Discover How to Play Stratego Online

Stratego Online is a  free-to-play online strategy game where you place different types of pieces across a board, like chess or checkers. The ultimate goal in the game is to capture the enemy flag.

This can be difficult since the opponents also have pieces that have the same attributes as yours. Playing Stratego Online is a good way to sharpen your mind and enhance your skills in tactics in the vein of a game of chess.


Players will have to contend with bluffs as the pieces are hidden from the opponent. You can play as aggressively as you want only to reveal that you have played a very low ranking piece into the map and lose.

There is no formula for winning Stratego Online. It will challenge your wit and test your knowledge as well as your bluffing skills to win this game. To learn more about how to play the game, read below.

Discover How to Play Stratego Online
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Stratego Online allows you to play different modes of the game. You can play the single-player mode if you want to harness and perfect your skill in the game. Players will play against a computer.


You may go toe to toe with a random player through the quick play option. Players can even invite their friend for a match as long as your friend is also online and ready to play.

You can choose to play a quick game with 10 pieces or you can also play a longer game with 40 pieces in Full Arena. Those who want to truly experience what it means to be the best player in Stratego Online should play Ranked mode.

Ranked games will earn you points on the leaderboard. When you win games, you earn points but you also lose them if you fail to score a victory in the game.


How to Play

Setting Up a Match

Once you have already set up a match with your friend or an opponent, you will be taken to the lobby where you can see your stats as well as your opponent's stats. This will help you be informed on how you can play the game.

During this time, you may also customize your Piece theme and choose a preferred battlefield. You will then be taken to another page where you will plan your setup.

This is the time when you will be placing all of your pieces and decide how you want the game to play out. Players usually put the pieces in random order but if you know your opponent, you can strategically place the pieces.

You can also load up a previous setup that you may have used from a different game. All you need to do is to choose load setup and it will automatically load the set up for you.

Discover How to Play Stratego Online
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Playing the Match

When the game loads up, you will be taken to the board where all of your pieces are at play based on the set up you have done before the match began. The enemy pieces will be settled opposite your pieces.

The goal of the game is to find the opponent's flag so moving your pieces strategically will be your primary goal. Each piece will have something to do with the game. If you want to know more about the piece, simply click on the piece.

Some pieces can only move on the tile at a single time while other pieces like the Scout can move around the board very quickly. You also have bombs that will immediately destroy the opponent's piece but can be defused with the Miner piece.

Similar pieces that hit each other are both removed from the game. Marshalls are the most powerful pieces on the board however, it can also be defeated by a Spy. The higher the rank gets, the powerful the piece becomes.

Winning the Game

This is the reason why setting up all of your pieces is very important before the start of the game. Positioning your flag as safely as possible is the key to victory.

However, the way you place your other pieces will also determine how you can play the game and how your opponents can read your board. To win the game, you must capture the enemy flag by using one of your pieces across the board.

How to Get the Game

This game you can play through your internet browser or download the app through the Google Play Store.


A quick 10-piece match can last a few minutes at a time but a 40-piece match will surely bring more strategy and consume more time. Stratego Online is a strategy game that will harness your tactical skills much like chess.

Games are a great way for you to improve your mental skills.