Jelly Escape: What It Is And How To Play

There are various categories or genres of games that have exploded over the last five years in the mobile gaming industry. There are tons of examples of companies that started on a small scale as an information center and have now turned into gaming mammoths. 

Not only do these platforms provide a ton of value to the gamers in terms of information and engagement, but they also provide the latest games. One category of games worthy of mention is Indie Games. These games do not have the backing of top publishers in the industry. 


Developers retain the full rights and freedom in creating every aspect of the game, plus distribute these games on non-retail channels. In this write-up, we will talk about Jelly Escape, one of the Indie Games that has received mixed reviews from gamers.

  • About Steam
  • Main Features Of Jelly Escape
  • How To Play Jelly Escape
  • Positive Reviews
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Jelly Escape: What It Is And How To Play
Image Source: Steam

About Steam

Today, Steam is one of the top digital platforms for gamers worldwide. Interestingly, Valve, its parent company, had launched Steam to provide updates for the games. The brand was launched in September 2003, and interestingly, in the last 17 years, the brand has continued to dominate the gaming industry.

Jelly Escape: What It Is And How To Play
Image Source: Apple Gazette

The games available on Steam can be accessed in 28 different languages. They operate on five platforms, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. You must have already heard about their signature API called SteamWorks that seamlessly integrates Valve's functions into its games. It also takes care of achievements, in-app transactions, and workshops. 


Did you know that there are over 30,000 games available on their platform? If you love playing games on PC, you cannot miss Steam because they own at least 75% of that market. 

Also, if you are looking for reviews, look no further because the platform has more than 69,500 reviews every day. Also, if you are looking for virtual reality games, then they have 600 of those games.

About Jelly Escape

The main character in the game is Jelly, of course. The gameplay revolves around the fact that Jelly needs to free itself from the dangerous world around it. It must pass through various levels of obstacles and possible roadblocks before it can achieve its freedom.


Jelly Escape was first published around three and a half years ago in 2018. As for the game stats, it has made a revenue of $110 million worldwide. The game is fun and cheap at the same time. 

Currently, they only have the single-player option available. It is worth noting that the popular tags people used to search for the game are casual, racing and Indie.

Main Features Of Jelly Escape

One of the best features of the game is the easy user interface. Keeping the younger generation in mind, the developers have worked on the single-button interface. Not only that, you can execute almost all the operations with the click of a thumb. They have termed this as a simple manipulation feature of the game.

Jelly Escape: What It Is And How To Play
Image Source: Steam

Another exciting feature of this simple game is its variety of levels to keep gamers engaged. There are 60 levels in the game, and every level gives you a thrill and makes you think harder to ensure that your hero is free of obstacles.

Lastly, there are many rewards to be had if you play the game right. As you accomplish the in-game goals at every level, you are handsomely rewarded. Even though the game has an average following, most players are happy with the features mentioned here about the game.

How To Download Jelly Escape

To download the game from the Steam platform, visit their site, and it should not take more than five minutes for you to download it. However, before you do that, make sure you meet the system requirements. You need at least Windows 7 and above for the game to work on your PC.

Other requirements are a 1.8 GHz processor with a 512 MB ram and 120 8MB of video memory. A direct X version nine and above +150 MB of available storage is good enough. As for the sound card, you do not need any special installation. The game will run just fine with your default software.

However, do read the recommended settings available on the website for an optimum experience of the game. 

How To Play Jelly Escape

As you download and open the game on your PC, begin the first level. On the dashboard, you will see the hero on a 2-D track. It moves from left to right in progression. Keep your journey moving forward irrespective of the obstacles you see on the way. 

Jelly Escape: What It Is And How To Play
Image Source: Steam

The trick is that as soon as you move closer to the obstacles, you will find things like ladders and slabs that will help you move away. Also, stay away from the fire and make sure that you collect the power-ups available during your gameplay. 

These will help you to do amazing things. For example, performing a long jump, sprint across from one end to the other, among other things. Try to complete the goal mentioned at each level. Doing that gives you extra points.

Jelly Escape Costs

Jelly Escape is not a freemium game like most others. You must pay $2.99 to play the game. 

There are no in-game purchases officially recorded on the Steam platform. However, some gamers have said there are micro-transactions you may see as you play the 2-D game.

Positive Reviews

The Jelly Escape community is not as large as the developers would have wanted. However, some players have had a mixed opinion of the game. Let us look at what they have said about this Steam download. 

Jelly Escape: What It Is And How To Play
Image Source: Steam

The game is cheap, and the in-app purchases start at $2.99. Another positive review by gamers is that it’s a straightforward game. With a 2-D model and a simple gameplay architecture, the developers have created engagement through various curious obstacles that the main character needs to overcome.

Another curiosity builder and a positive review from the curators and gamers is that the game design can hook new players. As you progress, your levels become progressively more difficult. 

Hardcore gamers love such games and the complexity in the gameplay.

Aesthetic Arena

Another review has mentioned that the different worlds, that Jelly pass-through, adds to a different aesthetic and the ambiance to the game. Another great thing is that you can also get Jelly new skins by performing feats and overcoming obstacles. This feature is quite engaging and refreshing for a simple game like a Jelly Escape.

Negative Comments

Some reviewers feel that after a certain point in time, the game becomes a complete monotony. Some levels are even repeated and do not add to new tactics when presented with obstacles. Since there are 60 levels, it can get mundane quickly.

Jelly Escape: What It Is And How To Play
Image Source: Steam

Another reviewer has mentioned that even though the complexity of the game is excellent, it pushes all barriers of patience. For example, you get introduced to more complexity at level four which is too soon for someone who has to complete another 55+ odd levels. 

Some have even questioned the rewards compared to the efforts they make in the game. Lastly, there is no thriving Jelly Escape community where people can share their thoughts, opinions, and screenshots of the game. 

There are hardly 18 to 20 members in the official Jelly Escape community. It questions the developer's decision to open this game exclusively to the Steam platform.

Tips for Success

There is no explicit literature anywhere about the tips to succeed in this game. It would help if you kept the overall layout in mind for every level as you begin the game. What it simply means is to anticipate obstacles that could appear out of the blue. Such preparedness will help you to maneuver your Jelly faster and in the right direction.

To reach the black hole that takes you to the next world, you must use all the power-ups on your way. It might seem like a no-brainer, but try not to miss these power-ups as you see them hanging above you in the air. They will help you to achieve your goals faster.

The difficulty levels have a set pattern after every few levels. Once you understand how these patterns work, it becomes easier for you to anticipate what the layout may look like as you progress in the game. For example, you might find that levels 10, 25, 38, and 45 are similar. It now only becomes a matter of time for you to cross all the obstacles and reach a black hole.


Jelly Escape is not your top-notch Steam production yet. However, if you are looking for a casual, thrilling, and manipulative game, look no further. The game forces you to think on your feet by providing obstacles and bars that help you progress. 

If you like Indie games, then this game is a must download from the Steam platform.