World Chef - Learn How to Get Diamonds

There are a lot of mobile games that have a restaurant theme where you need to serve food as fast as possible to impatient customers. World Chef takes a different route by challenging you to manage your resources instead of the time you make the dishes. 

World Chef is a beautifully rendered game with challenging objectives. You'll need a lot of help especially if you are new to this kind of game. 


Here are some tips including how you can get diamonds, how to achieve success in the game, and even more with the guide below. Read on!

  • Keep Your Focus on Cooking
  • Visit the Market for Special Offers
  • Be Patient and Maintain a Steady Pace
  • Understand Your Customers' Communications
  • Complete Achievements and Get Diamonds for Free
World Chef - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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Keep Your Focus on Cooking

If there is one single strategy to win more rounds at World Chef, it's to always keep yourself busy by cooking. Keep on cooking and focus on finishing your dish so you can immediately send it out to your waiting customers. 

At first, it can be very easy as there won't be a lot of customers or recipes to cook. Each level will bring some form of difficulty and you will soon realize that you need to properly manage all of the recipes and demands from your customers. 


Optimize the way you handle each dish by cooking the easy-to-cook dishes first and then move on to the more difficult or complex recipes. 

Leave the complex dishes out while you are away since it will take a lot of time to prepare, cook, and serve.

Stock Up on Ingredients

Since you'll be leaving some of your cooking offline, you should always have a stock of ingredients ready at all times. 


This means that you need to have at least three or more ingredients available just in case there is a need for you to use them. This way, you won't have to run to the market just to buy these ingredients and waste precious time

Additionally, you should always watch your inventory in case you run out of ingredients. Be on the lookout for depleting ingredients and stock them up again.

Visit the Market for Special Offers

Speaking of the market, many players often do not want to use the market due to its expensive price. The best advice here is to use the market frequently by checking out the offers. Most of the time, the market offers some promos that offer ingredients at a very low price.

World Chef - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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This will help you save more money and still be able to afford many other ingredients. Be on the lookout for complex products and purchase them whenever they are on sale. You might never encounter them on sale if you don't take this chance. 

Another great use of the market is to help send your customers away as fast as possible. The market offers some of the best dishes that you can immediately purchase or dishes that are quite complicated to cook. 

Take advantage of this so you can control the space in your inventory and even earn more money.

Upgrade Your Dish Storage as Soon as Possible

Whenever you are serving your customers, you are also using the storage where you place all of your dishes and ingredients. The more customers you have, the more likely you will need bigger storage to accommodate all of the dishes. 

Whenever you have the chance, always make sure that you upgrade the dish storage first. You can do this by collecting special items from customers or through the market. 

Keep on serving the customers and you'll be rewarded with items that will unlock this upgrade. Be on the lookout for these items on the social market when they are being offered at a lower price. Grab them immediately so you won't have to deal with the requirements for this upgrade.

Be Patient and Maintain a Steady Pace

You might be a bit impatient at how the game begins at a slower pace once you have everything settled within your restaurant. However, just like in the real world, not every restaurant becomes popular overnight.

World Chef - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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Each move in this game will take some time. Cooking takes a lot of time, the delivery will also take some time, and many other activities will keep you waiting. 

Patience is the key to winning this game. You might think that World Chef is similar to other games of this genre but is far from it. Take all the time you need to slowly upgrade your place into a first-class restaurant. 

The dream is to become big and you can only do it by being patient. Unless you have enough diamonds to spend for your restaurant, you should wait for things to become available as well.

Visit Other Players' Restaurants

If you do need some inspiration, go ahead and visit another player's restaurant. Check out their restaurant and see what designs you can use to upgrade yours. 

You may even check out the layout of the place so it can be more effective to go around especially during busy hours. 

It is best that you try to visit other players, especially those who are well-established in the game to get the best ideas that you can emulate.

Understand Your Customers' Communications

Notice that customers want to communicate with you through signals found on top of their heads. Customers that appear to have an exclamation mark want to be served the dish they like.

World Chef - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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Meanwhile, a customer with a checkmark may already have the dish and lastly, the customer who is already done and wants to pay the bill will have a coin on top of their head. 

By knowing these signs from your customers, you are effectively making sure that there is a steady flow within your restaurant. 

You can move the queue along by collecting the payment from customers or try to finish their dish whenever they show the exclamation sign.

Always Have a Plan

It always pays to have a plan especially when you're playing World Chef. You will perform your best by having a routine every time you log in to the game to play. 

Doing this will help you manage all the tasks that need to be accomplished or set to pending before you log off the game. This makes for an efficient time playing the game and makes the most out of the things that you can do. 

You might want to collect as many diamonds in the game as possible so you can purchase extra cooking slots which will speed up the cooking process.

Complete Achievements and Get Diamonds for Free

Diamonds are very difficult to find if you do not want to pay extra cash when playing the game. Of course, you can always get diamonds when you use real money and pay for them at the in-game store.

World Chef - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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There are a lot of uses for diamonds and most of which are inclined to helping you out with your orders as well as building your restaurant. If you don't want to spend that much cash in the game, the only you can get diamonds for free in World Chef is by completing achievements

Once you log in and play, the game will provide you with several other achievements that you need to reach. Every time you get to complete an achievement, the game rewards you with 20 experience points and a gem. 

To know what are the requirements to complete an achievement, simply tap on the chef's statue and check the requirements. Complete all achievements and you'll get as much as 20 diamonds for free.

Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

Unlike many other games of the genre, World Chef has a lot of uses for the diamonds that you earned or paid for. Players who've earned free diamonds in this game should avoid spending their diamonds carelessly. 

Make sure that you spend them on useful upgrades or items like extra slots on the cooking station instead of using them one time to speed up an order. There is no need for you to use your diamonds in other areas in the game apart from upgrades. 

Make good use of it in this option instead of wasting it on anything else.


There's no need for you to dash around your kitchen to make sure your customers are served properly. World Chef is a resource management game which means that the game is more focused on the quality of the dish you serve and not how fast you can serve it. 

World Chef also provides a wide range of features that you can take advantage of to create a world-class restaurant. World Chef is now available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for mobile devices.