Learn How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends

Mobile gaming is one of the hottest industries right now. More and more phone manufacturers are catering to gamers. Meanwhile, a whole host of excellent games are released and are elevated to trending status.

One of the most popular mobile games is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It comes in a format that many video gamers know and love, but in a more compact and portable platform, making it an instant hit. Those who play games like League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients are bound to enjoy Mobile Legends.


If there’s a thing that players love about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the fact that it gives away free skins. Interested in knowing more about this game, available skins, and how to get them for free? Here’s what every player should know.

  • What Is Mobile Legends?
  • The Role of Skins in Mobile Legends
  • Different Ways of Getting Skins
  • How to Get Mobile Legends Free Skins
  • The Best Mobile Legends Skins
Learn How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends
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What Is Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game along the lines of LoL and DoTA. Every game is played by two teams with five players each, competing for the win. In order to win, the team should destroy the enemy’s Crystals by getting past enemies, minions, and towers.

Learn How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends
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While the objective seems simple, this requires proper planning and team communication to achieve the goal while maximizing the potential for leveling up and earning in-game currencies. Ultimately, the winning team is rewarded with gold, experience points, and skins.


So, what makes Mobile Legends unique compared to other MOBA games? One thing that makes any game stand out is its lore. This covers the Heroes and Meta Heroes, as well as the world and story behind them. All of these things help players connect with the characters and the in-game world.

Another important thing that makes MLBB unique is the different characteristics of its Heroes. Each one has its own techniques, fighting styles, powers, and roles. In fact, using the right Hero can that fits a player’s style and strengths can help their team win.

The Gameplay of Mobile Legends

As mentioned, the main goal of Mobile Legends is for the player’s team to win by destroying the enemy Crystal. This entails fighting the other team’s Heroes and minions, as well as toppling down their base. Aside from this, there are other aspects on the map that may not be necessary to win, but offer advantages to players.


This includes lanes with primary and secondary monsters and jungles. Defeating these monsters provide additional experience points and other loot, particularly gold. This helps players accumulate enough XP to level up and gold to purchase things at the in-game store.

Experienced players know that it is important to pace the game to not only hold off the enemy and slowly destroy their base but also to allow time for jungling and killing monsters.

The Role of Skins in Mobile Legends

Given the gameplay mechanics of Mobile Legends, some might wonder how skins can add value to the game itself. It is important to remember that skins are basically cosmetic elements in the game. It lets users provide a sense of individuality to a Hero.

Learn How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends
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Why is this important? The thing about MLBB is that it lets players within the same or opposing team use the same Hero. So, there may be two Alucards in one battle, even from the enemy team. Players can distinguish which one is on the team by looking at the life bar. Enemies tend to have different colors.

However, in the heat of a battle, gamers can miss this subtle difference. This is where skins enter. Skins are essentially cosmetic additions to Heroes. For example, instead of the default Alucard skin with a dark blue coat, gamers can use a skin to give him a different appearance, such as the Lone Hero Skin with a green outfit.

This lets players stand out from their team and even their enemies. It can help users distinguish their teammates better and focus on their tasks to ultimately beat the enemy.

How Skins Offer an Advantage

Aside from making teammates more distinguishable, skins can actually offer an advantage to players, especially if they are premium ones. While they do not offer additional skills or improve the player’s overall gameplay, they can help them beat their enemies better.

How? Enemies can take one look at a Hero with premium skins and their instinct is to think that the player behind it is a skilled one. After all, one of the best ways to get skins is to earn in-game currencies by playing a lot.

Besides the impression that Players with premium skins are more skilled, some skins show cosmetic effects when the player moves, making users seem more impressed.

Different Ways of Getting Skins

Because of the advantages of having skins, users may be wondering how they can get different ones. The thing about it is that skins need to be purchased, either by using in-game currencies that players can earn every time they win battles or by buying more premium currencies.

Learn How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends
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In Mobile Legends, users can earn gold by playing, while they can get diamonds during special events or by purchasing them using real money. Once they have enough of these in-game currencies, they can go to the store to purchase the skin of their choice.

Now, this might seem too costly, and to some extent, it really is. While a lot of players are passionate about spending time with the game, many of them might not have too much money to purchase in-game currencies just to get skins.

Can You Get Mobile Legends Skins for Free?

Those who are wondering if they can get skins without spending a dime would be glad to know that they can indeed get skins for free. They just need to take advantage of what Mobile Legends has to offer in terms of free skins.

How to Get Mobile Legends Free Skins

Another way to get skins is to earn rewards, then use these to purchase skins. This method requires more game time, which can be time-consuming. This can also get more difficult to achieve over time, as opponents get better and better with every level up.

Ranking up to a certain extent can also help users get more rewards. Plus, rewards get more valuable as they climb up from Warrior, Elite, Master, Legend, and finally, Mythic. Every season, MLBB offers a free skin for those who finish at a minimum of Master.

For those looking for a less time-consuming way to get free skins, the best path to take is the Lucky Spin. Users can enter the spin using a ticket. This game offers different skins every two weeks. It is important to remember that not every spin yields a free skin, but they can get consolation prizes like lucky gems.

Events, tournaments, and giveaways also offer lots of opportunities for free skins. What players should do is keep their eyes peeled for these promotional events, so they can join. Some of the skins that are given away as prizes can range from Elite, Epic, and even Starlight.

Getting In-Game Currencies for Free Skins

When players use the Lucky Spin, they can earn Lucky Gems, which they can use to buy skins at the Lucky Shop. This means that they are basically getting the skins for free, as they did not spend any real money to do so.

Another way to buy skins using in-game currencies is to grind. Gold can be used to purchase skins in-game. Users can earn gold by grinding.

The Best Mobile Legends Skins

Experienced players know that free skins are a joy to get, which is why it is always pleasant to receive them. However, it is no secret that premium skins offer the best and most unique look. There have been several standouts over the past years.

Learn How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends
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One example is the Onimaru skin for Saber, which was offered through a Lucky Box event. This epic skin gives the Hero the appearance of a samurai in glowing purple and green highlights.

The Sentinel skin for Gatotkaca is another product of the Lucky Spin. It provides a mecha-like appearance for the Hero, surrounded by gold highlights. Plus, it comes with awesome effects during battles.

Lastly, Alucard’s Child of the Fall skin provides an epic spin to the Hero’s already awesome style. It gives him a large Final Fantasy-like sword, with metal gauntlets combined with the character’s signature coat.

Tips for Using Skins to Your Advantage

Players can take advantage of the skins they have by simply equipping them. This helps them stand out during the game and gain an intimidation factor.

Nevertheless, the key to using skins effectively is to simply enjoy them and use whichever one suits your preferences best.

Final Thoughts

Getting free skins on Mobile Legends can be a challenging yet fun experience. With this info, players can make the most out of their time playing the game and earning free skins.


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