Granny - See How to Play

There are certain games that make you feel terror when you play them. One of these games is the ultimate survival-horror mobile game called Granny.

The main goal of Granny is simple: escape the house without getting killed by Granny. Developed by DVloper, this highly popular horror-survival classic has birthed several chapters and is still receiving updates up to this very day, making it even more challenging to play.


This is why it's important to know some tips and tricks on how to play Granny. This article will share these, along with providing you with more information on how to play the game effectively. Check out the guide below to learn more about this popular horror game.

  • Gather Essential Items First
  • Disable the Door Alarm
  • Avoid Dropping Your Items
  • Find the Best Places to Hide
  • Always Close the Doors behind You
Granny - See How to Play
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Gather Essential Items First

The main objective of the game is to get out of Granny's house. While it sounds like it may be easy, it is one of the most difficult things that you've ever done in your gaming life. 

There are a lot of things that you need to do before you can unlock the front door of the house. Certain obstacles stand in the way, which Granny has ensured to make it very difficult to get through without certain items. 


These items are scattered all over the house, which means you'll have to be extra careful not to catch her attention while you explore the rooms to find these items. 

Each item is placed strategically in different areas of the house, and there's no way of knowing which ones are placed where. Expect to be moving around a lot in this game.

Get to the Garage

With so many places to explore and discover, the garage is probably one of the most important additions to the game. It is where the car resides and where you can find one of the most important weapons in the game - the shotgun


The shotgun is probably the only weapon in this game that you can use to hurt Granny and defend yourself. While this weapon can never truly kill Granny, it can send her off running to buy you more time. 

To get to the garage, head over to the basement and then make your way to the main staircase. Check out some wooden barrels, and it will reveal a hidden passage behind the stairs. Head down the hallway and into the staircase. Take the stairs, and you'll find the garage.

Disable the Door Alarm

Most of the doors, especially the front door, are riddled with alarms. You'll always find yourself running for your life whenever you forget to disable the alarm on the door. 

Granny - See How to Play
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You'll have to dodge Granny from one room to another and try to survive the onslaught. You can prevent this from happening by checking the doors first and seeing if there is an embedded alarm. 

Disable the door alarm using the cutting pliers that you will find. Cut the wires, and both lights will turn green. This should be the signal for you to go inside the room without alarming Granny. 

Again, always be careful when you open doors inside the house.

Check Out the Bathroom

One of the things that you'll surely do when you first start the game is to explore the house. However, this is a very bad idea, especially if you go into the game without knowing how the mechanics work. 

Instead of roaming around aimlessly, you should try to get to the bathroom as fast as possible. This is where some of the most basic items can be found. However, there is one twist to getting to the bathroom. 

The floor is quite loose, and every time you step on it, it will make a sound. Always be careful when you go towards the bathroom and be mindful of the creaking floor.

Avoid Dropping Your Items

Handling different items in the game requires a lot of finesse. If you fumble through transferring items and drop them, it creates a noise that will attract Granny. 

Granny - See How to Play
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Try to avoid dropping your items, and everything should be fine. However, if you do drop something, leave it there and run for your life. You should always try to hide or defend yourself first before picking the items back from the floor. 

Don't worry too much about the items since you can always pick them up where you left them later on. Additionally, you should only pick up an item that you know you need to use immediately. 

This helps you leave more room in your inventory and avoid accidentally dropping your items.

Play With Your Headphones On

Sound is everything in this game. When you run around the house, you'll always need to check if you're making a lot of noise. This is why it's a good idea to always play Granny with your headphones on. 

The sounds that you make and hear will be signs that danger may lay ahead. Also, having headphones on means, you can more easily track where Granny is heading. 

If Granny's footsteps become louder, you'll know that she is about to appear around the corner, which gives you time to hide or prepare to defend yourself. You'll also know if she's going away if the sound of her footsteps begins to sound more muffled. 

Find the Best Places to Hide

You'll eventually encounter Granny at some point in the game. After all, it is a survival game, so you'll be challenged to survive throughout. It is best that you prepare where you want to go and hide before she gets to you. 

Granny - See How to Play
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The best places to hide are the attic, the garage, and the basement. If she continues to follow you, especially in the garage, hiding inside the car is the best thing to do since she won't be able to open or even want to try and take a peek inside. 

There are many ways to know when Granny is going to appear, but it is best that you try to keep away from Bedroom 2, Living Room, Basement, and the Secret Area middle floor. 

These places are usually where she respawns and starts hunting you down.

Avoid the Following Hiding Places

Speaking of places to hide, there are also several areas in the house that shouldn't be used as a hiding spot. These are vulnerable spots where you're at risk of getting cornered. 

Hiding places like chests, cabinets, or under the bed are not viable places to hide. These areas are way too small and cramped. These are also the places where Granny often tries to go when she's hunting you. 

Avoid these areas at all costs. Use the best hiding places mentioned above, and you'll be a lot safer.

Always Close Doors Behind You

If there is one thing that you don't often do but should be doing throughout this game, it's closing the doors behind you. You'll soon realize that this is such a game-changing move for players to do in Granny. 

Granny - See How to Play
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Each time you go inside a room, you tend to leave it open since you also want to get out of the room as fast as possible. This is not always the case, especially when you are just passing through the room. 

You then realize that Granny can quickly get to you if you leave the doors open for her to enter. This is why it is always important to close the doors behind you when you pass through the rooms. 

This can slow her down, even for just a few seconds. It's enough time for you to use to escape into another room and hide.

Ways to Knock Granny Out

You already know that the shotgun is a good way to knock Granny off her socks. However, there is still one more item in this game that will buy you some time to fulfill your goals. While you'll usually use the shotgun to stun her, the tranquilizer is also a good weapon to knock her out. 

It buys you a lot of time to either gather the items that you need or run away to a different room. The crossbow is another item that can be used against her. It is one of the easiest items to find since it can be found in the room next to the one you first started in the game. 

All of these weapons are great at knocking her out. However, there is no stopping Granny unless you escape the house. These weapons only help you buy some time, so make sure that you work fast.


Playing Granny is always fun and horrifying at the same time. It is one of the best mobile games that you'll ever play, and when you do, hours seem to pass quickly before you put your phone down. The game is so addicting that you'll always want more.

Check out Granny at the Google Play Store and the App Store today.