These Old Atari Games Will Always Be Fan-Favorites

Everyone’s childhood is different, but a lot of us remember coming home after school to have fun with our Atari game systems. Atari Video Game Systems kicked off a whole era of well-loved Atari games that are treasured by a lot of gamers. 

The consoles we’ve enjoyed today are probably influenced by several Atari games famous back in the 1990s. The games have classic graphics and animation that take you down memory lane with their simple logic. 


In this article, we’re going back to the Atari era, naming the most-loved and games. These Atari games dominated the gaming industry before, along with other classics like Super Mario, Tetris, and Pac Man. 

These Old Atari Games Will Always Be Fan-Favorites


One of the first Atari games developed is Combat, consisting of 27 games in one. It’s incredibly easy to play, with two people trying to eliminate each other in an arena

With jets, biplanes, and tanks, a player can shoot the other player until the time is out. This game was released in 1977, using the Atari 2600 console. 


The 27 game modes feature a myriad of combat scenarios, including bouncing munitions and invisibility. For the biplanes mode, players use three different firing shots that move around the arena. 

Pole Position

Pole Position is definitely one of the pioneers of racing games that everyone enjoyed up to this date. Also part of the biggest titles for Atari 2600 console, this video game lets players race without stepping into the accelerator. 

Once the race starts, the engine starts moving, and players only control the brakes, stop, and control the speed. 


Back in the day, Pole Position seems to be intense, with zooming pixels and the ability to weave out of traffic. The goal is to take home the gold and win the race

Best of all, this racing game has bright graphics, iconic music, and intense gameplay. As a kid, it’s hard to stop when playing the game. 

Space Invaders

The concept of alien invasion is already a huge thing in the late ‘90s, and Atari’s Space Invaders is surely a hit. It used to appear in arcades before becoming a game for Atari console. 

This game features alien invaders that advance to a player’s ship. The goal is simple and that is to eliminate these invaders by firing and avoiding the incoming projectiles from the enemy. 

The 2600 version retains Taito’s arcade concept, however, the colorful graphics aren’t retained. Meanwhile, the heart of the game is continued, so it’s not bad overall. 

Missile Command

Another iconic Atari game is Missile Command, wherein players assume the role of a commander in charge to defend the cities and bases in the game. 

The ICBM is considered the enemy of the game, wherein the goal is to stop the attacks and avoid total destruction. While the action is reduced compared to the original arcade game, the experience is still engaging. 

Two elements are appealing in this game and these are the iconic sound and simple gameplay


Pitfall is undeniably one of the most recognizable game titles under the Atari license. It’s about overcoming obstacles and traps throughout the landscape. The player only has 20 minutes to complete the game and achieve a higher score. 

For those who get a higher score of 20,000 or higher, players are rewarded by Activision. The detailed graphics are certainly old school, but truly iconic. 

These Old Atari Games Will Always Be Fan-Favorites


The era of Atari games is one of the best, providing engaging duels, adventures, and lots of firing. While the graphics aren’t top-notch, like what people enjoy today, nostalgic video games are pure, simple, and fun to play.