Check Out These Scary Video Games

Scary video games have a strong following throughout the world. Apart from turning traditional RPG and action scenes to something more phenomenal, there’s no denying that the storylines and characters make it horrifically exciting.

These games give players a sense of fun, mystery, excitement, and thrill all in one go. It also leaves them feeling vulnerable and sinister, especially with most titles having the ability to haunt you long after you’ve played them. 


If you’re ready to jump on this trend and immerse yourself in haunting narratives, look no further. Take a peek at some of the best scary video games and you’ll certainly be screaming in no time. 

Check Out These Scary Video Games

Pathologic 2

A reimagining of the original Russian creation called Pathologic, this title is an open-world horror RPG that’s set in a plague-ridden town that claims the lives of many citizens. 

Bear in mind that there is also an air of uncertainty that’s bound to shock and unsettle. Players are urged not only to save themselves but also to find the root of the plague - that is if you can within the 12-day cycle. 


Play this on your PC and you’re bound to get some hairs rising on your arms as you unravel the town’s mysteries. 

Most of its spooks come from its harrowing challenges and experiences that bog down the player, making one feel weak and helpless, especially in times of need. 

There are also constant deaths and people in tragedy masks which makes it feel like the town is watching. 


Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is perhaps one of the most popular games on this list and rightly so. This remake makes the bank with its homage to all things gore. It highlights Leon and Claire’s attempts to get out of Raccoon City. 

While its narrative is quite similar to Pathologic 2 in that players are fighting off hordes of zombies and endemic disease, this survival game paints a more hopeless landscape.

That landscape leaves players appreciating their pistol rounds and the weapons they come across all the more in Resident Evil 2.  

The Evil Within 2

For scary video games that make you stay up all night, The Evil Within 2 is definitely one that sits on top. 

After all, it comes with visuals that are hard to forget anytime soon, what with the numerous severed bodies and limbs littering the place. 

More than this, The Evil Within 2 also leaves you haunted with its surreal visuals partnered with jumpscares thanks to spooky mansions you’re destined to explore or creatures you might encounter along the way. 

The open-world structure of this game might take some time to get accustomed to, but its magnificent and eerie architecture, the element of the supernatural, and the hair-raising hallucinations will more than make up for it in this survival horror genre game.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Taking a cue from the famous lore and tropes of Japanese culture, Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly’s imagery is enough for horror lovers to second-guess themselves when it comes to playing this game. 

The characters and their dispositions are enough to give anyone the spooks. Besides the spooky visuals, the idea of facing enemies head-on can be quite challenging, especially when you have no idea what’s in store when you battle these ghosts. 

Encountering the paranormal and uncovering the mysteries associated with the village, it’s up to the twins to survive, face paranormal encounters, all while dealing with their unique yet gruesome experience. 

Check Out These Scary Video Games


If you’re ready to be horrified, make sure to check out these scary video games. Who knows, you might just stay up all night with the spine-tingling events staying with you for a long time.