How to Get Diamonds in Idle Farming

Plant, grow, and harvest crops, and care of a wide variety of farm animals, while making the right decisions with your earnings and investments in Idle Farming Empire

As a farmer in the game, you get to make the right call and make the right decision to establish your farm as a profitable venture. You might think that Idle Farming is easy to play, but choosing the right option can prove to be difficult especially when your farm's future is at stake. 


Here are some tips on how you can improve your farm, find diamonds for upgrades, learn more about crops, gain profit, and more.

  • Plant More to Gain Profit
  • Purchase Booster to Increase Your Profit
  • Reach Milestones and Reduce Production Times
  • Invest in Silos
  • Complete Achievements for Diamonds
  • Connect Your Facebook and Earn Gold
How to Get Diamonds in Idle Farming
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Plant More to Gain Profit

Planting crops is a good way to earn money in this game. However, you can only do so much with your given crops, hence the reason why it is always best to plant more. 

Planting crops just to make it through the day won't be enough to sustain your entire farm. You should be planning days and weeks ahead by planting even more crops to produce more profit


Having more profit helps you collect more coins and earn you more to afford planting other crops for your farm. 

When playing Idle Farming, think about how businesses earn instead of just planting crops and growing your farm just for the sake of it. You can unlock more crops that will help you earn more money.

Plant Different Types of Crops

It goes without saying that each type of crop will result in different amounts of money. Some crops are easily produced but they also give out about the same price as the seeds. 


Try to plant different crops at the same time and place enough importance on those that you think will earn a higher profit. If planting carrots would provide double the price that you paid for the seeds then carrots should be one of the crops that you cultivate more often. 

While many of the other crops produce low profit, they are still essential for your farm so make sure to try and make space for them as well. The aim here is to regain your investment as soon as possible and use your capital to plant more crops.

Purchase Booster to Increase Your Profit

Every player must know how profit can help you gain an advantage in this game. There are a lot of options for you to turn your farm into a profitable venture. One of which is to purchase boosters

How to Get Diamonds in Idle Farming
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Boosters are unlocked once you reach a certain level in the game and can be found at the in-game shop. Boosters can significantly increase the profit that you make upon harvesting a certain crop. 

It also helps cut down the production time by half. This means that you can plant more crops in half the time whenever you use it. 

Make sure to use boosters to your advantage and increase your profit as early as possible.

Upgrade Your Crops and Farm Animals

Everything in Idle Farming is automated but that can only be achieved if your crops and farm animals reach a certain level. At first, you will be doing all the hard work by planting the crops and collecting the profit. 

You can then use the money you've earned to upgrade a certain crop or animal so that when it reaches a certain milestone, you can unlock its automated upgrade and be able to earn continuously even if you are out of the game. 

This is a great help for those who want to reach a certain level in the game without always having to be online.

Reach Milestones and Reduce Production Times

Harvesting crops, earning profits, tending to your farm animals and many other transactions within the game help you earn experience points. The more experience points you gain, the more you level up. 

How to Get Diamonds in Idle Farming
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Players who aim to get to a high level are rewarded for their efforts through milestone rewards. Players who reach certain levels like levels 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, and so on can unlock rewards that will help reduce production times. 

Having less time to wait just to produce crops and tend to animals is highly beneficial if you want to earn a lot of profit. 

Make sure to unlock these rewards when you reach your milestone and take advantage of this feature.

Sell Your Crops for More Seeds

Upon reaching a certain level in the game, you should be able to sell all of your harvested crops for money at the market. By that time, you should be able to begin earning more gold coins to buy seeds that will multiply your profits. 

You can then start planting those seeds and take care of them until they grow and harvest them again to sell them at the market. Seeds can also be used to purchase buffs in the game thus allowing you to earn more profit. 

Just like a regular farmer, make sure that you are making the best out of your crops.

Invest in Silos

Silos are a great way to improve your profit even when you are offline. 

How to Get Diamonds in Idle Farming
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Invest in them through the diamonds that you've earned in the game and upgrade them accordingly. 

These silos will continue to generate an income while you are away and alongside the boosters that you've purchased, you can expect tremendous amounts of money coming your way when you come back online.

Watch Some Ads

Idle Farming offers a lot of freebies to its loyal players. While some might require you to play the game to earn bonuses, the game offers another option in the form of video watching

Go ahead and watch the 15 to 30-second video ads and earn diamonds and other boosts. 

More benefits await you whenever you watch certain videos, such as activating the rain which doubles your profits whenever you are online and go offline.

Complete Achievements for Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the few rare resources that are commonly acquired by paying real money. Diamonds can also be exchanged to get a lot of gold coins to spend on your farm. 

How to Get Diamonds in Idle Farming
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However, gaining free diamonds in Idle Farming can prove to be challenging but there are always other ways to get them without having to spend your money. 

Complete achievements in the game and you'll be rewarded with a good amount of diamonds that you can then spend on your farm. 

You can earn at least 200 diamonds from playing the game and even use it to unlock or buy the 6th slot which will then unlock the prestige feature of the game. Unlocking the prestige feature allows you to collect more profit from the seeds that you plant.

Finish All Missions 

Apart from completing achievements, finishing all the missions will also reward you with even more diamonds. 

Save these diamonds for later and you'll be thankful that you did. Check your daily missions and see which ones help you earn diamonds.

Try to complete at least nine goals in the game and it will unlock the rainbow that will increase the profit that you make when you harvest your crops.

Connect Your Facebook and Earn Gold

Idle Farming is a part farming simulation game and part social game. Many players want to begin trading their crops and animals at the market the moment it is unlocked. 

How to Get Diamonds in Idle Farming
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Players who also expand their social circle will be treated with bonuses such as extra gold and the chance to earn even more. The best way to expand your social circle inside the game is to connect the game to your Facebook account

From the moment you connect it, you instantly earn a good amount of gold. Having friends also allows you to get some good insights on how to take good care of your farm. 

To connect, simply tap the mole at the home screen and connect your Facebook account.

Invite Your Friends

Now that you have connected your Facebook account to the game, it is time to invite your friends over through a special referral process. 

Those who download and play the game through your referral will be able to receive a 2% bonus for every profit they make. 

While this may not be enough to bring in major profit, if you can invite five or more friends, you'd be able to receive a 10% increase in profit without having to do any work. Invite your friends to join and all of you will receive this buff.


These are the tips that will help you gain profit and get your farm up and running from the start of the game. Patience is key to success and everything else that you need is right up there on this list of tips. 

Idle Farming is now available on Android and iOS devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store.