Check Out These Nostalgic Old Game Systems

Oldies are goodies, but almost every year, new video games and systems are released. Many of these are even designed to fit the needs of the times such as having high-resolution graphics and even more improved gameplay. 

Despite the abundance of new releases every so often, there’s no denying the old game systems of the past are still very much in demand. Us nostalgic folks often go out looking for these retro consoles. 


For individuals who want to take a trip down memory lane and play with an old game system that brings back fond memories of their childhood, make sure to check out this list below. Up next are the best retro game consoles out there. 

Check Out These Nostalgic Old Game Systems

Nintendo Entertainment System

Belonging to the second generation of home gaming consoles, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is one of the first console units that sold tens of millions worldwide. A whopping 61.1 million devices were sold across the globe. 

Because of this, the NES is the first nostalgic retro game system on this list. You probably remember all the beloved games that spawned franchises and hours of fun. 


After all, who can forget legendary games like Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Contra? This device is memorable for its bulky cartridges, as was prevalent in many consoles back then. 

In fact, as a child, you probably blew into the bottom of these cartridges when they refuse to work -  now that is true nostalgia!

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

One of the best old game systems that you can still get your hands on today is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This 16-bit creation packs a powerful system within its tiny form, especially with two controllers that go alongside it.


While its predecessor certainly set the stage for retro consoles, there’s no denying that the SNES perfected just about everything. 

From the variety of display options available, such as high-definition gaming output, to the bunch of Easter eggs, this definitely takes the cake. 

Some of the more mainstream and classic games that have been played on this retro console include the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Brothers, Metroid, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Excitebike, and many other classics. 

Sega Genesis

New generation gamers probably don’t know that aside from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, there is another competitor in the home gaming console market, namely Sega. 

Sadly, its latest gaming console was Dreamcast, which was released back in the 90s. This console is iconic for its all-black look and its exclusive games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and an uncensored Mortal Kombat.

PlayStation One

Although the PlayStation 5 is slated to be released sometime this year or early in 2021 (if we’re lucky), there’s definitely something nostalgic about the PlayStation One. It is, after all, one of the most popular old game systems of all time. 

Considered as a groundbreaking console for Sony, and giving birth to numerous franchises, the PS1 is certainly ahead of its time. It was among the first to feature 3D graphics on the screen

Today, this retro console is still worth a shot, especially as it is recognized for still supporting thousands of original PlayStation games

It can also be used with the help of an HDMI adaptor, making it a great investment for players who want to go on a mid-90s trip.

Check Out These Nostalgic Old Game Systems

The Bottom Line

Retro gaming is one of the most nostalgic experiences any gamer can have. With these old game systems, you can definitely relive your childhood with the classic games you used to binge on as a kid.