How to Play the Fable Video Game

Adventures, mystery, good, evil, challenges, and missions are only some of the many words that describe the essence of this enthralling game. Fable is an action role-playing video game, developed by the Big Blue Box Studios, a satellite developer of Lionhead Studios, and was published by Microsoft Studios.

As you explore, you’ll discover more about the magical, mystical nature of the world around you. The combat is unique, the story is thrilling and interesting, and the interactions between the player character and the NPCs are great. 


We’re going to give you everything you need to know about Fable, including how to play it. Read on to learn more. 

  • Fable Gameplay
  • How to Play Fable
  • The Consoles it Can Be Played On
  • Key Features
  • Build your Living Legend
How to Play the Fable Video Game
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Fable Gameplay

Some heroes are made when they rise to the occasion, while others develop their reputations over time. The latter is the case for Fable, a game in which you experience and control the life of an unusual fantasy hero and decide his eventual outcome. 

How to Play the Fable Video Game
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In Fable: The Lost Chapters, the protagonist is looking to avenge his home village of Oakenfold after it was attacked, and find the people responsible. Fable requires you to solve problems either by being a force of good or a force of evil. Your decisions have a gradual, but noticeable, effect on your persona. 


The game also has a number of novel elements, like the way your hero’s appearance changes as they age. Villagers also respond to him differently depending on his looks, reputation, and other factors. 

Under the surface, Fable is a very well-designed but standard action-adventure game that mostly consists of basic combat and moving from one point to another. Still, some of its riskiest, most interesting features lie on the surface rather than at its core. 

The New Adventures

Most of the features of this new game resemble the features of the original Fable. But the best part about this new adventure is its additional features which include new Expressions, towns, buildings, monsters, weapons, and armor. 


With the nine new areas and sixteen additional quests, The Lost Chapters allows you to look into a detailed guide that explains how to woo ladies, how to rob a town empty, a detailed description of hidden locations to the Fable's Silver Keys, and even a roadmap to winning quests in the mysterious town of Albion. 

From special foods and potions to provide you extra strength, to the various barber and tattoo shops to give your appearance and look a new stylish boon, the new additional features give you a chance to transform your character from an inexperienced child to a grown-up warrior who’s ready to take on any quest. 

How to Play Fable

You begin Fable as a young child, and right at the beginning, you are introduced to the moral alignment system that is prevalent throughout the game. It is here that you also get a feel of the game’s sense of humor and its darkness. 

How to Play the Fable Video Game
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Your first objective is to earn a couple of gold pieces, which you’ll use to buy your sister a birthday gift. 

Whether you make the money by being troublesome or helpful is entirely up to you, and it’s this choose-your-own-adventure style sequence that makes the game impressive, as it is already providing you with some freedom.

Fable will constantly challenge you to make moral decisions that will influence your persona and the way that the world around you, including its inhabitants, treats you. For example, will you help a small child fight off a bully, will you join the bully and beat him up, or will you beat both of them up?

The Combat

Once you’ve made a little progress, you will be in your hero’s teenage years. You will learn how to fight with the game’s various melee weapons, a bow and arrow, and the powers of will, also known as magic. Each of these fighting systems is easy to use, and they work quite well together.

Melee combos are used by repeatedly attacking. Some enemies can block your attacks, but you can get through their defenses by using a stronger strike that can be unlocked or by simply moving behind them. Archery is more methodical - the longer you hold down the attack button, the more power will be behind your next shot.

Unfortunately, archery is not that practical in the game, as you’ll be fighting most of your enemies on your own and they tend to get close to you rather quickly. Magic is thus extremely useful in the game. You start with a basic lightning spell, but you can spend your experience points and get plenty of others. 

The Consoles it Can Be Played On

Fable as a series of action role-playing games can be played on Xbox, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms. Fable: The Lost Chapters is both on OG Xbox and on 360, whereas Fable II should be played with the DLC on disc if opting for the Game of the Year edition.

How to Play the Fable Video Game
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For Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360 console with the Kinect setup would be the most ideal console as this particular game is an action pack adventure role-playing game that comes with first-person shooter features and will mystify any console gamer because of its unique shooting features. 

Another reason the Xbox 360 console with the Kinect setup is the most ideal option for The Journey is that it is a motion simulation game that requires you to move your hands precisely and technically in order to score the best shots. 

Xbox 360 excels in all those features and would make the game more fun and animated for you.

How to Win

The primary concern for any Fable player is money, and to earn some, you need to choose easy rather than complicated ways. Buying a house that has a trophy plaque, putting up your most expensive trophy, selling the house, then breaking into the house to retrieve your trophy, and finally buying the house again is a good and easy way to earn gold.

Another easy way of earning gold is the real-estate business. Approaching a lease, buying the house, and then putting it up for rent would get you a nice load of cash. Start with the Oaklave town and wait outside a house in the night-time so that the guards don’t catch you and you don’t have to pay the expensive fine. 

Now is the time for some twisted methods. With the steal expression provided in the later editions, steal an item on display but do it surreptitiously. You can then sell that item and earn money. To make it more fun, you can sell the item to the same shopkeeper for the whole amount. You can even get the shopkeeper drunk and rob the entire shop. 

Key Features

Develop a hero or a villain based on your actions and adventures. Grow into the most powerful devil or the most gracious saviors, depending on the path you choose to take. Go through the dilemma of making moral choices and get ready to face its devastating consequences. 

How to Play the Fable Video Game
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The jokes, the betrayals, the tattoos, and the optional quests, they are all waiting eagerly to unravel the dark side. Weave the dark arts and witness all the powers at your mercy. Skulk in the shadows or simply fight between the impulses of being a tyrant and a savior, both of which would dominate your core. 

Master the art of blade-craft and shooting by engaging in intense combats with rivals and foes that make your breath short and spine shiver. 

Collect battle scars and hone your skills with the help of an array of weaponry. Harness your dark arts and draw out blood from your rivals using subterfuge and stealth. 

Build Your Living Legend

Build a name and reputation for yourself in Albion where everything acts as a different mirror, reflecting different yet same personalities of your character. Recruit allies and supporters who would help you reach the end of your quest and interact with the living world of people and places to gain a lively experience. 

Grow and expand your reach of places by manipulating the dynamic, ever-changing land with different heroes and villains, vivacious seasonal changes, and distorted environments. Gain glory and acquire a set of new skills as you jump up levels and fulfill the complicated web of quests that come your way.

Don’t be stagnant. Test your character and allow yourself to explore new storylines, quests, and challenges. Unravel a new saga with unexpected twists and turns and forge your character to allow yourself to master new skills, possess new spells and weapons, and take on new allies and enemies. 


Fable is an incredibly entertaining game, and it will provide you with hours upon hours of fun. It’s a fun throwback to a simpler time for gaming, and its riveting story is sure to keep you enthralled all the way till the end.