.

The perk is also quite hilarious, and the Dialog skills can also get you some extra money when bargaining for quest rewards. They will also help you learn more about your companions. 

Being able to choose from more dialog responses is handy, and you still receive more than enough points to invest in Dialog while still being able to max out your combat skills. 

Time Dilation

One of the most important parts of your combat arsenal is your Time Dilation ability, which is represented by a purple bar beneath your health bar. When using this ability, time will slow down dramatically when you stand still, which will allow you to scan the enemy’s level, weaknesses, and some funny flavor text. 

Once you take a shot or start moving, the Time Dilation meter will rapidly drain, so you should carefully pick your attacks. Hitting enemies over the head will ‘blind’ them, which lowers their accuracy. 

Shooting them in the arm will cause them to drop their weapons, and shooting them in the leg will cripple them, slowing their movement. You can use drugs and other consumables to regenerate your Time Dilation, as well as through other skills. 

Outer Worlds: All About the Game

Wrapping Up

The Outer Worlds is one of the most interesting, fun, and enthralling games that Obsidian has ever released. If you’re a fan of action-packed, story-driven, adventure RPGs, then we definitely recommend picking up this game and exploring the capitalist colonies of Halcyon and beyond. 

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