How To Play The Scarface Video Game

The Scarface video game was released in 2006 as a sequel to the 1983 movie that featured the legend, Al Pacino. The game was made available across a large number of gaming platforms that included Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Wii, and Xbox. The Wii version of the game was launched later and featured better gameplay visuals and graphics.

The Scarface video game was often compared to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of the gameplay offered to players. The game received a positive response from gamers from around the world who appreciated how closely the game was linked to the original movie. More than two million units of the game were sold overall.


This article aims to provide an insight into the details of the Scarface video game and inform readers about how to play the game. Players that are interested in having an entertaining experience with the game need to go through the details mentioned below.

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Third Person Shooter Experience

The game is played from a third-person perspective and thus gamers control the movements in a similar manner as done in the above-mentioned Grand Theft Auto titles. A wide variety of weapons and a set of actions are available to choose from, which can be used by players as per the requirements.

Aiming Assistance Comes Handy For New Players

The gameplay is fairly easy if the aiming assistance option is turned on which automatically aims the weapon at the opponent. The players simply need to fire the weapon to kill the enemies.

Controlling The Character

The character needs to be maneuvered through various obstacles and hurdles present in the game. While doing so, players are required to engage with the enemies and kill them efficiently as the enemies are in hundreds. Thus, the inability to kill even one enemy unit can end the gameplay for players.


The RAGE Option

The RAGE option is also available. When activated, it makes the primary game character invincible and provides him access to unlimited ammunition.

The RAGE option can, however, only be activated once the circular sign present at the right end of the screen becomes full. To fill the circle, players are required to engage with the enemies and, as they go on killing them, the circle keeps getting filled.

Attacking Specific Body Parts

Whenever an enemy is attacked by the player, the part of the body where the player hit gets highlighted. This is important as players are awarded special points for hitting certain parts of the body. For example, a headshot gets a higher score than hitting any other part of the body.

Assistance From Other Gameplay Characters

Throughout the gameplay, various characters pop up that guide the primary character through the game and inform them about the next steps that need to be taken to make progress into the gameplay.

If done correctly, each stage of the game can be covered within half an hour. However, the game difficulty level increases as the players proceed further into the gameplay. This makes progress into the advanced levels of the game more difficult. Players, therefore, undergo a more challenging gameplay experience.

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Although the Scarface video game offers players an engaging and challenging gameplay environment, the game could not reach the popularity levels of Grand Theft Auto titles which have been ruling the category ever since.

However, for gamers that are interested in getting the gameplay experience of the Scarface movie from 1983, it provides an excellent experience which is quite fascinating.