Quiplash: How To Play The Fun Party Game

A large number of games are available on all gaming platforms. However, many of the games available are too similar and, thus, gamers are left wanting more. Therefore the players that want to have a break from the monotonous experiences will be interested in Quiplash.

Quiplash is a game available to the players of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Android along with Microsoft Windows Linux and Mac platforms.


Quiplash offers a one-of-a-kind experience in which players are asked unique questions. Many of them seem illogical at first but players are required to come up with the most unique answer that has to be funny as well. The experience is further enhanced by the fact that there are no rules or correct answers which means that players can answer however they want.

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The Format Of Gameplay

The gameplay format varies significantly from any other gaming title that players are used to enjoying for the past few decades. Once the players have answered the questions, they are brought to the voting stage where the best two answers are presented in head to head battle.

In this battle, other players along with an audience of up to 10,000 people vote for the better answer by using their devices. There is no need to use controllers of any type as the choice can be simply made by a simple tap in less than two seconds.

Once done, the voters also become a part of the overall experience. This is how simple the game is and with minimal gameplay requirements, Quiplash is a great option for gamers of all platforms.


How To Play Quiplash

The game is designed to be played by three to eight players at a time. However, with an audience as large as 10,000 people becoming active participants in the gameplay, it becomes highly interesting.

The beauty of the game is that no player has to stay out of the experience. Players can also join on a stream to have an entertaining experience. This means that regardless of the platform the game is being enjoyed on, all the players have equal opportunities of experiencing the game to its full potential.

This is something that can’t be said about many games in existence today.

All sessions of Quiplash last about 15 minutes. However, during this period, players will have an experience they won't be able to forget easily.

Strange Answers Carry Players To Victory

Quiplash is a game where the more awkward the answer is, the greater are the possibilities of winning the game. Therefore, to win the sessions, players need to come up with the most unique answers.

The reason behind this is the fact that people are more attracted to unexpected and unique answers. As most players want to be entertained, the strange answers are likely to get more votes.

Therefore, players are advised to come up with childish and strange answers that can make the audience burst into laughter.

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Quiplash offers players unique ideas where they can be entertained while having an experience of a lifetime. The game is available on a wide array of platforms and players can, therefore, choose the most appropriate one for them.