Halo Infinite: Tips and How to Play Halo 6

A more exciting gaming experience awaits players and fans of the Halo military science franchise, as Halo Infinite or Halo 6 will launch in 2021. The game is developed by 343 Industries, highlighting a first-person shooting adventure. 

The recent Halo 5 release on PC is a continuation of the fourth series but is packed with new and returning characters. For Halo 6, there are new rebels that attack the protagonist, Master Chief. 


Get some insider information on the most-anticipated Halo 6 video game, complete with tips on gameplay, storyline, and other details. For fans of the series, the newest installment covers enhanced graphics and animation for the improved gaming experience. 

Halo Infinite: Tips and How to Play Halo 6

Halo 6 Release Update 

Originally, 343 Industries planned to launch Halo 6 in summer 2020 for Xbox Series X. However, the developers postponed the release to ensure adequate time to deliver the envisioned world of fans. 

While the exact date isn’t disclosed yet, the developers dropped a year to launch the new installment - sometime in 2021. Either way, the trailer’s out and people can already see what’s in store for the new game.


Details from Trailer

Last July, Xbox unveiled the trailer for Halo Infinite. From this teaser, a lot can be seen, including a more open-world setting, new armor renders, weapon skins, and cosmetics. 

The use of traditional iconic weapons is visible from the trailer, in addition to the vehicles from the predecessor. The improved league can also be compared to the older series. The surrounding is definitely larger than the last two Halo games combined. 

Additionally, RPG-style improvements can also be seen, suggesting that players can easily enhance Master Chief on the menu screen. There’s also a brand new Halo Ring for the protagonist to conquer. 


Few tricks on the armored sleeve also flashed, with grapple hook for items and enemies, new arsenals on the belt, and sick Slipspace engine. Moreover, a split-screen is anticipated for the Halo Infinite

Enemies returning to the new game include The Banished, serving as the main enemy faction. However, Halo 5’s Cortana enemy will also dominate, as the story continues. New spins from the Brute enemies are foreshadowed, providing a look back on the classic Halo games. 

Deme and Gameplay Tips

343 Industries is yet to release a demo on the Halo 6, but the game is somewhat the design, with little tweaks on the new weapons, split-screen, and more upgrades on the protagonist. The biggest announcement is that of a multiplayer mode, which is exciting. 

For the gameplay, the familiarity to the armors and weapons is crucial. The abilities of these weapons greatly help to fight the enemies and to provide robust speed when exploring the environment. 

One of the important tips to know is to aim at a higher chest when using the sniper. Hitting headshot is important; otherwise, the Master Chief will face a two-shot kill to take down the enemies. 

Moreover, make sure not to sprint when shields are relatively low, as they will not regenerate. Instead, crouch or stand still to hide from the radar. For grenades, it’s beneficial to throw at the start of the battle to lower the shields of opponents. 

Halo Infinite: Tips and How to Play Halo 6


While Halo 6 isn’t released yet, fans can still enjoy the previous video games under the same franchise. No demo is released, but you can already check out the game’s trailer to know more about the new features, additions, and other details. 

In the meantime, check out Halo and 343 Industries’ social media accounts to get first-hand information about the exact date of the release, and other updates.