Discover the 50 Cent Video Game

If you are both a fan of action video games and a fan of 50 Cent, you are in luck. Rapper 50 Cent has been a very influential person in the past decade with his music and acting career. 

However, not a lot of people know that he has also ventured into the gaming industry with two major games. That includes 50 Cent: Bulletproof and its sequel, Blood on the Sand. The G-Unit partnership was gold for the brands.  


But, how does Bulletproof and Blood on the Sand fare with other action games in the genre? Find out if one of them is good enough to be called the best 50 Cent video game.

Discover the 50 Cent Video Game
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50 Cent: Bulletproof is the first game of the series that was developed by Genuine Games. The game was published by Vivendi Universal Games for Xbox and Playstation 2. 

Released in November of 2005 features 50 Cent being forced to work with the most dangerous criminals in New York City. The storyline follows 50 Cent as he helps his friend out of trouble. 


Along the way, he gathers his crew and goes on several missions together to bring down criminal organizations, drug dealers, and corrupt agents along the way.

Achievement and Award

The game heavily features the voices of many rap artists such as Eminem, DJ Whoo Kid, and Dr. Dre. 

The game received mixed reviews but was widely praised for its use of original songs written and performed by the many talented rap artists of the cast. The game also won Best Original Song in 2005.


50 Cent: Bulletproof proved to be a hit as it sold over 1.2 million copies and became one of the top 100 highest selling games that were launched on Playstation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube. 

In 2006, the game was ported over to Playstation Portable which was titled as 50 Cent: Bulletproof G Unit Edition.

Blood on the Sand

The success of Bulletproof paved the way for its sequel Blood on the Sand. In this game, 50 Cent and his crew are invited to an unnamed Middle Eastern country for a concert but must retrieve a diamond skull.

Blood on the Sand was released in 2008 following the financial success of the first game. 50 Cent was also revealed to be heavily involved in the game's development ensuring that it was a success. 

The game was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Discover the 50 Cent Video Game
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The game was praised for its improved combat and gameplay. Players would get to experience foot combat, go on missions using vehicles, and battle against helicopters. 

The addition of the Shop also allows the characters to purchase weapons and upgrade the old ones as well as unique combat mechanics. 

The upgrades increase the item's damage, capacity, and accuracy. The game features a slow-motion action mechanic so players can tackle different opponents all at once.


The game was generally received well by its player base and its critics. It featured improvements from the first game. Another highlight of the game was its music. 

The game had more than 40 music tracks with 18 tracks involving 50 Cent. While the game was widely known as a fun and exciting game to play, the game only sold around 56,000 copies which prevented a sequel.


Both games offer short and action-packed campaign modes that would keep you busy for a couple of hours. While there are a lot of action-packed games out there, there's something different about this one.

What truly makes 50 Cent's video games shine is the music and artistry created by the passionate team behind the game. If you are looking for an action-shooter and a fan of rap music, these games are for you.